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Let Me Be Honest...

Hi there!

My name is Joey Babineau the founder of Powerhouse Affiliate, and I wanted to introduce myself before I tell you about the BIG PROBLEM that's happening online right now.

I am a personal marketing coach here to help guide you through the training and resources available for you inside Powerhouse Affiliate.

I built Powerhouse Affiliate after spending several years as a CPA affiliate marketer & spending MILLIONS in online advertising.

The goal with this platform is to help others achieve success through online digital marketing.

Here's the Truth - 99% of Affiliate Marketers Fail.

Many people earn millions of dollars a year doing affiliate marketing, but what is their secret? 

As you probably know affiliate marketing is not as easy as the gurus make it out to be.

In fact I have first hand experience in running a CPA affiliate network and I can tell you that 90% of the money the affiliate network makes is earned but about 1% of the affiliates on the network!

How can you possibly become one of the 1% of people who earn the most money?

The Big Problem...That Causes Failure.

It's getting really hard to find reliable up to date information shows you how to grow sales CONSISTENTLY.

I know affiliates who are grinding 70+ hours or more a week and are still stressing about making consistent income because they are doing it all wrong.

They are constantly chasing new campaigns online and their income is just a bunch of peaks and valleys...

They are chasing course after course… trying to find a way to earn consistent daily revenue.

BUT there are even bigger forces at play that is making it almost impossible for them to succeed!

The cost to get a click on your website from paid traffic is increasing, the amount of wannabe marketers is drastically growing, and it seems that the only way to make money is to break the rules.

Affiliate marketers who have no where to turn are getting constantly sucker punched in the face with "new" methods like "Dropshipping", or "Building an Agency" but those are just cash suckers and time wasters as well.

And PLEASE know this… I’m not saying this is the end of the good times for Affiliate Marketers!

But in short, you’ll need a NEW PLAN to stay in this business for any length of time. (Especially if you’re just starting out.)

As you can see yourself, Performance Marketing is evolving faster than ever.

Long gone are the days where ANYONE can make money by simply setting up a landing page and running FB ads...

Marketers who don’t evolve and STAY at the cutting edge of this business, end up broke and stressed out.

DRASTIC Changes Are Happening - We’ve seen this happen before with Google & SEO.

You may not remember it but once upon a time there were a ton of hacks and “black hat” wizardry that once fooled Google...

Sadly people still peddle courses online to people trying to teach these failing methods.

These circus hacks SLOWLY got replaced by real world ethical expertise.

And now it’s a more mature market for bigger players.

Something similar is happening in the Affiliate Marketing space…

That's why I want to let you in on some things that will save you time, income and headaches...

Because you really can earn 7 figures with a few solid campaigns!

I want you to know all about it.

While other affiliates are drowning in content, sifting through course after course, to learn what’s not working now...

...having their Ad Accounts shut down without warning.

AND having roller coaster income months, going from feast to famine...

A whole new world of Affiliate Marketers are killing it with Whitehat Affiliate Campaigns!

And this NEW world is giving folks the opportunity to work fewer hours, bring home more income (6/7 figures per month)...

Today you have the opportunity to AVOID the sucker punches hocus pocus charleton gurus are throwing at you...

There’s a MASSIVE Opportunity Here For You.

If you’re ready?

Today I want to offer you something.

After working with 10,000’s of affiliate marketers over the last 10+ years...and after spending millions on paid advertising...

I’ve noticed the ones who often fail are the ones who try to self diagnose their problems...

They try to go at this all alone...

They resort to buying course after course that is pitching only one simple method or strategy...

To be a 7-figure affiliate marketer you need to stay at the cutting edge or your business is in peril.

With HORDES of affiliates on FB, Google, Taboola, Outbrain etc… the cost for clicks is rising...

The only affiliates who are TRULY making more than $1000 a day are those who finally decided to build real assets, and network with other successful people and share what truly is working.

I’m not trying to “scare you straight”, there’s actually a silver lining in all of this...

So, before you need to run to the liquor store, let’s look at the GOOD NEWS, shall we?


We should never be guessing what the right tools are to make money & fix our problems!

OK, so… Am I making sense so far?

I’ve been helping affiliates for YEARS now…

There’s hardly a week that goes by that affiliate marketers are not asking me and my team to help them fix their problems…

Did you get that?^

As hourds of new wannabe affiliate marketers flood into the space, they fail to understand How White Hat affiliates bank some serious cash.

‘Guru Led’ masterminds are popping up daily...pitching the next one off shady method that never works.

With all that’s going on with Affiliate Marketing right now, how is anyone REALLY suppose to know how to weather this big storm?

Well there is an answer...

The answer is that Affiliate Marketing is actually the most simple way to step into earning money online - even though many people are trying to over complicate it! People tend to over-complicate it so they can sell courses to you!

Think about it - you don't need any products, you don't need any crazy budget to get started, you don't need a customer support team, and you don't need to quit your job to do this.

What you REALLY Need is to See Someone Actually Having Success Right?

I want to offer you REAL live access to actual campaigns so you can see how success is made. You will also get access to a group of experts and like minded affiliate marketers. I also want to give you REAL relevant courses on how affiliate marketing REALLY works.

You see a lot of "Gurus" are over complicating this business with all their "systems".

They do this so they can sell more of their magic formulas but the truth is that while a lot of stuff has changed, a lot of stuff really has stayed the same for decades!

We don't have special secrets. We just have specific actionable plans to set up our campaigns and measure the results.

We use the power of community (where some of us earn 7 figures in annual revenue as affiliates) to diagnose and fix challenges specific to our biz.

Today you can access live step by step case studies of actual campaigns being run today by 7-figure media buyers, access this PREMIUM group, and access REAL live training.

You can get up to date examples of real life affiliate campaigns, and message anyone directly for answers.

We also hold LIVE events where we help you break through barriers of growth.

We use the time in between the events to execute our own campaigns. 

We have built a series of training courses from beginner to advanced that all of our premium members get access too.

We update these every single quarter!

Our live case studies also hold us accountable to show you how we can solve problems…

Some folks in the group say they’ve got more value from just one month of being a member than all of those $2000 guru courses!

Don't Worry This Isn't Some Ridiculous Over-Priced $997 Garbage Being Peddled Online!

Now normally our Premium Master Class Courses, Case Studies, Resources and Community Membership sells for $197 per month but trust me the last thing I want to do is try to gouge you without showing you True Value.

So that is why I want to give you 100% full instant access to our Premium Powerhouse Affiliate Membership where you will get all of our courses, direct access to messaging, and the community, all current and past case studies and webinars, with absolutely NO UPSELLS, and I want to give this to you for just $19 for your first month!


This REALLY is a One-Time Offer.

I know what you might be thinking - It's too good to be true. But really this is a one time offer that will be gone. I can assure you this isn't a marketing ploy. I told you my goal is to help as many people possible which is why I have made this accessible at such a low price. But I can't give it away for very much longer because it will take away from the integrity of this training and community.

If you are serious about building a life for yourself that is financially stable and you can see an opportunity to use affiliate marketing as a stepping stone to REAL FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, then you have what it takes to see the true value of what's being offered to you here today. 

But even if you think that all of the premium courses, all of our case studies, all of our webinars, all of our landing page downloads, and the live direct access to us is not worth $19 I will gladly refund your money.

Your success truly is our success - so let's not waste any more time and lets set you on the right path to Affiliate Marketing success!

Now I have really made it easy. You really have no risk other than $19 and you are going to get access to what others truly charge thousands of dollars for.