How to Build Highly Profitable Authority Niche Sites (Affiliate Blogs)

In the last lesson you “set up the blog”  or your affiliate website. Now it is time to shape this into a money maker. There are certain essential settings we need to cover first so that your WordPress site is more customized.

For your affiliate blog to convert it needs to be creative and trustworthy and your target audience needs to believe your content is relevant to what they want and need.

If you do it the right way it isn’t going to be tough.

If you’ve looked at your blog, you will see that the overall appearance is very “plain” straight out of the box. In its original installation, you’ll find it can be quite bare.

It’s NOT okay to leave it this way if you want results. Check out the blog I made at

The purpose of that blog is to build "authority" and it is built as an "affiliate style" blog. Over time you will see more and more content on there. The goal will be to show all stuff I have learned about Performance Marketing in the 16 Years I have been doing it.

That blog was made with a premium wordpress theme. I made the logo myself using a free tool called I use gimp for all my ad images too. It's a great free tool. This blog took me about 6 hours to build but I have a lot of experience. Most of the time was spent trying to find a good theme to use!

Our affiliate marketing training does not get into training you specifically on WordPress and setting it up only because there is just SO MUCH free content out there that you can access to explain everything there is to setting up your site to look professional. Just go to YouTube and search.

Once you login you should see something similar to this depending on what version of WordPress you have. Below is called the “WordPress Dashboard”:

Here are the 4 Steps You Should Take Now:

1. Establish a Professional-looking Blog

If you want to make your blog an authority in your niche, you need a professional design. These can be done with free themes.

A Professional looking blog is considered more authoritative. If you don’t believe it, change your blog design into a cheap and ugly design and watch your conversions go to crap.

2. Post High Quality Content Regularly

For now just start with 5 posts with your last post including a link to an affiliate product.

Of course, you can’t build an authority blog without posting high quality content regularly. Remember, it’s by updating your content regularly that will make your blog an authority. Once you have your 5 posts and your "affiliate" post done feel free to tell us in the forum and ask for some feedback! You will be amazed at how much we can help as long as you ask.

Original and unique content is what will make your blog authoritative, and will give you a chance to get free traffic from google. If you copy content and post it on your site Google will know and you will NEVER get rankings. It has to be 100% original content!

3. Build Strong Branding For Your Blog

Strong branding will affect your success in promoting your affiliate product. For an authority blog, branding is important because it is what will make the blog authoritative.

In fact, branding is important in any business. Take for instance, when you hear about Google, what will come in your mind? Search engine. When you hear about Facebook, what will come in your mind? Social network.

If you can brand your blog so that people can associate your blog with your niche every time they hear about your blog, you’ve successfully made your blog an authority. And it will be easy to promote affiliate product on your blog.

4. Write a Review if You Have Used The Product

You started your blog to help people who are searching for a solution to their problem. Now write about a product and give them information on how this product can solve their problem.