How to Build Highly Profitable Affiliate Blogs – Part 2

Ok if you have made it this far then you are truly on your way to becoming a POWERHOUSE Affiliate marketer...

But just because you have built doesn't mean they will come.

There is still a lot more work to get your first commission. What you have done up until now would be considered the "EASY PART".

The next few weeks and months is going to test you on whether you REALLY have what it takes to make it in this business. If in a few months you are still working on this affiliate blog you have what it takes.

We will do everything in our power to give you all the real information you need, but just be warned that we are now entering into the "nuts and bolts." The real stuff...don't worry it can still be REALLY fun!! 🙂


People often come across the authority site business model when searching for how to “making money online".

Lots of the information about building authority sites is wrong and they tell people that it's  “quick” or “easy” money. The "quick" money comes from affiliate arbitrage - but at no point will we ever tell you this is EASY money.

But let me explain a very important reason why we start all of our students with authority sites.

Not only are authority sites neither quick nor easy to build, but they require you to build entire skill sets.

The skill sets you are going to learn as you continue to build out this site are going to be with you for the rest of your life, and they are REAL business skills that you will need especially if you want success in affiliate arbitrage. (our advanced training)

For now I would like to introduce a 90 day challenge, where you stick to only developing your authority site, focusing on free traffic, and building all components of a real affiliate funnel as you progress through each phase of our training. Let's focus on getting you your first conversions!

Real authority sites have multiple traffic streams and multiple monetization channels. Most people including me, have much less success if we try to diversify a site all at once.

Each traffic source and monetization channel requires different skill sets and resources.

So it is important not to spread yourself too thin. Do not fall trap to the "shiny object syndrome" where you try out a bunch of different things to a point where you don't spend enough time on one thing to achieve any success.

Right now you are mastering the set up of your site, 1 or 2 traffic sources, and 1 or 2 monetization sources. (You should already have the affiliate link in one post - so that is one way to monetize your site in the next courses we will talk about other ways to monetize.)

Right now one place you should sign up to is Adsense. (FREE) Adsense is owned by Google and they allow you to place Google ads onto your site and any time someone clicks on those ads you make money. It's super easy to set up and there are WordPress plugins that can do it easily. Now make sure you don't go in and start clicking on those ads yourself or else Google will know and you will lose your account!

Over the next 90 days I also challenge you to develop at least 30 pieces of content for your site whether its content on your site or off your site.

Here are some ideas:

  • Blog posts
  • Youtube Videos (linking back to your site)
  • A Facebook page linking back to your site
  • You can convert your you tube videos to blog posts to leverage content
  • Reddit posts
  • Comment on other peoples blogs and link back to your site
  • Forum posts and have your signature point back to your blog (I actually got a lot of free traffic from Warrior Forum with my signature link)
  • Tweets

Your authority site should have its own accounts on as many social media outlets as possible that you have time for. You can focus right now on just one. So if you want to just focus on Youtube then do it. That is exactly what I am doing with the blog. I will focus my first few months strictly on using Youtube Traffic, then converting my videos into blog posts, and podcasts. I will share all of my content on the DayJobHacks Facebook page. If you want to continue following all the steps I take to build this site simply go there now and subscribe to the blog! I will be documenting everything that I do and will also be sharing more valuable content there.

This should be more than enough to keep you busy on building your business. I would suggest just making yourself a quick weekly checklist for your content.

Please continue the training so we can start building out more components.