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There is a big problem with affiliate marketing...

Alot of the information being shared is about methods that used to work - but no longer do.

New affiliates struggle to make money because they are trying things that no longer work.

Just look at what happened in March 2024 when Google announced the new search engine updates eliminating spam from search results.

That one update destroyed thousands of businesses who were not preparedyet we still see people pitching spammy backlinking ideas on Youtube, and telling people to create AI blogs.

With an overwhelming amount of incomplete or outdated information online, finding a structured and reliable path to success seems impossible.

A lot of people make the mistake of sticking to fragmented training and scattered resources on Youtube, Google and Reddit.

This can trap you in a cycle of losses and missed opportunities.

Powerhouse Affiliate stands as one of the only training platforms that updates training content regularly to make sure you follow the most up to date strategies for making a living in this business.

We have always been about teaching a "Multi-Channel Strategy" to building your business - which means you never have to rely on one platform to survive!

Live Life on your Terms...

We at Powerhouse Affiliate stand out from the crowd.

Instead of making exaggerated and baseless claims, we demonstrate how anyone can achieve success quickly, showing real data, backed by evidence, and a step-by-step path.

If you have a laptop and internet connection, you can turn your own passions into life changing income.

Deep down, you know this is true, especially since every day BILLIONS of people are online.

But without a clear path on how to tap into this massive affiliate marketing opportunity, you might just keep spinning in circles, over and over, and over again. Chasing one idea after another.

Let's be clear, we will never promise to transform you into a millionaire overnight, but you can anticipate a significant step forward in the right direction, on a path to more freedom, more traffic, and a lifelong sustainable business!

It's no surprise that thousands of affiliate marketers, ranging from novices to seasoned professionals, have embraced Powerhouse Affiliate Academy as the "future of online marketing."

How We Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom 

Since 2014 we have strived to provide the most up-to-date training program for achieving online success with affiliate marketing. 

We developed a proprietary system that allows you to progress and track your own progress through each phase of our training on how to build sustainable "multi-channel" online businesses. 

Our system also rewards you with certificates of achievement as you progress through our step-by-step roadmap to success.

Unlike others who may emphasize a single channel, our Multi-Channel strategy provides you with the knowledge and tools to build a diversified and EVERGREEN online business.

These results are real!

Members enjoy access to our 5 in-depth Certification Courses that show you a complete roadmap on how to earn from multiple income streams online!
Our courses are updated annually to ensure up to date training.
You will see REAL-WORLD data, results, and Case Studies
Start seeing clicks and revenue faster!
Get Responses to ALL of Your Questions Every Day 24/7 - GUARANTEED!

Our members are crushing it...

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What You Will Learn Inside Our Training Academy  

affiliate marketing training

Course 1:
Affiliate Marketing Certification

This course offers a step-by-step blueprint to understanding the core concepts, strategies, and tools essential for excelling in the affiliate marketing world. 

We walk you through the basics of choosing profitable niches, market research, building monetized websites, SEO & AI, to beginning your traffic & conversions strategy. This certification course equips you with the knowledge you need to navigate the complexities of affiliate marketing. 

With Powerhouse Affiliate's certification, you'll have a much better understanding of affiliate marketing, & you'll be ready to make it a profitable venture. 

Don't just learn it, master it, and transform your dreams into reality.

Learn the overall strategy for affiliate marketing.
Learn how to structure your business for maximum efficiency and proven profitablity.
The secrets to building highly effective & profitable campaigns online.

affiliate marketing training traffic

Course 2:
Website Traffic Certification

This course offers individual lessons on the top online traffic sources for affiliate marketing as well as methods and tactics to scale on those sources.  

Specifically crafted to equip you with strategies to drive high-quality traffic to your site. 

This course dives deep into the core mechanisms of generating organic and paid traffic, optimizing your SEO, mastering PPC campaigns, leveraging social media, and understanding analytics to boost your website's visibility and conversions. 

You'll learn the art and science of attracting and retaining targeted traffic to turn your website into a bustling hub of potential customers. 

With this certification, you're not just increasing traffic, you're amplifying opportunities for success in affiliate marketing. It's time to fuel your journey with a surge of web traffic, and it starts right here.

