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Changes to Affiliate Program and New Benefits for Premium Members Being Announced Next Week!

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  • Changes to Affiliate Program and New Benefits for Premium Members Being Announced Next Week!

    Hi there Powerhouse Affiliate Members!

    We have recently made some exciting enhancements to our Powerhouse Affiliate Referral program that we feel will help ALL premium members earn long term residual income if they wish to promote our product!

    We will be launching a new video next week that helps explain how our Premium members can earn even more commissions and higher mentor bonuses!

    This video will also go a long way in helping people to build their own sub affiliate teams and become mentors.

    We are also launching a new service and resources for Premium Members next week at no extra charge! Stay tuned for the launch announcement!

    We will be implementing some changes to our affiliate program tonight.

    After much consideration and some conversations with some of our top affiliates, we believe the following changes will strengthen our program even more to point where we can offer better rewards and incentives to the best affiliates, and weed out the bad players.

    These changes help protect the integrity of our program in order to protect our payment processors, and ensure affiliates continue to get paid each and every week.

    While we have made several changes in the last few weeks to some of our offer rules (specific to Powerhouse Affiliate offers), we decided the affiliate program still faces weaknesses that were being exploited by "bad players".

    For that reason we have decided to disallow free members from taking part in our referral program as of November 1st/ 2018.

    Only people who have paid for our product and actually continue to use it, can now promote us for tiered commissions. Any existing commissions that free members have earned will certainly be paid to you!

    Powerhouse Affiliate premium was built to deliver a continuous and interactive training portal and community with constant updates, and valuable resources and services for affiliate marketers and people who want to learn how do digital marketing properly.

    The blatant abuse by free and inexperienced members has resulted in only our premium members having access to our tiered affiliate program.

    We are also removing the 100% commission offer from the program starting on November 1st since we feel it is unfair for the top tier referrers with regard to our commission structure.

    We will also be discontinuing offering the CPL lead offer from the Vault Media Network to new members. (old members may be able to continue unless advised to stop traffic)

    We are working on bringing more exciting options for our new and existing premium members in terms of higher mentor bonuses, better contests and exciting opportunities to build your own sub-affiliate teams!

    If you have more ideas feel free to share them in our forum!

    Please understand, we are making these changes so we can help ensure a healthy and stable community and continuous training platform with a SOLID affiliate program that you can build for a long term "evergreen" campaign that works for you!

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