Tips For Writing Copy that Converts

Copy is everywhere you look: push notifications, email subjects, landers, native ads, etc. Copy is an integral piece of marketing. If done correctly, it can be the difference between a well performing campaign and a poor performing campaign. Do you want to create more effective ads that produce conversions? Let’s discuss tips for writing ad copy that converts.


Tips For Writing Copy that Converts

Evaluate Your Who, What, and Why

Who are you? Who are you writing for? What are you offering? Why does this matter to the visitor? Three pertinent questions to ask yourself when creating content.

Let’s pretend that you are writing a blog on how to make money online.

  • Who is this blog for?
    • In this example, it’s for your email list. Now, why did your email list subscribe to you in the first place? Remain relevant to their initial interest.
  • What are you offering?
    • We are offering a free guide containing information on how to make money online.
  • Why does this matter to the visitor?
    • The visitor is here to learn how to make money online.

Nailing who you’re writing for, what you’re offering, and why this matters to them is the first step in developing your story with relevance. Good copy can only go so far without a story and purpose to back it up.


A Strong Headline

Your headline is the only reason a potential prospect will read what you’ve written. Without a strong, captivating headline, your article will not be opened or given the chance. This is where you need to spend the most time and really reign in on your who, what, and why.

Let’s start with the 4 U’s:


  • Why should visitors read it? Are you providing value? Arguably one of the most important of the 4, your content needs to be more than just unique, urgent, and ultra-specific. It needs to be useful. Give your visitor reason to keep reading! Provide a solution to their problem. In this example, you are providing a way to make money online.
  • Tying back to one of our previous posts regarding native ad mistakes to avoid, “Engaging with your audience is one of the best ways to tell a story and create an experience that assures them that your promotion is the right decision. You can even try creating an emotional connection with your audience.”
    • Make your reader feel as though you are alongside the ride of finding the solution, rather than sharply telling them their problem and how to solve it. Create a picture, relate to your audience, and be useful.
  • Useful: How to Make Money Online


  • Let’s give the reader a reason to click right away. Creating urgency will encourage the reader to click now on the premise that what you’re sharing is urgent, time sensitive, and if they don’t click, they’re going to miss out. Here’s where the importance of copy comes in. Don’t come across as pushy, or they will feel you’re only writing to make a sale.
  • Urgent: How to Quickly Make Money Online


  • There are ton’s of content that exist detailing how to make money online quickly. What makes your content different? How will you stand out? Provide something unique that the other articles aren’t. Get your creativity flowing here and really draw the reader in.
  • Unique: How to Quickly Make Money Online Using Only Your Phone.


  • Being specific can be many things. One of the easiest ways to check this box is to use numbers. Now, not just any numbers. What’s unique about that? Let’s use unique numbers, such as a list of 11 or 32 reasons! This will pique interest, as it’s not the typical 5, 10 list article. Get creative and test this 4th U to make your content more compelling.
  • Ultra-Specific: How to Quickly Make Money Online in 42 Days Using Only Your Phone.


Clear Communication Is the Key to Copy That Converts

When a visitor is looking for something, they already have many questions in their head and are looking for an answer. Make sure that your post isn’t creating difficulties in their search. Ensure that you are showcasing your piece in the most clear and concise way possible.

After you’ve written your piece, read it. Is the message clear? Was the call to action subtle enough but not missed, or maybe it was too loud?

Use bullet points and subtitles to consolidate your ideas and organize the content. Your writing should be easy to scan.


Quick and to the Point

There’s only so long that you can hold a readers attention. Make this short-lived moment worth it. We’ve all heard the saying, “less is more.” Think about it- when you visit a site, are you reading all text on the page? Are you skimming the words? It’s likely that you’re skimming and bouncing from point to point. If the text doesn’t capture you fast, you’re ready to bounce.

We’re trying to squeeze as much information in without leaving out an ounce. With our intention to convert the prospect to a lead, let’s remove the clutter.



Great copywriting is within your reach. Using these tips for writing copy that converts next time you’re crafting a piece will greatly improve your content. Our goal is to make it easier for readers to understand and have a positive response to the content you’re sharing.



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