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  • Success and Motivation

    My name is Jane from Nairobi Kenya and I make over $1000 every month.Well I started working online as an affiliate marketer on 11th July, 2017 and my first 11 days I made $664.I was green in the field and I would work for 22 hours in a day I would be glued on my smartphone/laptop the whole day.I used to live with my friend and she would tell me 'get some sleep'. Youtube was my bff and that is where I learnt everything regarding affiliate marketing. Julius Yego had inspired me since I was in college.I used to work as a part-time waitress to raise my pocket money-sometimes i would work till 4 am in the morning and while in class I would sleep but when I learnt about Yego's success with youtube I started learning from youtube and would score As in those units. So the same method I used in campus I used it in my affiliate marketing business.

    My first affiliate marketing program was Yoonla created by Reno Van Boven from Newzealand and a guy by the name John Nganga introduced me to the program.I needed 3 tools to get started hosting,domain and autoresponder to me they were jagons but my problems were many and I was so poor and jobless for 1.5 years and my only option was yoonla. I raised the cash $37 after all it was peanuts and bought the tools.I remember using direct link saved me big time but at the same time i lost big time.Y did I lose I never created an email list coz I never knew how to create squeeze page,landing pages and using my autoresonder-my upline was also newbie so I had to teach myself. 4 months down the line I had connected the dots.My traffic source was linkedIn and later on Youtube after being inspired by John Michael and Jpg Po.Then later on Mary Kamuilong taught me adwords and we both started an online school.

    Personally I have never called myself a newbie coz everyday in our lives we get new challenges and new ideas.No one was born as an engineer,or a doctor or a sociologist.We all learn,engineers learn and they build bridges in the middle of the ocean, doctors do heart transplant so why shouldn't I learn everyday and sharpen my affiliate marketing skills???BTW I dislike people who call themselves newbies and people who keep asking for tips shows they luck independence and are needy.

    According to me success is not in the training success is in implementation and consistency.Being hungry and fed up with your current situation is what takes us to the next level in this short life that God has given us.Everyday I tell myself my grandparents fought for the independence of my country with spears and arrows so I have all that I have today 'FREEDOM' and I should fight my way up.So many people died and others detained in jail so that I am in a country where I can do anything as a woman, speak my mind,use social media the way I want;so many people don't have that so I have every reason to succeed in this business.

    I also look at this situations daily-1) Out there there is someone who does not know internet exist
    2) Out there someone knows internet exist but has no access
    3) Out there someone has internet access but does not know he can make money online
    4) Out there someone who has internet access knows they can make money online but do not know how or where to start
    5) And here I am I have internet access and I have programs that can make me money i just need to make it happen

    well that's all I have to say

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    Great post Jane. Thanks for sharing.
    MY STORY >>> How I Quit My Job, Stopped Eating Hashbrowns, dRANK mORE wHISKEY& Changed My Life With Online Business.


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      your story is inspiring hope we shall get their someday


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        Very positive and inspired.