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If you want to become a good online marketer, you have to learn from the best.  Of course, this means finding a mentor or guide who will teach you the secrets of online marketing.

Thankfully, there are several marketing gurus in the world who share their career secrets online through websites, books, and online podcasts.

Top 5 Marketing Gurus of the Online World (and they have something to say) 1

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However, there are a few marketing gurus who have made an impression worldwide and are literally considered the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the online marketing world.

We have our personal favorites, as well, and we’ve listed our top five marketing gurus (in no particular order) that you should learn from as well.

We have also mentioned marketing gurus’ companies, books, courses, etc. where you can learn from.

Here’re our top marketing experts to follow:

Marketing Gurus, #1 – Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel currently writes the Wall Street Journal but he can be considered as one of the most impressive online marketing gurus of the century. The influential strategist is also a visiting professor at the London Business School and he is a force to be watched carefully. Take a quick look at his website or read a few of his publications to understand just how the quirky genius works. This sales and marketing guru has definitely made a mark in the world.

Marketing Gurus, #2 – Darren Rowse

Even newbies to the internet marketing world know about Darren Rowse. Rowse set up a personal blog in 2002 but he quickly managed to hit the big time due to his impressive thinking. The personal blog was quickly followed by other blogs that were closely followed by readers. However, it was not until ProBlogger that Rowse actually hit the top line. The blog provides advice for bloggers and website owners and also offers an impressive job board for fellow bloggers.

Marketing Gurus, #3 – Pat Flynn

This down-to-earth marketer is one of the most closely followed geniuses online. According to last records, the marketing guru easily generates more than $50,000 in revenue through blogging. His Smart Passive Income podcast also has more than 200,000 downloads and is a followed by double that amount. For novices, his blog offers a wealth of tips that can be invaluable in setting up a successful online internet marketing campaign.

Marketing Gurus, #4 – Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the top internet marketers. He has clients like Amazon and Viacom and it definitely pays to listen to what he is saying. At present, the budding genius runs QuickSprouts that is followed by industry experts, marketers, and entrepreneurs as well. Check out his SEO tips that can literally make a 20% difference to your website. Patel is also quick to catch emerging websites, trends and tools and he was the first to point out popular brands like KissMetrics and CrazyEgg.

Marketing Gurus, #5 – John Chow

This well-know internet marketing guru teaches people how to make money online and he does it quite well. Most of his secrets are available online at Amazon through his book ‘Make Money Online: Roadmap Of A Dot Com Mogul.’ Marketing authors like him are game changers for newbies.

This concludes our list of the best marketers in the world. We hope you find this list of digital and email marketing gurus useful. Of course, you might have your personal top internet marketing coaches and experts that you use to learn about internet marketing.

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Tell us why these marketing gurus and their concepts are your personal favorites and what you’ve learned from them and help other fledgling marketers expand their skills as well.

Leave a comment below if you have specific questions about any of the digital marketing industry leaders.

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