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    The first step to successful 4-5 figure a month CPA campaigns is picking the best offers to run.

    Picking the best offers from niches with global appeal that have nice pay-outs from $30 -$100 from trusted affiliate networks would do you well.

    Example, you select an offer with a conversion pay-out of $35 then what’s next?

    How do you estimate a budget? Do you use a landing page? Where do you arbitrage traffic from?

    Offers are usually categorized under “verticals". Verticals are categories which would classify an opportunity (e.g. health & beauty, financial, shopping, etc.) Usually offers in one certain vertical have proven strategy on how to run them – i.e., some traffic sources do not convert well for some verticals no matter how you optimize them.

    5 proven verticals

    1. Finance
    Concentrate on long-forms offers. Common offers that you would find under this verticals are credit reports, insurance, mortgage, home loans, etc. Here users (target audience) are required to fill out numerous data fields before clicking on the “submit” button.

    The pay-out in this vertical ranges from $15-$30 or higher.

    Advertorials do well in this vertical including something like below:


    Your target audience is being lured towards the idea of “saving” money .

    If you choose to use the strategy above I would suggest Display or native ads. PPV may also work but Search will likely cost an arm or a leg.

    2. Sales/E-Commerce Sites
    Branded or "As Seen on TV" types of offers usually falls under the shopping vertical. It involves a user paying for a product – which means they have to pull out their credit card or pay via Paypal for a certain product being advertised. Clickbank or Amazon programs host a lot of these. Some performance marketing networks also have them Pay-out is usually a percentage of sales or $15 and up depending on the offer.


    You have to be creative in running these offers as users are very picky on goods to be purchased online. Your landing page should have reviews of the products you are running as this will “lure” your audience into purchasing the offer from you.

    Options on running offers under this vertical are:

    1. Search
    2. Display
    3. Social

    3. Rebills and Trials
    Although they continue to take a serious beating in terms of people complaining about these...they still seem to bank hard.

    Offers under this vertical would require your target audience to sign up for a fee product trial (which in fact turns into a $80+ rebill in a couple weeks). Here they would only pay a minimum amount to receive the trial product, or even just pay shipping costs. The most common ones are under health and beauty, specifically diet, anti-aging and whitening/tanning products.

    Skin care re-bills usually pay-out $35 or more when a user converts.

    PLACEMENT & OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY (most good traffic sources will not allow this so cloaking is common)

    1. Advertorial landing page (for free trials)
    2. Display
    3. Mobile
    4. PPC

    Advertorials are tricky. You have to be extra careful as they break most of FTC's standards on online advertising. Make sure you consult with your ad representatives first. Capture.PNG

    The picture above is an example of an advertorial. Most of the time content of the page - stats, the testimonials, the links on the navigation bar don’t work. Even social media buttons will send you straight to the affiliate offer sales page.

    In doing an advertorial, always remember to write a disclaimer in the header and end of the landing page. In the header, it must be specified that it is an ad.

    Note: The FTC and most ad networks have strict rules for advertorial landers. If you follow these rules you can make some very decent money long term.

    4. Short Forms & Submits
    Your target audience here will be required to give out their zip code or email address in the landing page. Niches that really do well with these types of offers are – daily deals and coupons & discounts. Pay-out ranges from $0.50 - $5 per conversion as users are not required to give out more information or pull out their credit cards. Just be sure before running these you confirm what the actual point of conversion is. Many networks claim they have zip submits but really the conversion only happens after the user enters a zip code then completes another action.

    1. Display (Mobile & PC)
    2. Search
    3. Email

    Be creative in making your headlines to catch the attention of your target audience. If it’s a contest, get more creative than just saying “Win an Apple Mini”. Instead, use catchy headlines like – “Free Apple Mini Just for You” or “An Apple Mini Awaits!”

    5. Downloads and App Installs
    Every time a user successfully downloads a mobile app (games, themes, utilities etc.) or a desktop software or plug-in. Pay-out varies but usually ranges from $1-$5 per user. Draft kings went super high this year and payout was around $12 per install.

    1. Display (Mobile)
    2. Mobile networks and push ads notifications.
    3. PPC - target mobile.

    If you are running a mobile app install ad, make sure you only buy MOBILE traffic. There is no sense in paying for desktop traffic as the app’s lading page is usually the Play Store or App Store.


    Different verticals require different approaches. Always rely on the data you receive from your traffic. You may visit competitive analysis tools like WhatRunsWhere and AdBeat, nativeadbuzz.com to study how your ads are doing against others. With these tools you’ll be able to see landing pages affiliates like you are using, also their traffic sources and banner ads. This way you can minimize the guess work and reach CPA success quicker.

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      Very educative.Thanks


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        Thanks And Iím going to start with nutra using native ads. Also, Iím going to get my Adsense account and create a viral blog and send traffic to it.


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          ricardo_figueroa You should write a Case Study post so we can review your results and provide coaching if necessary