Affiliate Networks & Products

As mentioned before in order to promote products online you need to use your own “tracking links”. But let's dive a little deeper into this subject.

For example when you logged into your Premium Powerhouse Affiliate members account you would have seen your "general tracking link" which is your own affiliate link for Powerhouse Affiliate.

If you are a premium member, you can earn commissions by promoting Powerhouse Affiliate. These are specific links that are assigned only to you. You can only get these links either from an affiliate network or directly from the product owner or advertiser.

For example, let’s say you wanted to promote Powerhouse Affiliate membership to people online. You would take that affiliate link and share it online.  You could share it in an email, or on Facebook, or even on your own websites or advertising campaigns. Any time someone joined Powerhouse Affiliate by clicking your link they would be assigned under your account and we would pay you a commission every time someone you referred upgraded to Premium. We would pay you every single month recurring for as long as your referral remains a member.

This would be an example of working “directly” with a merchant. The benefit of working directly with merchants is you cut out any “middlemen” and often times you get a higher payout, and more accurate tracking.

Working with an affiliate network also has its advantages. Instead of working directly with the advertiser, the network is working as the middleman between you and the merchants. Here you have a wider selection of offers and more advertisers to choose from, all within the same network. (since they do all of the work finding advertisers and putting them into their network)

Without searching too hard, you can find hundreds of different affiliate networks on the Web with new ones popping up daily. CPA (cost-per-acquisition), CPL (cost-per-lead), CPS (cost-per-sale), CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-1k impressions) — it all can become very confusing quite quickly. Some networks are free to join and some are paid.

Powerhouse Affiliate is owned by Vault Media CPA Network. If you are a premium member you are eligible to apply to our CPA network for access to offers that will pay you on free leads.

(Please note that CPA network approval is not a guarantee just because you have a premium account - but your chances of approval are much higher.)

At the end of the day, you just want to know:

1. What affiliate network is best for my business or niche?
2. What types of affiliates are most successful in the affiliate network?
3. Which affiliate network will help me acquire the most new customers?
4. Do they pay on time?
5. Are they well known and have a solid reputation of keeping affiliates happy?

If you choose to work directly with an advertiser or product owner consider how long they have had a solid product in place. If they have been around for a while and have a big following then this is a good sign.

4 Important Factors in Choosing Your Affiliate Program

The good part about being on a network is that you could have hundreds of offers to choose from. If you choose a good network then you should also be getting an account manager or “affiliate manager”. They can be a very valuable resource in helping you to find a good offer that fits your niche. Their job is to help you make more money, so talk to your affiliate manager as much as you can!

Once you are inside a network you will be able to see a list of offers you can promote. Each offer will likely have some data or information on that offer including network earnings per click, the point at which a conversion occurs, how much you get paid per conversion, your custom tracking link, and much more. Here are some things to consider when choosing an offer to promote to your target audience:

1. PAYMENT. Offers should have a clear pay structure with specific information on the compensation you’ll receive: commission amount, payment schedule, tracking information.

2. CONVERSION POINT. Seek out programs that have a low barrier to converting such as lead offers or products that you think are extremely hot or easy to sell to your target audience. As markets become saturated and products become dated, it’s important that new releases are available to expand your revenue options, or that you can promote other products to your own list in that same niche.

3. PROMOTION. It helps if the the affiliate program you join has LOTS of ready-made promotional materials … especially banners, or emails or content (Ex. Articles, reports, etc.)

4. SALES. Obviously, it all comes down to making money. Look for products that are of good value, and show high Earnings Per Click.

So Where Can You Find an Affiliate Program to Join?

There are a lot of places to find affiliate programs, but in the interest of time and convenience, let us just identify what we consider to be some good options for new affiliates.

1. Top places for new affiliates In short, some of the biggest, most popular affiliate marketing networks on the net for new affiliates are,

This is where most new affiliates start since there is no real approval process and you can start promoting products instantly.

These places also have great tools for seeing what is very hot or trending in their marketplaces.

2. Cost Per Acquisition Networks (CPA) – Most of our other training is on the topic of CPA affiliate offers. You will learn how to set up a complete affiliate funnel using CPA offers in our courses on CPA. We wont cover a lot on CPA in this course.