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    Main Forum Rules And Disclaimer
    Considering this is a brand new spot....Our forum rules are simple.

    Talk about whatever you want...on topic.

    WE MAY BEND RULES.... BUT WE DON'T BREAK THE LAW...please do NOT share explicitly illegal methods. If you think you see something explicitly illegal please report it to our moderators.

    No discussion on hacking or illegal activity.
    No threats against other members.
    No illegal content, such as pornography or explicit material.
    No spamming or low quality posting.
    No referral links in posts/threads unless in the "recommended resources" forums.
    Use 'thank you buttons' instead of typing a reply to say thank you.
    If you post on topics in any of our forums, and it is in the wrong section or category, your post may be moved by our moderators to the appropriate category (paid or free).

    Giving Away Content or Resources:

    You can give away your own courses PDFs, ect, but we do not allow "hacks" or "nulled" or "licence keys" to software or services that users should otherwise have to pay for.

    If you are sharing please be sure you have the rights to share it.

    Use our sites and any services on PowerhouseAffiliate.com including the forum is at your own risk. Powerhouse Affiliate does not endorse or perform any review or validation of the content of postings, links, product offers, emails, private messages occurring or public messages within the various forums. You specifically agree that Powerhouse Affiliate and its employees and owners are not liable for any damages caused to YOU as a result of acting upon any content or recommendations contained within these forums or our courses on PowerhouseAffiliate.com.

    It is the sole responsibility of each user to thoroughly research and validate YOUR own activiteis including marketing, advertising and sales opportunities prior to acting upon any recommendations or methods contained in any of our only forums or course content.

    Powerhouse Affiliate requires all users to comply with all laws associated with marketing, advertising, sales, privacy and other activities within the forums. Users should notify the moderators if they suspect that any user is conducting him/herself in a manner that is illegal or unethical.

    Powerhouse Affiliate reserves the right to refuse any part of the service, to any user for any reason.

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