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This Is Why You Might Be “Doing” Facebook All Wrong & How To Fix It

Facebook is a social platform so if you want to reach out to your new potential customers in their social environment you need to do it on their terms. Facebook ads marketing is a real thing and how you choose to conduct your social campaigns is going to be based around what’s on offer and who the offer is going out to.

Though it is absolutely true that you can reach out to just about any demographic and practically every niche under the sun, if you don’t take full advantage of any option available to you then you’re walking away from potentially a lot of money. Let’s cover a few ways you can use Facebook (the right way) to build your customer base and skyrocket those profits in the process.

Building your mailing list with Facebook

You hear it all the time “the money is in the list” and though that’s certainly true in a lot of cases, it’s safe to say it’s just one of many methods available to your average affiliate (or otherwise) marketer to sell affiliate products online.

Here are a few techniques you can use to help you with building your own mailing lists with Facebook ads marketing:

  • Offer them an incentive to join: It can be any of the usual suspects- a free eBook, free report, some kind of “cheat sheet” or resource list. Maybe you have a tasty discount you want to offer on an old product to introduce fresh leads to a new one, it really doesn’t matter what it is so long as it’s tailored to your demographic and niche, as well as offering a fair bit of perceived value to your brand new, potential customer. A simple tip to help you figure this out is to just start following pages in your desired niche and actively hunt down posts and groups all relating to what you want to market. You will begin to see advertisements from fellow marketers in your niche that you can model and get ideas from!
  • Join up with a bunch of niche-related Facebook groups: Not only will this give you an opportunity to bump shoulders with new potential leads but if you wind up contributing to these groups in a valuable way you just might find new JV opportunities with the group owners & administrators as well! On top of joining these groups you can create your own and run various promotions and such to get a bunch of people to join your group! Once that happens you’ll have full control over it and be able to run that group however you like.

A few additional things you could try on for size are smaller details but ever-so-important.

Let’s say for example you have a Facebook page that you manage, post things to your wall, interact with people who comment on your posts and etc. Some things to try would be:

  • Install an opt-in form directly to your Facebook page using a iframe and a page-tab. Facebook gives page administrators the ability to create multiple tabs / pages for their Facebook “fan pages.” Putting an offer along with a sleek email form right on Facebook could add a few sign ups a day if your audience is large enough.
  • Never neglect your page’s cover and profile pictures! Think of your profile pic as your trademark or logo. It’s what people will see out of the corner of their eye anytime they’re scrolling down their wall at lightning speed. Believe it or not, if people like your page then your logo (profile picture) will stick in the back of their mind and anytime they scroll past it they’ll stop and check out your latest posts. Your banner image is kind of like your page’s billboard- use it to not only brand your Facebook page with your own business but you can change it at any time to promote your latest offer or whatever you want!

Yes, you in fact can sell your products on Facebook

There are basically three [3] main ways to go about this and we’re going to cover them now:

  • Facebook Pages: These were previously referred to as “fan pages” but almost nobody calls them that anymore. If you happen to be running a successful Facebook page then you have an extremely useful asset that you can use to your marketing advantage at any time. Your first step with any Facebook page should be to build up its “likes.” This is what will get an audience to your page which is what’s needed to make anything here actually work. Once you have an audience and your page is active on a regular basis then you can do what are called “post boosts” which is just a term for paying to advertise a particular post on your Facebook page. These tend to be cheaper in costs because you are typically only reaching out to a limited audience (people who like your page OR friends of people who like your page) which might sound like “not as good a deal” but to the contrary my friends… this is a very powerful means of paid advertising on Facebook since the people you’ll be reaching have already proven to be your target audience when they liked your page!
  • Facebook Groups: A group on Facebook is very similar to the old school messages boards back in the days of old on the internet. It’s just a constant stream of posts from everybody who’s joined up to that group. This can get a bit scattered at times so it’s good to use these groups in a more casual sense; don’t plan on doing very many meticulous posts here with the one exception being the use of “pinned posts” which only a group administrator can actually do. A pinned post will probably be your best shot to reach out to most members of your group since it will be the first post they see at the top of the group any time they access the group. One thing to note however is if they happen to get a notification of a new group post they won’t see your pinned post but instead will be taken directly to that post. This can be a good thing though since most of your posts (if not all) as the group administrator will drop into your group member’s notification box.
  • Facebook Paid Ads: This one was inevitable and for a good reason… if you know what you’re doing then Facebook paid ads are very powerful. This subject has entire multi-thousand dollar training course surrounding it and for good reason- it’s pretty in depth. So here are a few tips to help you out in the beginning.
  • Always make sure you read Facebook’s advertising terms of service and general practices. Failing to do this could very well land you in hot water and you may even put your whole account in jeopardy. It’s simply not worth losing your account just to run a few short-term ads that may not even be approved in the first place.
  • Get familiar with the Facebook Insights tool as it will help you get off the ground. Once you know your target audience a little better this tool admittedly becomes less necessary but when starting on a new campaign you perhaps know little to nothing about it can be invaluable.
  • Learn how to use Facebook’s retargeting tools to your advantage as this can be a great way to reduce your overall advertising budget with Facebook since retargeted traffic tends to be less costly in the long run.

Going Beyond Facebook

Facebook is a very great place to be for any marketer looking to generate new leads and sell products. Though it’s true that over the recent years Facebook has developed an unfavorable bias towards affiliate marketers they are still a good option as a general practice for lead generation.

If you would like to branch out and not just beholden to serve one platform such as Facebook then Powerhouse Affiliate has just what you’ve been searching for.

At Powerhouse Affiliate you’ll find an array of options and each of them comes with comprehensive training to help even the newest marketers amongst us get their businesses off the ground.

Once you’ve got a firm understanding (or if you’re already a seasoned marketer) then we offer advanced techniques and training to get those current profits you’re at now and grow them exponentially!

On top of our exclusive training you’ll also have access to what we call our “Businesses in a Box!

These are essentially blueprints to take you from start to finish, all the way to the bank. If you join up with us for nothing else but this you’ll be more than happy you did, we guarantee it. No really, we have a fully covered, no hassle, money back guarantee. Besides, with results like this being obtained by our in-house professionals is it really that hard a decision to make?

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