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[Traffic Quality] What Is The "Back End" And Why You Should Care

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  • [Traffic Quality] What Is The "Back End" And Why You Should Care

    Most affiliates who are driving traffic consistently are not very concerned about what happens after the conversion occurs. I mean, why should you be concerned what users do after they convert? There are a few reasons but first let's define a few terms.

    What is the "Back End"?

    The back end is the path the users take after the conversion occurs.

    Think of the entire processes from click to sale as one big funnel.

    Here is an example of a campaign with a CPS offer.

    As you can see the conversion occurs as the 'Thank You Page' loads. Remember, this page is owned by the advertiser.

    The "Back End" in this campaign is everything after the conversion fires.

    As an affiliate there are certain scenarios where the "Back End" matters. One example with this CPA offer is if you have a high number of refunds.

    You sell product A for the advertiser and get 100 conversions aka sales.
    The advertiser pays you $50 per sale.
    The cost to customer is $75

    You receive $5,000 in Affiliate commissions for your 100 conversions.

    Let's say 75% of the 100 sales demand a refund.

    That means the advertiser only keeps money for 25% or 25 sales.

    25 sales @ $75.00 = $1,875.

    The advertiser would have paid the Affiliate $5,000 and only received $1875 in total sales.

    As you can imagine the advertiser would be very unhappy with this situation.

    What causes this situation?

    - Misleading ads & landing pages (Misrepresenting the product to be something it's not)
    - Very poor traffic sources

    How Do Advertiser Avoid This Situation?

    - Waiting until the refund period has passed before paying the affiliate.

    Have you ever wondered why Networks & Advertisers make you wait 30 days+ for payments in some cases? This is exactly why. They don't want to get burned by paying for "Low Quality" traffic.

    99% of the time, the "back end" really doesn't matter if you're promoting CPS products. If you are using any mainstream traffic source and relevant landing pages, you shouldn't have to worry about refunds.

    However, the "Back End" is VERY important when running CPL or Lead Gen offers and here's why.

    When you send traffic to a CPL offer, the advertiser is essentially BUYING that lead data and try's to convert those leads into sales with their "Back End" funnel or follow up email lists.

    Here is an example of a campaign with a CPL offer.

    As you can see, the conversion point and the sale happen at two different points in the funnel. This means the advertiser is willing to pay you to get users to get to a specific page in their funnel and then they do the rest of the work to generate a sale.

    Typically the advertisers funnel is highly optimized and has been tested extensively and proven to generate conversions.

    What happens if your traffic falls off on "Advertiser Page #2" and never converts into a sale?

    If this happens then the advertiser is paying you for nothing essentially.

    You can send 1000000000 leads each day but if they NEVER convert into sales for the advertiser, why would they continue to pay for your traffic?

    This is when the "Back End" matters and becomes your problem.

    Yes, you can run some traffic until quality reports come back and the advertiser will probably pay you for the traffic.... until they ask you to pause.

    If you plan to have a scalable campaign with CPL offers, you need to make sure the advertiser is happy and that the "Back End" is converting for them as well.

    How can I make sure I have "Quality Traffic"?

    - Avoiding smaller traffic sources that don't have proven quality
    - Using targets that are relevant to your CPL offer
    - Being honest with your ads and landing pages

    There are tactics that allow your landing page to convert CPL offers at an extremely high rate. With these tactics, the quality on the back end usually suffers.


    Casino CPL Offer...

    Casino offer gives the user 150 spins for $10.00.

    If you place 150 spins for FREE on your landing page.. People are going to convert into leads.. They want the FREE SPINS!

    What happens when they get to the check out page and realize they have to pay $10?

    They usually close the window because they expected "FREE" and it infact was $10.

    At this point your conversion already fired and you get credited commission.

    The advertiser is going to realize very quickly that he is paying you for leads that never turn into sales.

    It can be appealing to use these tactics to increase conversions but it's a very narrow minded, short term decision.


    I hope this gives you some insight on what happens after the conversion. Now you can understand what advertisers mean by "low quality" and why they may ask you to pause your campaign.

    As you grow and scale CPL campaigns, you should be very transparent with the advertiser. In most cases it's beneficial to work with them to find a solution that works for both of you.

    The advertiser wants this to work as much as you do. They just can't sit by and lose money.