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Tick-Tock: The Best Time to Reach your Audience



An average American uses 3-5 devices daily to access the internet, how do you optimize your campaign to reach your audience?

Timing plays a big role in the success of a campaign. Offers should not come in too early or too late with respect to time and day. Pushing offers on an optimized schedule has proven to increase open or click through rate. At the same time, this has helped marketers figure out what offers to send thru at certain times or days of the week. For example is is necessary to know when is the best time to post on Facebook.

Companies have spent their resources in testing what works best for marketers, we will sum it all up for you in this article.

Email Marketing

Armed with a great headline and content, all you have to do now is to set time and day. The rise of mobile these past years has changed the game for affiliate email marketing. A study by Litmus shows that there has been an increase of 500% on emails opened on smartphones and tablets.

Email marketing


  • Newsletters – 8 – 9 AM. Early morning is the best time for your audience to absorb content. During these hours, the majority of your audience is killing time while taking their coffee or are on their way to work.
  • Purchase Offers – 10 – 12 PM. Last minute offers convert best on this hour as buyers are lounging in their bed. Most offers convert on mobile or tablet.


  • Wednesdays & Thursdays – Best converting emails are sent mid-week. Mondays is the heaviest day of the week as your audience is bombarded with emails when they open their inbox and would prioritize important matters over offers.
  • Saturday – Don’t shut your door on weekend offers. This is where your audience has the most time to browse their inbox. Emails sent on this day have a view rate of 32.5%. [1]

Attack on timing should be dependent on your audience. Time to pull out analysis you are getting from your email marketing software.

Video Marketing

Although video marketing is a new strategy, it has proven to have its share in increasing conversions. 50% of shoppers who have made it a habit to search for product videos before deciding on a purchase. [2]  YouTube has 1 billion users with an average of 5 hours per month total view time per user. Half of its advertisers are SMEs and 72% of B2B marketers use the platform to distribute content. [3]

Video Marketing


  • Most hits – 2PM – 6PM. Traffic is at its peak during these hours.
  • Uploading – 12- 1 PM. It takes about an hour to upload your video on Youtube and it will be uploaded just in time when traffic starts pouring in.


  • Views – Weekdays.
  • Uploading – Wednesday & Thursday.

If you are just starting with video marketing, Youtube is a great platform given the number of audience who access it daily.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the trickiest as it it encompasses a lot of sources – Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It is the outlet for consumers to directly get in touch with brands as well as to receive the latest updates. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. [4] Facebook is still the best B2C platform for promotion.

Social Media Platforms


  • Clicks – 12PM – 3PM. Majority of the platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) get the highest CTRs for posts within this time span.
  • Engagement – 1PM, 5PM & 8PM. Off work hours  gets the most shares, comments and retweets on majority of the platforms.


  • Interaction – Weekdays.  Most of the platforms receive high traffic as members are actively using social media on these days.

Take into consideration where your audience are connected too, this way you may adapt to the best timing for them. If your audience are business people, they are most likely active in the morning on weekdays. If they are moms, it would be weekdays in the afternoon.

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