Top 5 gurus of the online marketing world (and they have something to say)

If you want to become a good online marketer, you have to learn from the best.  Of course, this means finding a mentor or guide who will teach you the secrets of online marketing. Happily, there are several professionals who share their career secrets online through websites, books, and online podcasts. You can also take

Two Exciting Reasons for Starting Your Own Blog

Having your own blog is exciting. It’s a great place to put down your thoughts, connect with people from all over the world, and create your own personal online identity. However, there are thousands of blogs online. Very few of them become successful and some of them get less than 1000 customers per year. You

Quick Post – Images To Use For Your Website!

Are you a marketer and looking for awesome pictures for your ad creatives, blog, or landing page ? Then check out these 3 awesome sources that you can get images from now!   *To be safe make sure you double check the  license agreement for each site for the pictures your

How to Get Traffic to Your Shady Advertorials.

RTB (real time bidding) platforms offer one of the most effective ways to enhance the ROI on your campaign. Do they allow advertorials or testimonial type landers? Well many of them do yes. In fact here are the exact guidelines from one of the top RTB traffic platforms Sitescout: “If you would like to promote

5 Douchebag Things You Can Do as An Affiliate…

Ok everyone…we all know it…. The fact is people make a living selling bullshit theory to newbie affiliates. Yep it’strue. Let us just think about this for a minute….If you knew how to make money, and I mean LOTS of money as an  affiliate marketer…would you publicly share your method for everyone to know? If

Ad Networks vs Direct Buys ADVANTAGES: • User Interface: feature rich and easy to use. Very good reporting. • Retargeting: SiteScout has retargeting that can be shared accro ss different sites and products. This is ideal for off ering several products in a succession to a known demographics. Say, we are t argeting middle adged women with a disposable

How To Convert Push Traffic & Mobile Offers

You are about to discover how to create CPA mobile campaigns with massive amounts of traffic. Take your time and read through this entire course, every single lesson of it and enjoy as we uncover how to create and test CPA mobile advertising campaigns! DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that you should always check with your