How to Earn Monthly Recurring Revenue With Our Affiliate Program!

Earn Recurring Monthly Commissions by Referring People to Powerhouse Affiliate and Being Active!

Powerhouse Affiliate has one of the most generous affiliate programs where you can earn monthly revenue by referring others to our premium training.

Here is How it Works:

2 Important Steps for Accessing Our Affiliate Program

The Powerhouse Affiliate program is available to free or paid members.

In order to get access to this program inside your Powerhouse Affiliate members area, you must do the following 2 steps in order.

Step 1: Complete the short application form

Step 2: Go to and enter your payment info and save it.


Once approved you will see the "Affiliates Info" section in your menu when you login to your Powerhouse Affiliate account.


Once approved we will track all of your free & paid signups and link them to your affiliate account forever. If the users later upgrade to premium you would be credited. Payments are paid weekly net 14.

Once you complete both steps above it takes roughly 24 hours for your links to be approved.

To get your links simply login to the Powerhouse Affiliate members area (free or paid) and click the "Affiliates Info" link on the menu. If you don't see it on the menu after 48 hours of completing the 2 steps above please contact our helpdesk for access.

Now that you have your link you can use this link to refer others to Powerhouse Affiliate.

They can join and learn the business of Affiliate Marketing and access all of our tools and resources too! All new members get complete access to our training forum and the Affiliate Marketing Certification courses.

All of your new referrals will be tracked inside your affiliate account and you will be paid on these referrals when they upgrade to Premium membership.

We have several procing options available to new embers so here are a few examples of how it would work:

Example 1: You refer 10 people to our $20/Month premium membership, you will be paid $100 USD every month recurring.

Example 2: You refer 1 person to our free membership and in a month from now he/she decides to buy our lifetime membership. You would earn $150 USD. 

Example 3: You refer 100 people to our free membership and 5 of them decide to buy our lifetime membership and 5 of them decide to buy the monthly membership. You would earn $750 USD plus $50/month recurring.


We pay recurring for as long as your referrals remain a member.

This is a Recurring Revenue Opportunity!




As a Premium Member of our affiliate program & PRIVATE FORUM you can earn more commissions for all new people you refer to Powerhouse Affiliate Premium through your custom link and for providing good engaging content to our community.

The Mentor Bonus program now has 4 levels.

Mentor Bonuses are paid out each month to our Powerhouse Affiliate Partners.

Level 1 - [Powerhouse Affiliate Guide]

If in any given month you directly refer 25 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 1 Mentor Bonus - $100.

Level 2 - [Powerhouse Affiliate Coach]

If in any given month you directly refer 100 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 2 Mentor Bonus - $500

Level 3 - [Powerhouse Affiliate Mentor]

Every Time You directly refer 250 new customers to our Premium Training Program within 1 year (January - December) you qualify for a Level 3 Mentor Bonus - $1000


Level 4 - [Powerhouse Affiliate Ambassador]

Every time you directly refer 500 new customers to our Premium Training Program within 1 year (January to December) you qualify for a Level 4 Mentor Bonus - $2500

(See Partner Program Terms for Specific Details)


Affiliate Managers


You can now qualify to be a paid affiliate manager with tiered commissions. Once you have referred over 50 people directly to Powerhouse Affiliate please reach out to use for more details on these positions.