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6 Super Simple Psychological Tactics to Grow Your Email Newsletter



Newsletter marketing is about to become the next big thing as people are being more private and advertising companies are losing control over people's online behaviors. In such a time, having a newsletter subscription model is a good idea. No matter you are a brand or an individual blogger, you won't regret having a newsletter management system. Here are some super awesome tips for you that will help you in growing your newsletter subscriptions.

1) Delay your welcome email by 45 minutes: People reflexively ignore welcome emails and this delay might bypass the reflex. But, if people open your welcome emails, they're more likely to consistently open your newsletters.

2) Send the welcome email from a real person: People prefer to interact with people rather than entities. So, sending at least your first email as a real person might help you get the next newsletter opened.

3) Give people control over the frequency of emails: This allows you to please the different tastes of your subscribers. Some people want weekly messages, others monthly. Give them the chance to choose. But be careful here, because this also means adjusting the content. Depending on the topics you write about, you might have to slightly adjust the content based on the frequency.

4) Show a sample issue on the signup page, to give visitors a taste of the highly valuable content you’ll send them. You may place a copy of a Past Newsletter where people can sample the newsletter before subscribing. This can help boost conversion on your landing page.

5) Give your readers some dopamine hit: Your emails must be entertaining, not just informative. You can achieve this by adding memes, jokes, or interesting links.

6) Remind them to share. At the end of each issue, remind the reader that they can refer to others if they’re enjoying your work. And consider rewards to stimulate refers.

Depending on where you’re at, these little tweaks might cause marginal growth. If you have got something that can add value, do share it in the comments.

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