What is Gravity Score on ClickBank?

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What is gravity score on ClickBank?

If you’ve recently started learning about ClickBank, you’ve probably come across a metric called Gravity Score.

In a nutshell, it’s one of the metrics used to measure a product’s popularity and performance on ClickBank. It’s also one of the key things you should consider when evaluating affiliate offers to promote, as well as when uploading your own products as a vendor.

In this article, we’ll explain:

  • What the gravity score is
  • Why higher gravity isn’t necessarily better
  • What’s a good gravity on ClickBank
  • What product vendors should know about the gravity score
  • How to correctly select affiliate offers to promote

What is the ClickBank gravity score?

The Gravity Score is a ClickBank metric that reflects the number of affiliates who have made at least one sale with a particular product and got a commission in the last 12 weeks. The higher the gravity score, the more affiliates have successfully promoted and sold that product.

In ClickBank’s words:

For sellers, the ClickBank Gravity Score serves as social proof to attract quality affiliates – it’s evidence that your products not only can get sales, but have gotten sales recently!

For affiliates, the Gravity Score serves as a way to uncover promising offers that are actively making commissions for affiliates!”

It’s also one of the first metrics you’ll see next to each product in the ClickBank marketplace:

A screenshot of a booking page showing the price of a flight, including information on the gravity score of ClickBank.
Products with high gravity

Now, it’s important to highlight that this metric doesn’t reflect an offer’s sales volume, conversion rates, commissions paid, or anything like that. Instead, it only represents the number of unique affiliates who’ve made a sale for it over the past 12 weeks.

Keep that in mind as we go through the next sections.

Is a high gravity score always better?

Based on that logic, many affiliates, especially new ones, wrongfully assume that only choosing products with high gravity is the right thing to do.

While that’s solid proof that those offers can convert well, that doesn’t mean they are the best choices to promote.

Choosing a product with a high gravity also means having more affiliates to compete against, some of whom may be experienced and well-established. Beginners may find it challenging to compete against them, particularly if they have a limited audience or a small advertising budget.

In addition, these offers are often over-promoted and may become oversaturated in the market. This can lead to a diminished pool of potential customers and increased competition, making it more difficult to generate sales and commissions.

Finally, some high-gravity products may offer lower commission rates because of the increased competition among affiliates, forcing them to generate more sales to achieve significant earnings.

The bright side of a low gravity score

On the other hand, a lower gravity score isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All it means, in essence, is that there are fewer affiliates generating sales for a particular offer.

That may be caused by low conversions, but it may also be due to fewer affiliates choosing to promote it because of reasons that have nothing to do with the offer’s potential.

Here are some examples:

  • Limited Target Audience: Whether because of niche specificity or geographic restrictions, some offers are designed for a very narrow target audience. This may limit the number of affiliates who see value in promoting them, resulting in a lower gravity score.
  • Limited Affiliate Network Exposure: Many ClickBank offers receive low exposure due to a lack of marketing efforts from the product vendor or because the product is relatively new and hasn’t caught so much attention yet, causing many affiliates to overlook it.
  • Selective Affiliate Programs: Some affiliate offers are only available through selective or private affiliate programs, which limits the number of affiliates promoting them and, consequently, their gravity score.
  • Seasonal or Event-Based Offers: Certain affiliate products may be relevant only during specific seasons or events. While they may be very lucrative during their relevant time frame, they may have few affiliates promoting them during the off-season.

In short, ClickBank products with a lower gravity score can still be highly lucrative.

And, by picking offers with a low gravity but high potential (we’ll show you how to do that in a bit), you can get several advantages, including:

  • Less Competition: By competing against fewer affiliates for these products, you’ll have a better chance to stand out and succeed, especially if you’re just starting as an affiliate marketer.
  • Niche Opportunities: Lower-gravity products may be niche-specific, catering to a particular audience or solving a specific problem. By promoting them, you can tap into niche markets that may have less competition and a more engaged and receptive audience.
  • Increased Commissions: Some lower-gravity products offer higher commission rates to attract affiliates. While the number of sales may be lower compared to high-gravity products, their commissions can compensate for it and lead to similar or even higher earnings.
  • Diversification: Including lower-gravity products in your portfolio allows for diversification, reducing the risks associated with relying solely on one product or niche.
  • Conversion Potential: Lower-gravity products typically have been less exposed to the market, which might result in higher conversion rates as people haven’t seen them repeatedly.

