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This Is Why We Like OptimizePress & Why You Will Too

Let’s just be honest about this for a moment. There are a bunch of different website builders that let you just plug right in to WordPress and start dragging and dropping and clicking a website together in no time. It’s become so easy to make your own affiliate blogs, landing pages, lead capture pages and etc. that the only time you’ll ever really need to hire a professional to work on your website is if something goes wrong and you need help desperately or you want some functionality that just doesn’t exist in any currently available site-building packages.

So why do we choose OptimizePress website builder over the other ones then? The reasons are simple. They offer a tool that just works right out the box, it’s easy to learn thanks to their very comprehensive training material which is offered direct from their own website as well as the addition of pop-out videos that will talk you through most features from right inside your website’s backend.

What Can I Build With OptimizePress

Just about anything you want to thanks to the collection of tools offered inside this theme. The entire OptimizePress is basically a theme with a ton of tools, it’s own easy to use page editor and man… MANY customizable options you just won’t find inside the vanilla WordPress installation, not even with the fancy new project gutenberg.

OptimizePress - Page Builder

Membership pages

Setting up a membership site is easy with the use of premade pages that have been designed to work with the membership plugin for OptimizePress. It’s just a matter of setting up your site by going through the steps, selecting the layout you want to use for your fancy new membership site and then filling out the necessary details along side adding your own content of course.

Membership Pages

Lead Capture Pages

Want to build really nice opt-in forms which plug directly into your autoresponder without any hassle? Of course you do and OptimizePress lets you do exactly that with their neat OptimizeLeads tool. It’s just a matter of diving into the setup guide and going through the steps, making the adjustments in page layout as you see fit, adding the text and images you want and then you’re off to the races! All the details needed about how to get all the technical stuff done can be found right inside the help section of the OptimizePress builder or direct from their own help-site section, all of which are super easy to find and follow.

Lead Capture Pages

Landing Page Builder

It just wouldn’t be complete without the ability to build good old fashioned landing / squeeze pages! This is something OptimizePress specializes in and has some of the easiest to use tools around. It’s really just a matter of picking the best WordPress theme and then making the subtle changes you want, or if you prefer then you can start with a blank template and add elements on the fly as you go. By the end of you what you’ll end up with is a crispy, very quick-to-load and fully optimized landing webpage.

Landing Page Builder

Once you’ve got your preferred style all picked out you’re going to be directed to something called the “live editor” and this is where the magic happens. It looks something like this…

Landing Page Live Editor

As you can see, there are different predefined elements already laid out for you and all you need to do is click your mouse inside them and start typing what you wish to say. You can add new elements, split existing elements into multiples or cut back on those already there, it’s really all up to you!

SmartTheme & Blogging With OptimizePress

Building your own blogs inside the OptimizePress theme alongside with the power of the SmartTheme is nothing short of a pleasant experience. It’s incredibly easy to set up and maintain a blog with these two powerful tools at your disposal.

Smarttheme & Blogging

Checking on the visual layout of our blog is easy to do as you work on it. Right inside the editor is the actual blog webpage you’re working on. As you edit and refine aspects to your liking you’re going to get an update to the style in real time. If at anytime you want to save progress to get a quick peek at what the rest of the world is going to see then it’s only a matter of a few clicks and you’ll see something like this (or like whatever your specific blog happens to look like)


What Else Does OptimizePress Offer

Tons of stuff that’s going to be incredibly helpful to a marketer such as:

  • A/B split testing of pages in real time
  • Proven to convert themes that are already battle tested
  • Done for you sales funnels that are plug & play
  • Webinar & event option pages
  • Email signUp forms that work with your autoresponder
  • Excellent tech support
  • A great user interface that works seamlessly with WordPress
  • And a whole bunch more!!

There is a lot to explore, way too much which couldn’t possibly be covered in this article on why we like OptimizePress and use it for a lot… and I mean a LOT of the pages and websites we build. Take a look at the site for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you, chances are pretty high that it probably will be.

Here’s a quick & convenient link:  OptimizePress Website – Click Here

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