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WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THESE LANDING PAGES ARE COMPLIANT OR APPROVED BY ANY TRAFFIC SOURCES OR FTC OR OTHER REGULATING BODIES. IF YOU USE THEM, YOU USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK! We are constantly adding new premium landing pages, squeeze pages and mini sites in this area accessible for premium members. These products are of premium value and SOME have been developed and provided to us under a special agreement. If you have a premium membership you can access, download, and use these products, BUT KEEP IN MIND SOME OF THE IMAGES MAY NOT BE LICENSED. YOUR SAFEST BET IS TO USE THESE WITH CAUTION AND CREATE YOUR OWN IMAGES.  REMEMBER THESE ARE TEMPLATES ONLY AND ARE INTENDED TO BE EDITED.  YOU CANNOT SHARE & CANNOT SELL ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS.

Landing Pages Available for Download

(Also Eligible for One Time Setup).

The Follow Landing Pages Are Available for Download Only. (Not 1 Time Setup)

Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages


Amazing Minisite Templates

With this template you get a nice overall template design, but also all the inner page stuff like the text, bullets, testimonial boxes, order area, etc.. All of this stuff is already nicely formatted for you in CSS and HTML, so all you have to do pretty much is copy and paste your own details, and you have a professional mini site ready to go - just upload the files to your server.

And if you don't know anything about CSS and have little HTML skills, don't worry, this template is very easy to use. There is no advanced coding and 'tech weirdness' involved.

It's a basic 'what you see is what you get' template. No advanced technical skills required and no special software required. You just need some basic HTML skills and any HTML editor you already have.

You can use this template as a foundation of your new mini sites, instead of starting from scratch. Or you can take the parts you like and add them to your existing template that you already use.


Super Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are great, but many people have problems with either poor opt-in rates on their squeeze pages, or with actually setting up a squeeze page and the 'tech work' behind it. Most people are not designers, are not tech wizards, and just don't like doing all these little things.

With all this in mind, we offered this package to help people out with squeeze page creation. There was an emphasis on 2 things in this product:

1. To help you create a high converting squeeze page, based on proven techniques that turn visitors into opt-ins, and so to increase your opt-in conversion rates, and build you bigger lists faster.


2. And to not only teach you theory, but to give you the tools and templates to make it super easy and fast to put these pages up, and have the whole opt-in process up and running asap.


Premium Video Squeeze Pages

You probably know that videos are HUGE right now. All the big 'gurus' are using video to market their products. You see people switching to video only sales pages, with just a video and an order button, or an opt-in form.

That's because videos WORK, and these simple video pages WORK.

To hire a designer to create a quality video squeeze page for you would cost hundreds of dollars. And trying to create one yourself from scratch could take hours.

That's why this 'Premium Video Squeeze Pages' package Rocks!


Special Offer Templates

These templates are used to make it super easy for you to spice up your sales pages, you also get different graphics and design elements (checkmarks, bullets, order buttons, guarantee signs, arrows, etc..) in different styles, colors and sizes...

  • Professional design.
  • Pre-formatted pages.
  • Nice big header area to show off your special sale.
  • Formatted tables to show off everything your customers will get.
  • Very simple to edit and use.
  • Set up a really nice looking special offer in just a few minutes.