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Where DO I start Inside Powerhouse Affiliate Premium?



Where DO I start Inside Powerhouse Affiliate Premium? 1

This is one of the most common questions we get when people join the Premium Membership. So let’s get right into answering this question.

Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Membership is constantly growing so it evolves as the industry evolves. But one thing stays pretty constant and that is the foundation pieces of building online affiliate marketing campaigns.

We have created several pieces of content inside the members area to get you in the right mindset to building your own online marketing campaigns. I have listed below the ones you should start with…

But First….It is highly recommended you come up with your own “plan of attack” and map out everything you are going to do before you actually begin!

It is very important to see your “end game” and what your actual goals are before you start affiliate marketing. Define on paper these 3 specific details:

1. How much money do you actually want to make?

Everybody want to make money with affiliate marketing but the question is that how much? (This month….next month?…3 months from now?)

2. How much budget can you afford to spend?

(Tough question, but I would guess that if you want to make $2000 profit in your first month, you need at least $500 in start up budget and that’s on the low end, plus any profits you make during the month would need to be re-invested. Why? I would say its nearly impossible to make $2000 profit in your first month without actually buying traffic in some form or another, whether it be ppc, email, banner traffic or whatever. Keep in mind…many affiliate marketing campaigns do not make money at first or ever.)

3. How much time do you have to spend on building this campaign?

If this is your first campaign, or at least the first one you plan to win at…then it will take time.  2 – 3 hours a day is the minimum amount of time you need to focus on this.

Now that you know this…you also need to define your campaign specifics.

There is no real secret here….There are KEY pieces that you need. Our courses and action plans will help you understand these key components in further detail but here they are:

1.  Choose a niche. (and study it)

2. Choose some affiliate products. (from a network)

3. Build your funnel using proven strategies. (we provide)

4. Send Targeted Traffic to the funnel.

Here are the specific places you should start:

  • The Fast Start Steps Action Plan: This is definitely where you need to begin…a game plan which explains the main steps. While this guide may not contain all the precise step by step details you need to build from scratch, it does give you a game plan that is proven to work.

powerhouse affiliate marketing

  1. Affiliate Marketing Certification Course – This is a great course for those of you new and wanting a full overview of online affiliate marketing and setting up the first campaign. It walks you through choosing a niche, building a website, and building a simple landing page campaign. It also speaks about traffic generation.
  2. CPA Cash Vault 3.0 – We specialize in CPA affiliate marketing. This is our premium CPA affiliate marketing course that explains in detail how we set up our simple yet highly effective lead generation funnels! This course covers the performance marketing industry, and speaks specifically to “cost per acquisition” model.

Now these two courses alone can result in what you call “information overload!”

(not to mention all the other courses and guides inside)

It is probably best to complete these two courses first, sleep on it….then…… come up with your own plan.

Just remember:


Now lastly, never underestimate the power of the forum. There are people in there ready to help. We also have live chat! It’s highly recommended you post your own Follow Along Campaign or at least come in and ask questions and engage. Follow along campaigns are highly underestimated! It will help you to keep on track.

Having trouble choosing a niche? Ask in the forum….

Having trouble building a website? Ask in the forum…

Having trouble choosing a traffic source? Ask in the forum…

Starting to see a pattern? 🙂

Well hopefully this is enough to get you rolling…See you on the inside.

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