Most Detailed Guide on How to Work with Push Traffic in 2021

Most detailed guide How to work with Push traffic

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There is no easy money in push notifications anymore. Gone are the days when you could copy a creative, plug in a smart link and forget about optimization.

Even experienced affiliate marketers make pretty bad mistakes which do not provide good results. Although, in parallel with them, other colleagues are achieving significant success, working with the same traffic, and spending four-figure amounts.

In this article, we’ll talk in detail about the realities of push notifications in 2021. Without empty info and banal advice in the spirit of Captain Obvious.

Current Landscape:

The entire industry of affiliate marketing is replete with successful cases, the authors of articles measuring who got bigger “ROI”. Is it real? Certainly, there is money in this industry! But the outer wrapper of success and simplicity of earning is fraught with many details that no one is in a hurry to share in public.

When push notifications were just taking over the market, it never occurred to anyone to analyze the effectiveness of traffic depending on the age of the user from the moment of subscription. Then several major players in the market split push traffic into user activity.

Still so far, this kind of targeting is not a standard in the industry, many networks continue to sell push traffic from one “bucket”, mixing gold and coal. Affiliate marketers who launch traffic to subscriptions see that the unsubscription rate reaches 50% on the second day.

In other words, more than half of the subscribers unsubscribe almost immediately after clicking the allow button. The other half have little computer skills that they will never unsubscribe and will click on all push notification ads, making misclicks.

Some remember how market players beat themselves in the chest and shouted that “-we only send no more than 8 pushes per day and only in the daytime so as not to burn out the base”.

Do you know how it looks now??

According to research conducted in the USA in 2019, the average user receives 46 push – notifications per day.

Users are being milked out on the first day. The most valuable period is the first few hours after the subscription, this is where the most converting traffic is. Now tell me, how long ago have you seen an opportunity to target such an audience?

The rules of the game have changed, but not the tools.. An affiliate marketing specialist is forced to work with what he is given.

Here is a screenshot of the statistics for an affiliate campaign that works with Vimmy, sorted by age of subscription. Notice how the ROI decreases depending on the age of the subscription. He ended up leaving only 0-1 age.

  • Age = 0 – the most recent subscriptions and the highest CPC.
  • Age from 1 to 3 – also fresh, but you can already set a medium bid.
  • Age 3+ — place a recommended bid and analyze the indicators.

push traffic

User activity and the cost for this traffic must be formed independently. Even 3+ users can be converted, but by choosing the correct cost per click for the user activity.

Moreover, it happens that the auction for the freshest subscribers is overflown with affiliates, and it is worth working with other user activities and waiting until the bid war is over.

Now ask yourself a question – are you overpaying for traffic in networks that do not provide such an opportunity and why do they do this?

If the ad network doesn’t offer you this targeting, feel free to press alt + f4. Launching traffic without dividing into user activity by subscription age is a mistake.

Best Strategy for Push Traffic in 2021?

Launch campaigns by subscription age. It is optimal to do 3 separate campaigns.

In Vimmy, you buy only the traffic you need.

Looking for 7th day Adventists on the 6th android with 78 chrome? Yes please.

On the importance of language targeting:

The importance of targeting by browser language cannot be overestimated, consider the example of dating vertical and GEO Germany.

SpyServices are bursting with creatives like “You have (1) unread message” with languid beauties in the picture, inviting you to spend the evening together.

Traffic is launched into smartlinks, within which offers are “fired” and die out. The general strategy is to buy out clicks as cheaply as possible in the hope that the CPA grid algorithm will be able to squeeze something out.

Europe has become more and more multinational in recent years.

Offers for Germany have always been at the top in dating – good payouts, a lot of traffic in push networks.

Let’s take a closer look at what this traffic is.

The advertiser pays for Tier-2 traffic, but in fact 50% of clicks are Tier-3 users who click on everything that jumps out on their phones. Here is the real layout of the flow to Germany, out of 20k clicks, only 11k of them have a browser in German. All the other comrades just burned all the ROI.

push ads tutorial

Particular attention to en – US, they must be turned off. These are 99.9% bots that click through your budgets.

Be attentive to detail! Work with those grids where YOU control what you buy.

This example applies to all verticals: health & beauty, crypto, sweepstakes, soft. There are no non-profitable bundles, there are greedy traffic sellers.

Classic mistakes:

Checklist of what to do and what not to do to get the most out of your push notifications.

What to do:

  • Separate campaigns by formats (desktop, mobile).
  • Track your position in the auction.
  • Place a competitive bid. The higher the winrate, the more quality traffic you buy. Depending on your ROI, aim for over 50%;
  • Add placements and sites that are negative to the blacklist.
  • Create your own global blacklist and immediately add it when starting new campaigns.
  • Track the CTR of your creative in dynamics. If it falls, then it’s time to change to a more recent one.
  • Make sure your landing pages are fast and error free. There are special tools for this: Tools, Pingdom and Gtmetrix.
  • At the testing stage, it is imperative to apply daily and general budgets for campaigns in order to avoid unnecessary spending if the offer does not take off.
  • Use the tokens provided by the network. This is useful when optimizing.
  • Do not hesitate to ask support and managers if something is not clear. They will always help you.
  • Test different creatives. You will be surprised when you personally see how one works, and the second turns out to be completely useless, although it seemed cool to you. Your audience is not you! Only dry and impartial “language” of numbers.

What NOT to do:

  • Expecting to wake up the next day on the Forbes list after starting in Push notifications. This is a full-fledged job on yourself, and for the fact that you just sat for 8 hours in front of the monitor, some kind person will not pay you. You can have success or excuses. Not both.
  • Launching multiple GEOs in one campaign. Different traffic costs, different performances, all this will not give correct data for analysis.
  • Ignoring small GEOs. Small GEO – big ROI. Competition is often very low there.
  • Giving up if something doesn’t work out. Nobody shares the secrets of making money in public And you won’t too. Money loves silence. Therefore, error analysis, retesting, search, scaling are the path to success.
  • Worrying about fluctuations in profit. There are days when the conversion rate is worse and even negative. Do not twist all the “knobs” at once; you can only make it worse. Evaluate your campaign at medium and long distance.
  • Be content with the current profit. You can always do better! Think about how to diversify risks.
  • Don’t Be afraid to experiment. Be the first, let them copy after you.


Everything isn’t going to convert.

All browser versions, all OS versions, all browser languages, all feeds, all placements, how old is your subscription, all providers, all days and hours of the week. Do you understand what I mean?

Everything in affiliate marketing is changing rapidly, but there are things, knowledge of which can make your work more easier and enjoyable.

We hope you have learned something new or you just made sure of what you already knew.

We are sure that it is easy to earn money on Push; as in any other business you need to constantly improve.

Remember the basic rules for working with push notifications, learn new skills and increase your income.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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