For the first time ever I'm offering one of my most valuable commodities...MY TIME. 

I would like to guide you towards rewarding achievements online.

$215/hour or $115 for 30 Minutes (prices in USD)

EXTRA BONUS - 10 Minutes Free on First Booking

Hi, I'm Joey Babineau, an affiliate marketing coach & expert. 

At least I think I'm an expert. 

I started in 2002, and I left a corporate government job in 2015 to do affiliate marketing full time. 

I left a "cozy & secure" government job, I left a guaranteed pension, and a guaranteed salary (AKA paycheck) on the table to do what I love. 

Guess what? It was the best decision I ever made. 

Since 2015 I have generated 7 figures annually in revenue from affiliate marketing

I am a true believer that anyone who is aggressively "stubborn" about generating their own financial freedom, can do it with affiliate marketing. 

What to Expect from our Sessions:

The Fundamentals

You should already have a basic understanding of the fundamentals. If you don't then check out our training program at before booking a session.


Everything we discuss is 100% confidential. 

As an affiliate marketing coach I am here to help you and be a sounding board for your own projects.

I am here to offer my insights, experiences and advice based on my experience in digital marketing.

I have spent millions of dollars on multiple traffic sources. I have failed miserably on some projects and had massive success on others.

How to get the most from our sessions

It's always best to have a plan before hand on what you want to discuss. For our first session the first 10 minutes is for a meet and greet and those 10 mins are free :). 

If you have a website or campaign you want to discuss be sure it is already loaded and ready to be discussed. 

We will use zoom and we can share screens and we can also record the sessions (optional) if you wish to have a copy. 

Prepare your most important questions in advance. 

A plan for future success...

By the end of our session you will have a clear plan on specific action steps you need to make to improve your online campaign or websites. 

REAL DEAL Testimonials... More Coming!


Step 1:
Pick a Time You Want to Meet Using My Booking Link.
Choose the Time and Which payment method You Prefer.

Step 2:
Confirm booking & Prepare for the meeting.
Feel free to reply to the confirmation with information
before the meeting so I am prepared. 

Step 3:
 On the day of the meeting be sure to have a decent
internet connection and all the websites you
want to discuss open on your browser. 

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