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How Listicles Are Changing Everything

There has been a new fad over the past 6 months, if not longer. This fad is the method of using Listicles to promote CPA offers.

What is a listicle?

Let’s take a look at a standard definition from

“A “listicle” is an article made of a list, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item.

The format, however, is flexible. You could write a listicle which is nothing more than a title, five sub-hListicles eadings for each list item, and a picture or gif below each.

On the other hand, listicles can be used as a framework to make a complicated topic easier to understand.

The subject you write about can be literally anything. Even if there isn’t a list which naturally fits a given topic, you can create one by looking at the subject with a certain angle.”

So how are they changing everything? Why should I care?

Listicles in general are popular for a few reasons:

  • The title tells you what to expect
  • They’re easy to skim for important information
  • You always know how much is left
  • It’s easy to put down and come back where you left off
  • They can break complex topics down into digestible chunks

CPA Marketers have been taking advantage of these reasons and have been using listicles to sell CPA products. This is a great strategy since users are highly engaged in this style of content.

Some users can see a typical landing page from a mile away and don’t even bother to read the content because they KNOW there is a sales pitch coming. Promoting offers via listicle allows the user to let their guard down long enough for you to work your sales magic. By the time they realize it is a sales page, they have already digested some of your content and could be ripe for a sale.

Before they know it, they are buying.

What kind of offers can I promote with a listicle? Anything you want really! There are typically 2 ways listicles are promoted.

Example A

5 tips to lose weight loss. Tips 1-4 are actual real tips (Watching sugar intake, exercise etc). Tip 5 can be a push for your CPA offer related to weight loss. This develops trust with the user since you are giving relevant content and not being overly aggressive above the fold.

Example B

10 Gadgets that are going to sell out before Xmas. All 10 items in the list are Ecomm CPA offers that you want them to buy. Providing a brief blurb about the product along with an interesting picture will keep you under the “Sales Page” radar. Users don’t typically mind being sold products as long as they are getting content along the way.

Being subtle is key.

Here is an example of a profitable listicle I created for the Christmas Holiday 2018


As you can see, I focused on Example B and promoted multiple offers on my page. This can be recreated for almost any niche. Here is a quick example.

“5 ways to save money in retirement”
– Home Refinance Offers
– Work from Home Bizop Offers
– Coupon/Freebie Offers
– Debt relief Offers
– Loan offers.

The Key is to provide valuable Listicles and to engage the user.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas on the topic by posting a comment below!

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