What is a good ClickBank gravity?

While focusing solely on it isn’t the smartest thing to do, that doesn’t mean you should ignore a product’s ClickBank gravity. As it turns out, there is an ideal gravity.

According to ClickBank itself, a good ClickBank gravity score is usually between 50 and 200. A product with a gravity in this range means it’s getting enough sales and can convert, but it isn’t so high that you’ll have too many large affiliates to compete against.

What vendors should know about the gravity score

If you’ve been reading this far, you probably got the part that there’s no need to obsess about it.

However, affiliates will still look at the gravity score when evaluating which products to promote. Taking your product’s score to a decent level is an excellent idea to make it attractive for them, especially if you’re new to ClickBank.

Remember: the gravity score reflects the number of affiliates who’ve generated at least one sale for your offer. Therefore, to increase your product’s gravity, you need two things:

  1. Attract more affiliates: A simple way to do this, especially if you’re selling digital products, is by offering higher commissions in the beginning. Once you’ve established a presence, you can lower them and improve your margin.
  2. Ensure they can easily generate sales: You can do this by providing great marketing materials and a high-converting funnel. This will make it easier for new affiliates to convert customers without relying on their own digital marketing skills.

By achieving those two things, you’ll have more affiliates making commissions from your product and boost its gravity score.

How to correctly choose ClickBank products to promote

Gravity is just one of ClickBank’s metrics and shouldn’t be the only thing you take into account when evaluating offers.

Let’s go over other things to consider.

Check the product’s alignment

By that, we mean:

  • Alignment with your audience’s interests and needs: Understand your potential customers and niche and look for products that align with them. The more relevant the offer, the higher the chances of conversion.
  • Alignment with your content or marketing channels: Choosing products that are relevant to the content you produce can lead to more successful conversions.
  • Alignment with your personal interests, knowledge, and expertise: Promoting products that match those can be more enjoyable and authentic and make your promotional efforts more persuasive and effective.

Evaluate the earnings potential

When calculating the potential earnings for each offer, consider both the commission rate and the average order value. Some offers may offer lower commissions but result in higher overall earnings due to higher-priced products.

Also, review the commission structure for each product. Some offer a percentage of the sale, while others pay fixed-dollar commissions.

Moreover, consider the effort required to promote them. How much content will you have to create to promote that offer? And, if you’re using paid ads, what will be your average cost per click compared to your earnings per click (EPC)?

Finally, look for offers that provide recurring commissions for subscription-based products or services. These can provide ongoing passive income as long as customers remain subscribed.

Ensure the product’s quality

Research the product’s quality and the brand’s reputation. Look for products with positive customer reviews and low refund rates, and consider trying them yourself if possible. Promoting quality products helps build trust with your audience, whereas promoting bad ones can kill your reputation.

Also, investigate the product’s vendor. Checking for issues like delayed payments or unresponsive customer support can save you from potential headaches.

Study the sales funnel and affiliate resources

The sales funnel will directly impact your conversion rates. It should be well-designed, persuasive, and include clear and compelling call-to-action elements to convert visitors into customers.

Some vendors also provide affiliates with marketing resources such as banners, email swipes, or landing page templates, which can make your promotional efforts easier and more effective.

Testing and tracking

Finally, don’t rely solely on initial assumptions. Strategies like testing different products and using tracking tools enable you to make data-driven decisions and prosper as a ClickBank affiliate.

What is gravity score on ClickBank – In conclusion

Understanding ClickBank gravity is essential before selecting products to promote. And while it’s one of the most critical metrics on ClickBank, it’s not the best idea to always aim for a higher gravity score.

By choosing products with a good gravity score that’s not too high or too low and following our tips when evaluating offers, you’ll be on your way to affiliate marketing success.

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