Welcome to the Challenge - You Got This...

How to Take Part in the Challenge!

Step 1: Join Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Membership.


Step 2: Grab Your Personal Referral Link:

Step 3: Promote Your Link

Tell People to Click it and Join Powerhouse Affiliate.

The more people you get to join the more chances you get to win our draw! Top Prizes will also be awarded to people with the most premium member referrals.

You will earn 1 ballot for every free member you refer and 5 ballots for every premium member you refer!

You can EASILY see all of your referrals tracking inside your Powerhouse Affiliate reporting section. There are also tons of banners emails and a few funnels you can test!



Top Affiliate - Affiliate Summit East Aug 11-13 (Airfare, 2 Nights Hotel & Ticket to Show)


Affiliate Summit East Aug 11-13 (Airfare & Ticket to Show)


$1000 Cash


4th Place

$500 Cash


5th - 10th Place

$200 Cash



Contest Rules

Welcome to the Powerhouse Affiliate Challenge! Below you will find the 6 most important things about this contest.

  • Contest Starts May 1st 2019 & Ends July 15th 2019
  • You can grab your affiliate links inside Powerhouse Affiliate Premium members area.
  • Must adhere to all of our affiliate program policies or you will be disqualified. (see link to policies at bottom of this page)
  • Affiliates can provide additional bonuses to their customers but cannot give them cash or pay for customers.
  • Can be a FREE or Premium member to qualify for prizes
  • A minimum of 75 premium member referrals is required to win first or second prize.
  • Any Premium Member who joins the challenge and gets at least 1 person to sign up through their link qualifies for our Affiliate Challenge Raffle

2019 Contest TermsĀ 

The affiliate contest begins May 1st, 2019 and ends July 15, 2019. Prizes will be awarded to affiliates who qualify. All affiliates must adhere to all Policies and Procedures in this agreement while participating in the contest.


  • Affiliates can provide additional bonuses to their customers but cannot give them cash or pay the subscription fees for customers.
  • No purchase necessary to win or participate for prizes.
  • A minimum of 75 customer referrals is required to win 1st or 2nd prize. All referrals received between May 1st and July 15th will be calculated.
  • For every free member you get to join Powerhouse Affiliate you earn 1 ballot, and for every premium member you earn 5 ballots for our Grand Prize Raffle.
  • To qualify for any other prize you must have at least 10 referrals.

Affiliate Challenge Raffle Details:

All ballots earned by affiliates will be tracked inside their Powerhouse Affiliate account. On the date of the draw they will be added to the prize draw and an official video will be made showing the actual draw live on video after the contest ends in July.

The raffle winner will receive a FREE ticket to Affiliate Summit East in New York City, and $500 Spending Cash. Affiliates can only win 1 prize. If a grand prize winner also wins the raffle, another ballot will be drawn.