Newsletter: Holiday Shopping, Entrepreneurs and Cool Videos

Last time we talked about the holiday shopping season and how much of a BIG deal it is for your bottom-line. Well, we’re even closer now and that means you’re either already in the middle of a hike in sales or you’re planning for next year (which is always a fantastic idea by the way). Let’s review some ideas to help you prepare for next year… just in case you didn’t make it for this one.


Helpful Tools & Resources

Entrepreneurs are the ones who are the founder the company and also are the one who take the risks in their business.

Usually the common knowledge with entrepreneurs is that they are one who are builders of new entities which is made to offer advanced or present services or products in market.
There is also profit and nonprofit matters may vary according to the type of business management.

This ebook will give you some ideas for your own home based business and show you advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur.

Topics covered:

  • Entrepreneurs Benefits of a Home Based Business

  • Entrepreneurs Attributes for a Successful Business

  • Entrepreneur Opportunities from the Beginning

  • Some Important Entrepreneurial Attributes

  • Teen Entrepreneurs: Be your own Boss!

  • Healthy Life and Releasing Stress for the Entrepreneur

  • Different Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

  • Fundamental Factors of Famous Entrepreneurs

  • Some Beneficial Idea for Your Future Business


Click Right Here if you would like to grab your copy of it right now.


Interesting Videos & Articles

Sometimes we need to get back to the basics, and that’s just what you’ll get in this very helpful video on YouTube about email marketing. There are a few tricks in this one that you might not have considered so you may wish to give it a try & check it out:


Powerhouse Affiliate Blog

Let’s have a quick chat about fear, taking action & how it all applies to affiliate marketing as a whole.

Getting started is one of the hardest steps to take when a beginner in almost anything. There are so many doubts, so many “what if” questions probably filling your mind, so many ways it could all go wrong and it just overwhelms the senses at times:


Quick Tips & Tricks

If you’re not building an email list then you’re leaving money on the table. It doesn’t matter what your business model is, you’re always going to benefit from collecting leads which you can then re-market to over and over again.


When you have a list of potential buyers and previous buyers you control the traffic and will always have a pot of gold you can dip into anytime you wish to.


It may start out slow at first but that’s actually a good thing and here is why!


If you’re new to email marketing and not seeing the results you hoped for right away it’s easy to become discouraged, but don’t be. There are a number of factors at play such as:

  • The domain you’re using as your “from” and “reply” to. This will usually be your own website domain assuming you’ve set up an email on your own account.

  • New domains are automatically flagged as “potential spammers” so you have to prove yourself to the email companies such as gmail, yahoo mail, aol mail and etc.

  • The way you “prove yourself” is by sending out emails for a period of time and NOT having a bunch of people mark you as spam or file complaints against you… the more you can accomplish this the better and quicker your positive reputation will build and the more your emails will wind up “inboxed” instead of falling in the spam folder.

  • Don’t give up! This can take time so you may as well do it right the 1st time or risk your domain “sender address of email” being marked as spammer and then you will have a very difficult time getting any email to show up in the inbox instead of marked as spam.

  • I know it may be undesirable to do this but consider using double opt-ins to cut down on complaints… at least while you’re building up your reputation with the email providers such as gmail, yahoo mail and etc. The length of time to do this varies but if you’re sending out emails regularly for about 2 to 3 weeks and not getting a bunch of complaints then you should start to notice an increase in your “open rates” over that length of time.

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