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Learn How CPA Works For An Affiliate

You probably know a little bit about what CPA Marketing is and how to get started (by joining a network and promoting their offers) but you may not know the finer points about this subject which is why we’ll be going over how does CPA works in this handy read. A quick definition of CPA is:

  • CPA (cost per action/acquisition) is an advertising model which works by the publisher (that’s you) getting paid for a direct result. The result can be anything from a simple email submit by the customer up to a full sale of some product. A desired result is specified by the advertiser and when it’s fulfilled as a direct result of your marketing, you will be paid for it.

There’s a certain fear around joining these CPA Networks for most new affiliates, and rightfully so as most of them have earned a pretty stern reputation. This is for good reason however as the payment model for these networks is based on simple actions being taken such as submitting an email address.

They have a very detailed vetting process in most cases along with all sorts of fraud tools to catch dishonest affiliates looking to cheat the network out of revenue. They will not hesitate to shut your account down when fraud is detected, so it’s a good idea to use honest practices when dealing with CPA Marketing. The potential income you could earn far outweighs the risk of losing your account for some short term financial gains.


How To Get Accepted Into A Network

This is the single most asked question when it comes to anything regarding the working of CPA Marketing. It is true that a lot more affiliates get turned away than accepted into these networks, but that’s only because most affiliates don’t know what’s truly expected of them to get set up.

CPA methods

Get Your Own Website & Set It Up:

Although it’s possible to get accepted into a lot of networks without a website of your own, this step will help add to your credibility and make the process smoother for you. A lot of affiliates tend to have multiple sites for various things, you might wish to have one site which brands you as a marketer as this will be the site you’ll use for business contact purposes.

Having an “about me” section perhaps is a great idea (or something along those lines). When you sign up to a new CPA Network they’ll check out your site and look for such details. The domain name should be something official and professional sounding. It doesn’t necessarily need to have your name in it, but it’ll help if it does.

A flattering and professional image of yourself on your site adds a few more “credibility points” to your favor also. Again, none of this is absolutely necessary, but it helps a lot. On top of the things mentioned above, you may wish to have a blog section on your own website where you can promote a few offers sometimes to help add even more credibility to your name.

Use An Email Address From Your Own Domain

This is another big help when it comes to getting accepted to a CPA Network. In many cases when a network manager see’s you’ve used a free email service they’ll toss your application aside right away and then you’ll have to pro-actively contact them in an effort to convince them you’re legit.

Why not skip all that and just set yourself up (and use) your own domain with a custom and personal email address. Having an email address which looks like [email protected] looks far better than [email protected] and is likely to get you taken more seriously when signing up to a new CPA Network.

Being Honest On An Application Helps

Yes, it’s true, and here is why…

It may be tempting to sign up and act like you know more than you actually do in order to impress whomever is going to review it but if you get called and an interview is conducted and it’s discovered you don’t know nearly as much as you claimed that’s going to raise red flags and you might get rejected on the spot.

Proactive Applicants Have A Higher Chance

Most networks will require an interview via phone so when you sign up be sure you’re ready for this. In many cases you’ll be provided with a phone number from the network website or maybe even during the signup process.

If you get these… use them as soon as possible. Even if the account manager you get a hold of isn’t able to take your call on the spot it will help make you stand out from the crowd which always works in your favor. Being proactive about getting accepted into a CPA Network helps to better ensure you’re acceptance into it.

Typical CPA Promotional Methods

There are a lot of ways to promote just about anything and this holds true for CPA Offers also. Working of CPA Marketing really isn’t very different from any other type of marketing. It’s because of that fact you’ll find a lot of the same tested and proven methods will work for CPA too.

CPA promotional methods

  • Review Sites: this method tends to work well for CPA offers when in the form of a blog, but this isn’t exclusively necessary. If you have multiple offers for the same type of product or offer then you can compare them and let the prospect decide for themselves and in the end you still stand a chance of earning a conversion and thus getting paid.
  • Classic Landing Page: Every CPA Offer has its own set of requirements so this (along with every other) option may not fit every offer, but in the event it does, a simple landing page could serve very well. A bit of sales copy and a few benefits tossed in along with a link to the offer could be all it takes to get the conversion sometimes.
  • Quiz Pages: This is another form of landing page which often times gets much higher conversions at the cost of lower response rates. The way it works is someone will land on your quiz page and take an actual quiz… the quiz itself isn’t important, it just needs to seem “official” in a sense. Once the quiz is completed the prospect will be taken to another page where they’re then presented with the CPA Offer.

Vault Media Network

Powerhouse Affiliate has its own CPA Network called VaultMedia. It’s an exclusive network which affiliates can only have access to as a member of the training program. The reason for this is do to the fact we carry very high paying offers thanks to our exclusivity and the fact we work closely with our affiliates to earn higher conversion rates network-wide.

We have all the bells & whistles of your usual highly ranked network with the added benefit of our high quality training. On top of that, there is the private forum reserved for members only where you’ll get access to the community and the creator of Powerhouse Affiliate who is an industry vet and specializes in CPA Marketing for well over a decade. If you’re interested to check it out for yourself have a look at the homepage… Click Right Here

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