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What Are Best Blog Categories To Create A New Post in 2019

Something you may not yet be aware of are the three top blog categories you can focus on whenever creating a new article. Each one of the following post types are meant to serve a different purpose while also helping to strengthen the longevity of your blog as a whole. These three types of posts tend to help boost SEO ranks for your entire blog over time as well as get you plenty of shares on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even others like Pinterest or Instagram. It’s vital that you create excellent content which actually aims to help the reader, instead of something you just throw up to slap more ads on. People want answers and if you can give it to them then you will be rewarded for your effort in the end.

Inquiry or Question Responses:

Answering specific questions with very precise and direct answers filled with details and helpful information which can be put to use right away.

Example- “How to install a theme in WordPress blog” or “Which months are best for promoting weight loss products”. Keep all post within your blog consistent within a central niche or market and try to tackle a variety of specific questions found in places like forums which are related to your blog, or other blogs which have a comment section.

These types of posts are great for capturing ultra low competition searches within Google and other search engines. Because you’ll be covering subjects which hit keywords in length of entire sentences, and because these subjects tend to be very specific, you’ll tend to find these pages ranking higher first in search engines. This will later help your entire blog to begin to rank over time as you keep adding more of not only this type of content, but also the other types to follow.

Viral Posts With Shareable Content:

These are the types of posts which do well on social media sites, the type of stuff that people like to read and then pass on because they enjoyed it and found it helpful. Stuff like infographics, lists, short blurbs with useful information or even specific resource guids all do well. You could even create blog posts which feature a combination of the mentioned elements to really ramp up the value and get people eager to share that awesome post with their friends and family… and in some  cases even fellow business colleagues.

Example- “5 Awesome Tools To Help Improve Your On Page SEO” or “How to write killer email subject lines” stuff which causes people to take notice and become instantly curious while also hoping to walk away with something of value from your information.

Such best blog categories will help getting backlinks to your pages. As people discover these posts on your blog and also on other social sites, they’ll begin to pass them around thus creating backlinks which point straight to your blog pages. It’s a good idea to take these types of posts and share them around yourself at first in an effort to get the ball rolling.

Find groups on Facebook which have relevant posts asking about the subject you’ve just covered and share your link in a non-spammy way. Look for forums and other blogs with comment sections to do the same thing. The key here is not quantity but quality. So long as you are hitting very targeted inquiries to share your links with in the beginning they will be discovered and passed around by multiple people who wish to discover the answer you’ve just written about! Nobody likes a spammer so don’t tarnish your blog’s reputation by being overzealous with your link sharing, always proceed with the other people you are trying to help in mind and the rewards will find their way back to you in the end.

Broad Interest Posts:

A post like this tends to be longer than usual, possibly up to 2k or even 3k words in length and they tackle a broad-interest keyword in your chosen niche. It’s important to take your time while writing these, research them well and gather all the actionable and useful information you can before you start writing. Don’t be afraid to reference outside resources from directly in your articles, even pointing back to them with links as this has shown to improve your own on-page SEO.

Example- “Email Marketing” or “WordPress Blogging” and any other super wide-open keyword combination which can be broken down into further, smaller niche subjects. It will be your job to take these macro-niche topics and divide them into smaller micro-niche subjects to write about and cover within a single “all encompassing” article.

These are they posts which will take longer to rank for and can oftentimes be difficult to get off the ground until your blog has already ranked for a variety of long-tail keywords and you’ve already got a fair bit of SEO backlinks pointing to multiple pages within your blog. Don’t let this scare you away from creating posts like this from the beginning however as the longer these sit, the better chance they have of eventually getting picked up by search engines for higher rankings.

Though you can share these types of posts on social sites too, it’s usually a good idea to refrain from doing so (at least right away) as most people who are not specifically looking for the information contained within these best categories for blogs will just see all the text on the page and back out or close it right away. Let’s face it, we don’t have time to read anything that long unless it’s something we really need the answer to, so always keep this little detail in mind when trying to share these types of long-form posts.

A Quick Traffic Tip & Conclusion

Something a fair number of bloggers don’t consider is just how powerful YouTube traffic can be to get visitors over to your blogs. Yes, creating videos can be a daunting task at the start, but if you’re not comfortable making videos yourself (or you just don’t want to learn how) then you can always hire someone at a website like Fiverr to do it for you. Just a quick couple minute video offering one helpful tip and then suggesting the viewer look in the description to discover even more helpful tips or information is really all it takes.

Pair that with solid keyword research and SEO optimizing your YouTube videos for ranking within YouTube it’s self and you’ll begin to see a trickle of traffic to your blog posts very quickly. If your information is helpful enough and if you’ve managed to create posts which are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate then you’re going to find that the traffic will probably keep building over time.

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to anything you can think of and if you’d like to learn how the industry pros do it then check us out over at Powerhouse Affiliate where we specialize in teaching these methods to our members. Click on our logo below to see it for yourself.

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