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From The Desk Of Joey Babineau:

Dear Struggling Marketer

My name is Joey Babineau. I’ve been working very hard over the past 17 years and have finally dialed in the most basic and profitable system in all of affiliate marketing.

I am not a guru. But an average guy who is living his dream of working from home.

I believe you are here because you understand the importance of building an email list or you’re into CPA. You probably know how to pick a niche, build websites, create squeeze pages, shoot videos and do other easy stuff...

There is only one thing missing… How to consistently convert CPA offers with top traffic sources.

“But, doesn't everyone continually teach how to do all of the EASY stuff, but no one actually tells you how to put it together and get REAL conversions consistently?"

RESULT: Plenty of websites, outdated methods, complicated systems and NO PROFIT

This is EXACTLY where I was for YEARS. I knew how to do all of the "right" things.  I knew how to create landing pages, get approved to CPA Networks, build squeeze pages, write ad copies, and buy traffic...

“But There Was Just One Big Problem...”

I didn't have a clue how to optimize my campaign and get REAL conversions.

I didn’t know how to get quality traffic to CPA offers… more importantly how to get that traffic to convert.. I had bought traffic from every traffic source I could find..  With no results..

The truth is that I was paying out hundreds of dollars every month in lots of cool membership fees and software subscriptions... But my CPA account didn't have a dime in it from what I was trying to promote.

That was before...

"I stumbled upon a UNIQUE CPA Cost Per Lead METHOD by accident…"

Yup! I actually lost a ton of money on this campaign! I can still remember the overwhelming feelings of failure……but I didn’t want to give up. I knew that there were Super Affiliates out there making a full time income, and I wanted to join them.

So I carried on, pushing forward, reading, and implementing… After months of testing, tweaking and getting more and more frustrated…

"I Finally Struck Gold!!"

A simple campaign made me $27.25.

OK, I was still a long way off from life changing passive income, but this one campaign was making me a consistent $27.25 per day. So I decided to see if I could replicate the success, so I created another SIMPLE campaign.

And I want to show you EXACTLY what I know… because I don't want you to go through the same bullshit and dead ends I went through. Even if I could help just one affiliate learn from my mistakes, it would be worth it.

"And then, within next 7 days,
I had My FIRST Big CPA Pay..."

Guess what? That week brought in $804.87!

I'm just a regular dude who was persistent enough to find a method that combines Cost Per lead CPA Offers and specific targeted traffic sources.

I'm no different than you are...I really don’t want you to have to go through the frustration, hours of staring at a laptop and, of course, the financial losses that I did. Which is why I’m excited to share exactly how I do it, so you can start with what works now!

  • Sick of purchasing Solo Ads?
  • Done wasting money on bad traffic?
  • Tired of paying for complicated courses?
  • Tired of searching the right offer to promote?
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The Exclusive Community To Making Money Online Today With REAL METHODS That Always WORK…

Even If You’re A Complete Newbie Who’s Never Made A Dime Online!

Powerhouse Affiliate is a step by step training community along with Video training and complete guides where we reveal the EXACT methods used by us to build a Life changing CPA Income.

Our Mastermind Case studies and training library covers everything a NEWBIE needs to get started quick and scale the CPA earnings from $25/day to $500/day within few weeks.

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Find out what it takes to have high conversion rates across multiple Cost Per Lead offers!

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Powerhouse Affiliate will help you achieve your first 4-figure a month by simply following my EXACT method.

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Wanna Know Why I Created This
Unique CPA Training Program For You?

I wanted to create a course that will help ANYONE get started with CPA Marketing.

I know most of you, if you're like me, can over complicate things.  I also know that this can cause you to get easily discouraged after your first failure.

I wanted to create a system which will not only give you the confidence to go out and try this on your own by copying and implementing our methods, but we also wanted to make it easy and simple for you to get started with the most minimal budget that you can afford.

You've tried setting up a system like this in the past, only to get discouraged when you saw what you had to invest a lot more to make it work. I've found a way to help anyone with NO EXPERIENCE to get started with your first commission.

I have a method to get HIGH CPA CONVERSION RATES, through various strategies which will help you make easy 4-fig/mo income.

