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Push Ads Case Study for Sweeptakes. 
Watch As I Test Sweepstakes on Push Ads. 

Tired of Guessing What Works or Doesn't Work? 

Watch Me Over the Shoulder in This Push Ads Case Study Running a Sweepstakes Offer. 

 See the Ads, Landers, Optimization Strategy, Bids and More 
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Watch a 7-Figure Media Buyer Create Push Ads Campaign With No Blur...See My Results. 

Hi, Joey Here

I'm the guy behind Powerhouse Affiliate and the Day Job Hacks Youtube Channel. 

I have been an online digital marketer since 2002 and spent millions in digital ad spend on Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many more Native and Push ad platforms! 

In this push ads case study I am going to attempt to turn a profit on an email submit or "sweeptakes style" offer using Rich Ads. 

I have a $250 testing budget and my goal is to get one profitable day out of that testing budget before adding any more funds to it. 

Do You Think This is Possible? 

Well let's see inside! 

Rich Ads offers a variety of different ad formats and a tracking platorm that allows you to optimize right down to specific placements. 

Let's Give it a Try and See What Happens!

Nothing to Hide in This Case Study.
Just a Guy Trying to Make Money Online...With Push Ads and Sweepstakes Offers.

Powerhouse Affiliate can deliver EXACTLY what you need to see so you don't have to guess if you are on the right track! Enter Above for a Taste of What to Expect Inside.  

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