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Top 3 Paid Traffic Sources Every Affiliate Marketer Should Test



The success of your affiliate marketing career depends squarely on the traffic you are able to generate. The more traffic you drive to your offers, greater your chances of earning revenue. To become an affiliate marketer, you need to spot and use great sources of traffic. By now, it is a pretty well recognized fact that free traffic generation methods are not nearly as effective as best paid traffic sources. Not making any monetary investment and expecting returns would not work in any business, and it will not in affiliate marketing.

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Testing Paid Traffic Sources

Now that you have decided to go head with paid traffic for affiliate links, there are several options for you to choose from. But not all traffic sources will work equally well with all offers or target audiences. Hence you need to test various sources to find which one works best for you for a particular offer. And when you are testing best paid traffic sources, these are the top 3 you definitely have to consider.

Top Paid Sources Every Affiliate Marketer Should test

1. Google AdWords

This is the top traffic source if you are considering PPC advertising. Waiting for organic SEO efforts to take your website to the top of the search results might just take too long. With a strategic PPC campaign that targets the right keywords, you can be at or near the top search results when searchers are looking for a related keyword. In fact research reveals that 64% of high commercial intent searchers (those who have a strong inclination to buy) click on the sponsored results, rather than the organic results. Research has also revealed that the top results on Google get the 33% of the search traffic.

The biggest risk with PPC campaigns is the risk of wasted clicks, meaning clicks that don’t result in purchase or desired action. Hence PPC campaigns are recommended for niche areas and demand utmost care in selection of the right keywords.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook itself has admitted to reducing their organic reach and in fact recommends that businesses resort to paid ads in order to reach out to more people and increase levels of engagement. The biggest advantage that comes with Facebook ads is the ability for precision targeting that Facebook offers. You can decide to reach out to people based on demographics, geographical areas, interest, behavior, and more. As the largest social media platform on the planet, it is likely that your target audience is on Facebook. And with Facebook’s convenient targeting options, it is easier than ever to reach out to more interested people and enhance engagement levels.

3. Pay Per Call Marketing

A relatively new traffic generation method, this is one of the most effective options out there in terms of ROI. Experts put the conversion rates with pay per call campaigns at 40% or even higher. The reason is not difficult to figure out. When someone is in urgent need of a specific service, he/she would rather call than send an email. The pay per call camapaign will connect the interested person directly with the merchant’s call centre and you earn commission so long that the call lasts for a specific duration. It has been generally seen that service related offers perform better with pay per call strategies than products. However, you can test and find out for yourself.

What paid traffic sources are you using? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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