A dynamic, all-encompassing training course on generating high quality traffic.
How to create long term web traffic and beat competition. 
Learn how to get consistent daily traffic!

cpa marketing

Course 3:
CPA Marketing Certification

This course is designed to help you conquer the realm of Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing. 

This comprehensive course unravels the complexities of CPA marketing, providing you with strategies to effectively generate leads, maximize conversions, and increase your revenue.

From understanding the fundamental principles of CPA to mastering the art of choosing lucrative offers and optimizing campaigns for peak performance, this course provides all the tools you need. 

With the Powerhouse Affiliate's CPA Marketing Certification, you'll transform from a beginner to a proficient CPA marketer, ready to turn every click into a potential earning opportunity. Your path to mastering CPA Marketing starts here.

This is the GOLD JERRY. Learn how to build white hat affiliate campaigns using Entry Point Income Pages & CPA offers.
The most accurate and up to date training on CPA marketing EVER with over 20 Years of Professional experience!
See how others are generating daily conversions without ever selling anything.

email affiliate marketing

Course 4:
Email Marketing Certification

This course goes beyond the basics, providing you with advanced strategies to build a substantial email list, create compelling content, and optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion. You'll learn how to personalize your emails, analyze your campaigns' performance, and leverage automation tools to make your email marketing efforts more efficient and impactful.

Learn to build an email list enables you to directly promote affiliate products to an engaged audience
Build a real online asset that can be sold later. 
Extend the lifetime of your online business by building your own traffic source. 

Course 5:
Native & Display Ads Certification

A cutting-edge training program designed to help you master the world of native and display advertising. This course delves into the core strategies and techniques for creating visually compelling, highly engaging ads that seamlessly blend with the platform they're placed on. You'll learn how to effectively target your audience, optimize your ad campaigns for better visibility and conversions, and measure your ads' performance to continually improve your strategy. 

Our native ads course introduces a new way to get traffic that allows much more aggressive tactics that can allow you scale massively on major news channels.
We also explain push ad tactics for getting huge amounts of penny clicks to CPA offers.
We show real life examples of native and push campaigns and other traffic sources worth trying.

Enjoy an Active Online Community
& More!

Premium Members also enjoy...

Online Business Community Forum 

Premium members get access to all sections of the forum, private messaging support, contests and more. Our Private Affiliate Forum is PACKED with decades of affiliate marketing experience and tutorials.
Ask the community ANY question related to Affiliate Marketing and
get the answers you need FAST!

Live Power Hour Sessions!

Unlock the secrets of affiliate marketing success with our exclusive Power Hour Sessions! In live member's only sessions, we dissect the latest trends, strategies, and insider techniques. Whether you're a newbie looking to kick-start your online journey or a seasoned marketer seeking that extra edge, our Power Hour is the fuel you need.

High Converting Landing Page Templates

These templates have been PROVEN to produce amazing CTR and high earnings per click.  With over 100 landing pages to choose from and new ones updated regularly, you'll never run out of things to test!

affiliate landing page

Bonus Case Studies!

Get Access to highly valuable live campaign examples to help inspire new ideas.  See real results.  

But Wait That's Not All!

After MASSIVE demand we started creating specialized "Masterclass Courses" on specific ad platforms to help lifetime members scale their business even further! 

google ads 30 day challenge power3house affiliate

The "Masterclass Courses" are highly specialized, intensely focused training programs designed for our privileged lifetime members.  

The first course in this series is the "Google 30-Day Challenge." This course offers a dynamic, intensive learning experience that dives into the intricacies of leveraging Google search for your affiliate marketing efforts. 

Over 30 days, you'll be guided through a series of challenges that will sharpen your skills, broaden your understanding of Google's ecosystem, and enable you to maximize your affiliate marketing potential on this globally dominant platform.

These Masterclass Courses are designed to provide lifetime members with a higher level of understanding and skills, helping you master the art and science of affiliate marketing. If you're looking to specialize, to stand out, and to excel in the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing, the Powerhouse Affiliate's Masterclass Courses are your springboard to success. 

