An Overview of Website Traffic

Generating Quality Traffic

Affiliate marketing is all about monetizing traffic.

Basically the cost of getting people to your website has to be less than what you get paid in return.

This is by far one of the most challenging aspects of the business for most affiliates. We dedicate entire courses on single traffic sources like Facebook, Bing, Airpush, Native Ads, etc.

You Have 2 Options Paid Traffic or Free Traffic

Honestly the affiliates who make the most money do it with Paid traffic. But this requires a budget, and if you do not have a budget then free traffic is where you must start.

With paid traffic you need to use creatives like image, video, or text ads that yield high click through rate (CTR). With paid traffic you can begin delivering traffic to an affiliate offer pretty much instantly.

It will take a lot of time and patience to understand exactly which traffic sources work best with your target market.

Facebook fan pages, search engine optimization, and other sites like for video marketing, or press releases work great for free traffic.  Facebook’s fan pages allow marketers to connect with several people & traffic can be generated for free.

We will dedicate our last lesson in this course to generating free traffic.

With a bit more experience some people can setup websites and begin ranking in search engines for keywords with lots of volume and low amounts of competition but that method is getting very old and it is very time consuming which is why we do not focus on SEO as much as building a brand through social media and content distribution.

The #1 reason a lot of people fail at affiliate marketing is because they give up at this point where they need to start generating quality traffic.

There is no guarantee you’re going to make money on a campaign. It takes a ton of patience and trial and error to really know if something is going to work or not.

Brief Overview of Choosing a Traffic Source

Picking a traffic source is kind of like choosing a candy bar – they all look so damn good so where do you begin?

First you need to choose paid or free. Next you need to choose a specific source. Finally you need to focus on it!

fade-leftfade-rightCommon Sources and Types of Traffic

Free Traffic

  • Google – This is done usually by ranking sites and takes a lot of time. Nearly impossible for complete newbies to have success here quickly.
  • Youtube – You can get great traffic from posting you tube videos and placing a link in your description that links to your landing page.
  • Facebook – Facebook fan pages and groups generate a lot of free traffic – you can post links to your landing pages inside groups or on pages.
  • Twitter – If you can get lots of followers you can start tweeting your links.
  • Articles – It is most effective if you provide guest posts on popular blogs related to your niche and link back to your blog or landing page
  • Forums – By putting a link in your forum signature and contributing to the community your links will be seen and clicked on.

Paid Traffic

There are thousands of places to buy traffic online. Top paid traffic sources for affiliates are:

  • Facebook – They offer several different advertising options and much deeper targeting.
  • Taboola/Outbrain Native Ad NEtworks
  • Revcontent – This is another native ad network.
  • Google Bing Yahoo – Here you buy Search ads or Display Ads or Native Ads

There is a world of information about generating traffic, and all the other courses that we have discuss traffic sources in depth and how to start getting traffic. In the final lesson we will talk briefly about free methods, but in all honesty if you want rapid results, you should really be looking at paid traffic.

For more information on finding good traffic sources you can ask in the forum, or check out our other courses.