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The Best And Profitable Niches to Start a Powerful Blog

Unless you’re running a blog as a hobby (which is perfectly okay to do by the way) you’re probably looking to turn a profit from your effort, and rightfully so. The tricky part many of us bloggers run into is “what should I make my blog about?” or in other words… which niche, market or industry should my blog focus on? That’s the focus of today’s helpful article so let’s not waste any time and jump right in to find the most profitable niche, shall we.

First, A Quick Disclaimer:

What’s listed below is by no means all inclusive. The niches showcased in this article are only a small sample of the many, many other available niches you could get involved with. It’s always a great idea to go out there and do your own research, don’t only take our word for it… hunt for your own profit pockets and tap into them, don’t limit yourself only to what you read about right here.

What Makes A Good Blogging Niche?

Something with very broad appeal with a wide enough selection of products that you could test new offers on a weekly basis and not fear of running out of options anytime soon. There are a few “hot topic” niches that have very wide market appeal with such a huge selection of product options that you could test a new offer every day and never run out for months, if not longer! It’s a good idea to stick to these types of mass-appeal niches when starting out so you can cut your own slice of the pie out with minimal effort in terms of hunting for material to write about when populating your blog, and of course finding solid offers to promote.

Weight Loss & Dieting

You probably already know just how massive this entire industry is so we won’t have to dive into the ‘why’ you should consider this as a solid blogging foundation. What you may not know are some of the finer points when it comes to what blogging about weight loss and dieting can do for your bottom line. Check this Google trends image out:

Weight Loss & Dieting

What you’ll notice in the image above is how steady the trend line is across the span of an entire year. People are always looking to get fit and shed those extra pounds, so why not help them by putting the right offers directly in front of them (while making a nice profit in the process). According to the research done by the website, the weight loss niche has some of the highest paying keywords in AdSense with cost per clicks (cpc) reaching up to $3 per click or more! This means that if you have a great blog which is getting a fair bit of traffic… and if your keyword selection is done right, you stand an excellent chance of earning a really nice income off of just a single blog which specializes in the weight loss niche.

Video Gaming Industry

Just last year alone the gaming industry pulled in $116 Billion for 2017, that is a massive amount of money with the online and mobile gaming niches being responsible for a large chunk of it. Keywords are plentiful in this niche and have the benefit of being very specific if you get in on an up-trend soon enough. You can ride that wave out while looking for another in the meantime. With cpc’s in the $3 per click range and higher it’s well worth your time to give this option some serious consideration. Not only is there always a constant stream of new games being released every year, the trends for mobile games tend to be pretty constant across the year just like in weight loss and you can test out a bunch of different offers simultaneous, very quickly which would help you find winners while ditching the less profitable offers rapidly.

Video Gaming Industry

Something to keep in mind when it comes to the weight loss and video game niches is the fact they tend to be very hot industries for the CPA marketing option. If you plan on running promotions on your blog it may serve you very well to look for cpa offers which allow for this type of traffic to test out. Provided your traffic numbers are high enough, this could prove to be a very lucrative option for monetizing your blog.

Work From Home & The Make Money Online Blogging Niche

The fact you’re here reading this right now is hopefully some form of proof that this niche is a big one as well. People all over the world are looking for ways to boost their earning potential from home and it’s no surprise that they turn to the internet to learn how. Why not place yourself front and center by creating a blog on the topic, and with just a fair bit of time and effort you could potentially turn it into something amazing that earns you a nice residual income for years to come. Though the cpc for this niche isn’t usually as high as the previous mentioned options, it’s still very common to see figures in the $1 per click range and up.

The real magic comes from affiliate commissions however. This is an excellent niche to jump into if you plan on promoting offers as an affiliate, and having a respectable blog to help do that for you is a fantastic way to put your offers in front of thousands of people each year.

affiliate marketing

Something to keep in mind if you’re currently looking for a great offer to promote in this niche is that we offer a very generous affiliate program for our own flagship course at Powerhouse Affiliate. On top of that, we also have our own private CPA network which is exclusive only to our members which have some of the best payouts across the board in this industry, and we can do this for the simple fact that we work only with our own members.

Travel & Lifestyle Niche

With keywords reaching in the $5 per click range and up this niche can be extremely lucrative for anyone who chooses to take the bull by the horns and tackle this one… it’s very competitive, but then again so are all other niches worth your time so don’t let that stop you. Here is a fun suggestion for anyone who may be considering this as an option. Starting your own blog along side a YouTube channel which features your own travels is a great combination. Not only can you use your traveling expenses as tax write-offs (consult a tax professional regarding this) when the time comes, but you can also start an entire brand around this sort of niche and really take things to the next level.

The lifestyle industry is huge and you’re going to find that it encompasses a number of luxury type offers such as jewelry, watches, vacation-trips, even cars and other big ticket items if you choose to dip your toe in those waters! There is certainly room for big commissions here and all you have to do is find them and promote them in the right way. It will take work but if this is your kind of thing then you may wish to give it consideration.

In Conclusion…

There are countless markets and best niches to start a blog for, your options are practically limitless. The important thing to consider is if what you’re choosing is something you can manage to keep updated regularly as that is the most important part to the success of any blog out there… regularly updated content. There are a number of monetization methods when it comes to profiting from your blogs and you don’t even have to stick with just one, you can mix & match provided you find a solid balance. Something we teach our members of the Powerhouse Affiliate program is that diversity is important but putting the required effort into your success is what will make anything work out in the end. As an affiliate and blog owner you are not bound to any one thing, you have the freedom to test things out as you see fit to maximize revenue and success, so go out there and make it happen for yourself… we’re here to help you along the way.

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