A Community Built for Everyone

We understand that everyone needs to start somewhere and everyone who comes here has a story and a past...

That is why we have created very flexible pricing models to accomadate any budget! 

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned expert looking to learn other perspectives, and network with others, we surely will have a package suitable for you. 


Current Promotional Pricing Ends Soon!
Choose the Option that's Best for You. 

Monthly Member

Join the Club $29/mth

Access to the 5 Certification Courses above. 
Access & Download All Landing Page Templates
Full Access to Forum, Private Messaging & Guaranteed Response.
See all Case Studies & Follow Along Campaigns.  
All Past and Future Live Sessions
Support Helpdesk - Priority Queue
Affiliate Program Manager & Weekly Payments 
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Lifetime Access to all courses including certification courses &  MASTERCLASS courses.
Forum, Private Messaging & Guaranteed Response.
Case Studies & Follow Alongs.  
All Landing Pages. 
All Past and Future Live Sessions
Support Helpdesk - Priority Queue
Affiliate Program Manager & Weekly Payments 

We Now Accept Bitcoin as an Option for Payment on Lifetime Memberships! 

If you wish to Pay with Bitcoin Click Here

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

What is CPA Marketing?

Question One

Cost Per Action marketing or CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where the affiliate earns a commission whenever he/she gets a visitor to complete a specific action. CPA Affiliates can earn commissions for generating leads, generating a installation of an app or selling a product. Typically a CPA affiliate marketer will earn higher commissions (sometimes over 100%) than say an Amazon Affiliate who only earns 5%. 

Do You Show Actual Real Live Traffic Campaigns?

Question Two

Yes we show live case studies of actual campaigns running today on major traffic sources like Facebook, Google, Native Ads, Push Ads, and more.  Through our video training we show the exact setup, the sample ads, the landing pages, the conversion data and much more. 

How Do I Get Accepted into a CPA Network?

Question 3

As a premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate we will show you exactly how to get access to the best CPA networks we have partnered with. This means you can get started right away. We train you on how to get accepted into mainstream CPA affiliate networks and how to get access to hundreds of CPA affiliate offers. 

How Do I Start?

Question Four

We encourage all of our new members to come in and start with our Affiliate Marketing Certification training course. This is the "starter course" that explains all the steps in "how to start with affiliate marketing". As you progress through each of our premium courses you will start learning more advanced media buying strategies. 

I Have No Budget for Paid Traffic - Will This Work For Me?

Question 5

We start all new members on the "free traffic" strategy. Many beginners aren't ready to start spending a lot of money.  This is why we offer a "free traffic" solution. Learn how to build your own valuable website with free traffic to earn commissions on a very small budget. When you are ready to scale and get into high traffic and conversion campaigns, then we got you! Our case studies and advance paid traffic training courses really DELIVER! 

Do You Have a Refund Policy? 

Question 6

Yes, we offer a 7-day refund policy. Offering instant, unlimited access to digital products like ours often comes with the risk of misuse, including unauthorized sharing and replication. The 7-day window helps to mitigate these risks

Moreover, the fast-paced nature of affiliate marketing requires active participation and swift learning. We've found that those who engage with the courses and apply the concepts within the first week are typically the ones who achieve the most success. Thus, the 7-day refund policy also encourages immediate action, which is crucial in such a dynamic field.

Are You Ready to Learn, Network and Grow?

This community & training program will provide you with a new perspective on CPA marketing.

Most CPA affiliates are chasing campaigns and losing their ad accounts constantly. 

Learn how to build a more stable online business, while still enjoying the high ROI that CPA Marketing can bring you.

Our advanced white hat and grey hat marketing tactics for list building, branding, authority site creation, and paid traffic strategies will help you gain a more advanced understanding of how the entire Performance Marketing industry works. 

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PowerhouseAffiliate.com is NOT a job, and it is NOT a multi level marketing company. It is a training platform and community of people who wish to learn about building affiliate marketing businesses. You will NOT earn money directly from Powerhouse Affiliate unless you work on performance & refer actual paid customers through our referral program or through other affiliate referral programs available.

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