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How To Determine Why You Have 542 Clicks And NO Conversions

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  • How To Determine Why You Have 542 Clicks And NO Conversions

    Have you been promoting a CPA offer and have many clicks inside your CPA Network but no conversions on your offer? This is a very common thing in CPA Marketing. It's so common that EVERY SINGLE successful affiliate marketer has been faced with this situation. Many Affiliates immediately assume that the offer is not tracking properly. This is RARE and there are a million other factors that could be leading to this situation. Here are some main factors you need to consider.

    - Are you using a landing page?
    - Is your landing page low quality?
    - Is your targeting poor?
    - Are your ads poor quality?
    - Is your traffic source suitable for the offer?

    Let's take a look at each of these potential factors.

    Are you using a landing page?

    If you are not using a landing page this is EXACTLY where you need to start. You should almost always use a landing page when promoting CPA products. There are rare situations where it is good to direct link your offer but if you are facing 542 clicks and 0 conversions, this is not the situation where you should direct link!

    Landing pages are crucial for conversions. These pages are what do the actual selling of the product. Here is a break down of the purpose of each element in your campaign.

    Ad -> Peaks their interest/Gets their attention
    Landing Page -> Promotes the Offer and convinces people to buy
    Offer Page -> Closes the deal and facilitates the sale.

    Without the landing page, you are taking people from your Ad (which got their attention) and sending them to a sales page (Offer) that is designed to close the deal.. They have no product information and are VERY unlikely to convert into a sale. Unless the offer page is heavy in sales material or has a Video (VSL), you are not going to have much success. Not only is the landing page there to facilitate sales, it is also there to give you some campaign data. The click through rate or CTR on your landing page can give you much insight on why you are not getting conversions. If you are facing many clicks with no conversions and ARE NOT using a landing page, you need to start using one.

    You have a few options:

    - Download our Landing Page Templates from our library.
    - Use our LP Studio to create a landing page.
    - Rip a landing page with 3rd party tools like WinHTTrack or Teleport Pro.
    - Hire a coder to build you a landing page.

    If this is your first landing page for this campaign, it might be a good idea to find a competitors landing page. Either emulate their page by creating your own or rip their page and host it yourself. This will be a good baseline for you to start. Since you know someone is already using this page to promote the same offer, it's likely that the page isn't horrible.

    Is your landing page low quality?

    This is another major factor. Just because you have a landing page doesn't mean you are automatically going to get conversions. If you have 542 clicks and no conversions using a landing page, we need to determine where users are falling off. We need to determine the point of failure. It is extremely difficult to really know without some form of a tracking platform. This is why you need to use Bemob or another click tracker.

    As you can see below, I have exact data on my landing pages.

    Visits = Clicks on your Ad
    Clicks = Clicks on your Landing Page
    Conversion = Offer Conversions

    If we look at the "CTR" column you can see that Winning Page #1 has a CTR of 1.40%. This is EXTREMELY low. Only 1.4% of the people who clicked my ad actually landed on my offer.
    You can see that the "CTR" on Winning Page #4 has a CTR of 9.28%. This is not a great CTR but it is something you can work to optimize. The point is that you can now determine where people are falling off your campaign. A good CTR for a landing page (with a good traffic source & targeting) should be 15% or higher. I've seen some campaigns landing pages convert at 40%. If you have a very low CTR and No conversions, it's time to look at split testing other landing pages. This will give you the data you need to determine if your landing page is the issue.

    You can also determine which page is producing conversions by looking at the Conversion Rate or "CR" column. This will be extremely important later as you optimize and scale your campaign.

    If my landing page CTR is low, does that mean I need a new landing page?

    Not always! You could have a great landing page but if your targeting is incorrect, you won't have a good CTR or conversions. This leads into the next question.

    Is your targeting poor?

    Imagine trying to sell Weight loss products to Men 20-25 years old. This is a complete waste of time as your TARGET is not concerned about their weight. It's like selling Male Enhancement products to Women 25-30 years old. Unless your target has a boyfriend that is 50+, they are not likely to click through your landing page nor buy the product.

    Your target is very important and isn't always based on sex or age demographics. One example of this is Google Ads. Google is focused on keywords as targets rather than demographic specific targets. Sometimes irrelevant keywords can produce a low landing page CTR. This is why tracking the data on these keywords is important. Some keywords may have a higher CTR than others.

    Are your ads poor quality?

    One way to determine if your targets are relevant to your campaign is by looking at your AD CTR. This is different than your Landing page CTR.

    Landing Page CTR = Ratio of the people who click your ad and the people who click your landing page.
    10 ad clicks and 2 landing page clicks = 40% CTR

    Ad CTR = Number of impressions on your ad and the people who actually click your ad.
    1000 ad views and 2 clicks = 0.2% CTR

    Are the right people clicking your ad? What is the ratio?

    The AD CTR differs depending on the platform you are using. For example, a good CTR on Revcontent is 0.5%+. A good CTR on MGID is 0.2%+. You may need to speak to your rep if you are unsure of the target ad CTR on that platform. If you are not in the "Good" CTR range for your ads, this could be why your landing page isn't getting a good CTR and also why people are not converting on your offer.

    Is a high Ad CTR always good?

    Not always! If you are using a "Click-bait" style ad, you're ad CTR is going to be high. Does this mean they are interested in your product? No, this is why click-bait isn't always a good idea. You really want your ad to peak interest in the offer. Persuading people to click for the sake of clicking isn't going to help you. It's not about quantity, it's quality. You want targeted, interested individuals to click your ads and potentially convert.

    Is your traffic source suitable for the offer?

    Some traffic sources are not ideal for every offer. There are plenty of 2nd tier traffic sources with extremely cheap clicks but usually very low quality. Make sure you know how the traffic is generated. One example would be a pop up network. Pop ups are technically undesired ad clicks. Undesired by the user. This can lead to many people closing the page and in turn lead you to a low landing page CTR.

    Many offers do not work on a pop up style network. Be sure that the offer you're promoting is suitable for this type of traffic. Low paying lead gen offers and email submits are usually good for this type of traffic. Clicks are also very cheap on these platforms.

    In conclusion, if you do not have a landing page then you will need to make one. If you are not using Bemob tracking or another click tracker then you need to start using one. These two things are KEY for you to determine potential issues with your campaign as well as optimizing and scaling.

    Post any questions below!

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    Great post Bill...you are right it's RARE at best to have a massive campaign that is direct linking. Real affiliates use landers.
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      Great post!