What is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate is an interactive training centre that provides superiour training and tools needed to build a online affiliate marketing business. We also have an online community forum for aspiring affiliate marketers. We offer Free and Premium training and an affiliate program/network where you can earn commissions by promoting affiliate offers online.

Free Lessons & Forums

Our free lessons are available to anyone and provide a comprehensive guide to all aspects of affiliate marketing, enabling those on even the tiniest of budgets to get up and running. Free members also get access to some parts of our affiliate forum. 

Powerhouse Affiliate Premium

If you are the type of person who learns best when you can follow a precise, step-by-step formula and video training, then our Premium Training is for you. Powerhouse Affiliate Premium offers you access to our 8 Step Action Plan, and several advanced signature courses related to Affiliate Marketing using extraordinarily detailed videos and training content to show you exactly what you need to build your own business.  


Powerhouse Affiliate Premium is a monthly subscription-based resource which includes all the training and tools to get your own affiliate marketing website set up, acc ess to live campaign examples that are working, all parts of the forum, our Private CPA network and much more. Every month you receive an e-magazine covering a different affiliate marketing topic in immense detail. We also publish new training content in our private access forums on a regular basis.  

Hosting and LP Studio 

Premium Members also enjoy free web hosting and a professional landing page/website builder allowing you to create websites in minutes. We have extensive lessons on how to set up high converting landing pages in minutes.