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Pay Per Click Marketing

What Not To Do In PPC Marketing Campaign (And What To Do Instead)



Pay per click marketing is incredibly effective in getting visitors to your site. You might have noticed though, that not every site that uses PPC manages to generate visitors and make a profit. In fact, most websites that don’t understand the nitty-gritty of PPC end up with nothing to show for the entire campaign.

In this article, you will get a quick overview of the entire PPC marketing tips and strategy to make it work for you (and PPC mistakes to avoid).

PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing

What To Do – Track Conversions /  What Not To Do – Don’t Count Clicks

Conversions are much, much more important than clicks. Visitors do click on advertisements and they may reach your website. However, you only make a profit when some of these wandering customers make a purchase.

Of course, you may also have other campaigns in place like downloads, email sign up forms, and registrations. Anytime the customer carries out an action that you want, it can be counted as a conversion and it will ultimately be worth something to you.

Sign up for a PPC campaign only if you can envision a profitable or useful outcome from the campaign.

What To Do – Manage Your Content / What Not To Do – Ignore SEO and Text

Most websites think that PPC campaigns are more than enough to bring about conversions but they are wrong. Once the customers reach your site, they need a reason to stay on your website.

This is possible only by managing your content. Changing website content, adding bold headlines, optimizing the content, shortening large paragraphs, having clear navigation, etc. can definitely make a difference to the website. In fact, websites do notice a dramatic difference in sales and onsite-traffic after they’ve reviewed and altered their text.

What To Do – Collaborate / What Not To Do – Run PPC Campaign in Isolation

Almost every PPC campaign is collaborative. You are the expert about your business and you may have to run campaigns along with the PPC to ensure maximum benefits.

For example, some website owners combine PPC with social media to ensure maximum exposure. You can also consider mixing PPC with offline initiatives like print and TV advertising to ensure maximum exposure.

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets should also make website owners consider adding mobile advertising to their PPC campaign. In fact, in the last decade, there has been a 105% increase in mobile ad spending in the US and this could prove to be an ultra-lucrative segment for website owners.

What To Do – Go For Quality / What Not To Do – Run a Simple Campaign

Search engines like Google and Bing have a special score called the Quality Score that assesses the ads, the performance of the ad, and quality of the landing page linked to the ad.

Based on these factors, the search engines would either increase or decrease the bid amount required for you to gain a particular position.  To improve your position, build on your existing history and always test your ad copy for the best click through rate. Of course, make sure your landing page absolutely rocks to get a quality score and reduce costs.

In reality, paid search advertising, that is, PPC is simple and easy to manage. Just make sure you integrate it with text, image overhauls, navigation improvement, etc. And chances are pretty good that your website will start showing a clear improvement in a few months.

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