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Stage 1 - The Basics

The first course you should take. This is for new members who want to learn the overall strategy for affiliate marketing.
Learn how to structure your business for maximum efficiency and proven profitablity.
The secrets to building highly effective campaigns online.

Stage 2:  Asset Building

This course is about creating the building a massive list in any niche and building your own online asset!
Build a longer term campaigns with subscribers and followers.
Learn how to automate your business and get consistent daily traffic!
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Stage 3 - Performance Marketing Arbitrage

This is the GOLD JERRY. Learn how to build white hat affiliate campaigns using Entry Point Income Pages & CPA offers.
The most accurate and up to date training on CPA marketing EVER with over 20 Years of Professional experience!
See how others are generating daily conversions without ever selling anything.

STAGE 4:  Advanced Traffic Hacks

Learn how to get server melting traffic to any Offer and get massive earnings per click (EPC)
Learn how to run campaigns on the biggest traffic networks like Google, Facebook, Tiktok and More!
Learn everything you need to know about targetting, tracking and analyzing your traffic campaigns for maximum ROI!
Learn how to get FREE traffic to your websites from free and paid traffic sources
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Stage 5 - Native & Push

Our native ads course introduces a new way to get traffic that allows much more aggressive tactics that can allow you scale massively on major news channels.
We also explain push ad tactics for getting huge amounts of penny clicks to CPA offers. 
We show real life examples of native and push campaigns and other traffic sources worth trying.

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5 Core Certification Courses.
Entry Point Income Page Library
Forum, Private Messaging & Guaranteed Response.
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All Past and Future Webinars
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Here Are Your Questions Answered

What is CPA Marketing?

Question One

Cost Per Action marketing or CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where the affiliate earns a commission whenever he/she gets a visitor to complete a specific action. CPA Affiliates can earn commissions for generating leads, generating a installation of an app or selling a product. Typically a CPA affiliate marketer will earn higher commissions (sometimes over 100%) than say an Amazon Affiliate who only earns 5%. 

Do You Show Actual Real Live Traffic Campaigns?

Question Two

Yes we show live case studies of actual campaigns running today on major traffic sources like Facebook, Google, Native Ads, Push Ads, and more.  Through our video training we show the exact setup, the sample ads, the landing pages, the conversion data and much more. 

How Do I Get Accepted into a CPA Network?

Question 3

As a premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate we will show you exactly how to get access to the best CPA networks we have partnered with. This means you can get started right away. We train you on how to get accepted into mainstream CPA affiliate networks and how to get access to hundreds of CPA affiliate offers. 

How Do I Start?

Question Four

We encourage all of our new members to come in and start with our Affiliate Marketing Certification training course. This is the "starter course" that explains all the steps in "how to start with affiliate marketing". As you progress through each of our premium courses you will start learning more advanced media buying strategies. 

I Have No Budget for Paid Traffic - Will This Work For Me?

Question 5

We start all new members on the "free traffic" strategy. Many beginners aren't ready to start spending a lot of money.  This is why we offer a "free traffic" solution. Learn how to build your own valuable website with free traffic to earn commissions on a very small budget. When you are ready to scale and get into high traffic and conversion campaigns, then we got you! Our case studies and advance paid traffic training courses really DELIVER! 

Do You Have a Refund Policy? 

Question 6

We are committed to your satisfaction and understand that it may take some time to fully explore our offerings. That's why we provide a 14-day refund policy, allowing you ample time to assess the value and relevance of our programs to your needs. If you decide within this period that our services are not right for you, we will gladly refund your money. You can refer to our detailed terms below for more information.

Are You Ready to Learn, Network and Grow?

This community & training program will provide you with a new perspective on CPA marketing.

Most CPA affiliates are chasing campaigns and losing their ad accounts constantly. 

Learn how to build a more stable online business, while still enjoying the high ROI that CPA Marketing can bring you.

Our advanced white hat and grey hat marketing tactics for list building, branding, authority site creation, and paid traffic strategies will help you gain a more advanced understanding of how the entire Performance Marketing industry works. 

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PowerhouseAffiliate.com is NOT a job, and it is NOT a multi level marketing company. It is a training platform and community of people who wish to learn about building affiliate marketing businesses. You will NOT earn money directly from Powerhouse Affiliate unless you work on performance & refer actual paid customers through our referral program or through other affiliate referral programs available.

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