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Important Landing Page Tips For Better Conversion Rates

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  • Important Landing Page Tips For Better Conversion Rates

    Landing pages are crucial elements in the affiliate marketer’s arsenal. Instead of directly linking to the offer, when you take your traffic through a landing page, it increases conversions significantly. Besides, landing pages help you capture leads and build your list, which will help you in years to come.

    This post is not about "creating" landing pages. (you can watch our videos when available in the library for that)

    Almost everyone these days knows how to create a landing page, thanks to several landing page tools in the market. Click here for a list of 7 landing page building tools.

    But the real game changer is a high converting landing page. Frankly creating an extremely high converting affiliate landing page is a different ball game altogether. It is not only quite significant but tricky as well.

    And why is that so? Because in creating your landing page, you not only have to include the basic landing page elements, but also need to take into account

    · where to place those elements for maximum impact

    · the message your design language will convey to your visitors and

    · how your text will influence each of them to take the desired action.

    Let’s break down your landing page at the elemental level and talk about what you should do and what you shouldn’t do create that killer landing page that shoots your conversion rates through the roof.

    1. The Headline

    The first and the most important part of your landing page; make sure it’s clear and to the point. This elevator pitch must clearly explain what your offering is.


    2. Image or Video

    Second in rank but equally important nonetheless, visuals are better capable of converting a landing page compared to text. Most people might find reading lengthy text boring, but a catchy image or video is more than likely to grab their interest. So, include an actual photo of your service/product (offer) or a video that explains the same.

    3. Subheading

    Your subheading is where you will explain detailed benefits of your product/service to your visitors. Break down these benefits into bullet points so that visitors can skim read. Your visitors must be able to grasp the essence of the benefits of your solution in almost a glance; because webpage visitors are scanners and hardly ever readers.

    Don’t even attempt to drown them in content; benefits should be scan-able and should lucidly explain your product’s value in the shortest possible time and few power packed words.

    4. Call to Action

    This must be designed to distinctly stand out; impossible to miss. Your ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) must feature colors and buttons that don’t blend with the rest of your landing page design. It must be ideally placed below your subheading/benefits area. Ensure that your button is so attractive that even you can’t resist clicking on it.

    5. Content Above Page Fold [SUPER IMPORTANT]

    All your important landing page elements must be placed above this portion, because most of your visitors won’t bother scrolling down. Remember that not all people have 27 inch screens and according to this survey 80% of global browsing time is spent above the fold. Especially if you are promoting download offers or gaming offers – you must have the call to action button above the fold! (Example: Download Now or Play Now) CRUCIAL! CRUCIAL! CRUCIAL!

    6. Links

    Limit the number of your links and navigational options in your landing page. After getting targeted traffic to your landing page, you don’t want to give them opportunities to go elsewhere.

    7. Description

    Mention important details on your product/service here, preferably with a striking image matching the features and benefits explained. Choose your words wisely because those will play a decisive role in encouraging your visitor to act. Focus on putting across a compelling, crisp and clear message.

    8. Testimonials

    Testimonials are a great way of boosting the conversion rate of your landing page and establishing trust in the mind of your visitors. They will be interested to know what people, who have used your product, think of it and your company.


    Also, blending testimonials and your content is a good idea. Ensure that your testimonials reinforce the claims that you made in your product benefits/description.

    9. The Trust Element

    Listing third party verifications/accreditations or partnerships/associations with reputed organizations plays a crucial role in increasing conversions and building trust. Logos of companies using your product/service instill faith and security seals like VeriSign help build trust.

    While these were the crucial elements in the landing page, let us now look at optimal landing page designs which enhance the impact of each of the elements.

    Landing Page – Design

    Your landing page is essentially the focal point of your efforts to generate leads, and hence every offer you make must be linked to a unique landing page. What good are your efforts and your campaign if your visitors land on an ambiguous page where they have no idea what the next step is? Hence landing page design is crucial, so that you get the desired results from your landing page and the desired action from your visitor.

    Tips to Design A Productive Landing Page – One that Converts

    1. Get Straight to the Point

    Landing pages get very short attention from your customers. Visitors will scan through information rather than patiently read through it. Address the reason they are on your landing page quickly, succinctly and with clarity.

    2. Contrasting Colors

    Earlier, we discussed the need for making your call to action (CTA) a conspicuous element of the landing page. It should be effortless for visitors to spot it and complete the action. Use of colors that complement or contrast the ones on the rest of the landing page helps.

    3. Clutter Invites Trouble

    You may be fascinated with several extravagant images that look great individually, but including those all at once is definitely not a good idea if you aim to boost conversions. In fact, too many graphics can increase your website’s load time; which, in turn, results in fewer page views and hence loss in conversions.

    No matter what you hear from others, there is no specific formula to create an extremely high converting affiliate landing page. If something works for website A, it may not for B. So, adopt the A/B approach, and figure out what works best for your business.