Without The Right Methods and Strategies, You Get No Sales, Which Means No CPA $$$

I don't waste my time and money on useless tools & strategies that get no results.

I am using Simple Fundamental Methods that keep me laser-focused on what I do and guarantees the success of almost all of my CPA Campaigns!

Did you see that “GUARANTEED SUCCESS”... You just can’t beat that.

Before I go any further I want you to know that this is just a SMALL TASTE of what I have for you…

You see, converting traffic is easy if you know how to optimize, setup and monitor your ads and leverage them to get you the best ROI.

So if you want to achieve real success, and if you want to live a life FREE of worries…then you need to master not only this BUT be willing to test new campaigns

Here's A SMALL SAMPLE Of What You'll Get Inside

STAGE 1:  Affiliate Marketing Certification

  • The first course you should take. This is for members who want to learn our overall strategy for affiliate marketing.
  • It is an important course for planning how you are going to execute and develop your own action plan moving forward

STAGE 2: Monetization Channels

  • This course is about creating the building blocks required to start collecting emails and building your own online asset!
  • You will need this set up before getting into paid traffic if your goal is to build a longer term campaign with subscribers and followers.

Performance Marketing Arbitrage

  • We introduce Performance Marketing, & how to build a white hat affiliate campaign with CPA offers.
  • We explain more about different ways to gather leads, promote affiliate offers, set up a marketing funnel, develop landing pages, get website traffic

STAGE 4: Advanced Traffic

  • Traffic is the lifeblood of any successful online marketing campaign and this course is going to teach you exactly how to get traffic.
  • No traffic campaign can be successful if you don't track and understand how to analyze data.

In just minutes from now YOU could be using THESE FIRST 4 STAGES of training for
GUARANTEED Success to Your First Commission online with CPA Marketing

The Powerhouse Affiliate Community was created by affiliates specifically for affiliates

The following are included when you invest in Powerhouse Affiliate Today:

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Bonus 1: Landing Page Template Library

Take advantage of our landing page templates that have been PROVEN to product high CTR and Conversion rates.  With over 100 landing pages to choose from and new ones updated weekly, you'll never run out of things to test!

This Landing Page Material is Valued At: $799

Bonus 2: Private Affiliate Forum

Our Private Affiliate Forum is JAM PACKED with decades of affiliate marketing experience and tutorials.   Jump in conversions in real time and find out what the latest trends and tricks affiliates are using to optimize and scale their Powerhouse Affiliate Cost Per Lead campaigns.

Are you stuck?  Ask the community ANY question related to Affiliate Marketing and get the answers you need FAST!

Valued for $149/mo.

Bonus 3: Weekly Webinars & Podcasts

These podcasts and webinars have some of the most valuable material available in CPA marketing today!  Watch and Listen as we deliver new material to the community week after week.

We also enjoy including high profile guests speakers from CPA networks and Traffic sources!  This means you get an INSIDE connections to the world of Affiliate marketing!

This Webinar and Podcast Material is valued at: $79/mon.

Bonus 4: Access To Our MasterMind Case Studies

This is where you are going to get your FIRST conversion!   These are highly profitable live campaigns that are YOURS for the taking!   You can COPY and PASTE these campaigns and start earning in NO TIME!

This Powerhouse Affiliate Mastermind Section is valued at: $1999+

There are 3 CORE REASONS why THE POWERHOUSE AFFILIATE is THE industry leader in CPA Marketing:


POWERHOUSE AFFILIATE Is Stuffed With EVERYTHING You Need, To Make Quick & Easy Money TODAY, It comes with complete step by step over the shoulder video training.


POWERHOUSE AFFILIATE Case Study Based on Real Results.

You get to copy paste our high converting offers by replicating it from our LIVE Results inside our case studies.


Rinse & Repeat

Learn how to rinse and repeat CPA CAMPAIGNS and scale up - replace your mind-numbing 9-5 within weeks

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Unlike our competitors we are not going to do any sneaky psychology tricks here.

You see, we've seen people do all kinds of tricks to make someone see value in what they are selling.

What we will say is that we are 100% in our course and that POWERHOUSE AFFILIATE will deliver on a passive CPA Affiliate Income.

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Joey Babineau