Using Social Media to Build Your Email List

We’re in 2021- everyone knows having a social media presence is important. But what’s more important than that, it having your audience transition to your email list. With email marketing remaining the best marketing tool with the highest ROI, getting your followers emails will allow you to connect with them in a new way. With email segmenting, you can personalize content, further fostering the connection. Let’s think past social media. Social media popped up quite quickly, but we all watched the fall of Myspace. It’s important to have a backup plan. Building an email list will ensure a method to reach your audience in an organic way. Let’s discuss how we can use our social media to build an email list.


One for you, one for you! – Giveaways.

Who doesn’t love something that’s free? (Ok, don’t hit me the line that nothing in life is free)! Holding a giveaway for your followers creates an opportunity to connect with your audience, build your audience, and further boost your brand visibility.

Giveaways have a broad creative range. In addition to a follower and a like as an entry to the contest, you can have them participate by joining your email list.


The basic of marketing- Call to Action.

At this point, we all know the utter importance of a call to action. Leverage your social media posts using a CTA to subscribe to your newsletters. But remember, there has to be something in it for them. What is your lead magnet? You can offer a guide, a discount, or a freebie.

Use your lead magnet on social media to build greater engagement and build your list.

Promote premiums!

Why does a subscriber opt-in to your email list? Simple: they found value in something you’re offering and want more. So, when your audience is giving you their email address, why not send them to a premium site where only members can access? Create premium content for those only subscribed to your newsletter. This can be blogs, videos, forums, etc. Create the feeling of exclusivity.

By creating premium content, you are sparking curiosity and a driving reason for your audience to want to be a part of it.



Building an email list is the start of your conversion strategy. You will need to segment your list, send relevant emails at the right time, and then gather feedback.

Use your social media to build your email list. Transition your audience by providing value they aren’t getting through your socials. This will provide a sure way to directly connect with your audience long-term!

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