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The Rise of Mobile: 3 Myths Busted!

People are hooked with their smart phones & tablets nowadays. Studies show that 64% of the US population owns a smartphone. The accessibility of having information needed to make a purchase is now within the reach of consumers as they can search for an emerging product, read about reviews and directly purchase in their mobile phones. This behavior has affected a ton of advertising strategies for advertisers as mobile penetration rises year after year.

This shows that mobile is the best way to advertise your business.

Most marketers still have doubts in advertising thru mobile as there are cookie and targeting issues. Worry not, we are here to decode these myths:

Myth 1: Mobile is not an effective way to advertise – CLEARLY FALSE

A user’s first touch point when deciding to purchase is pretty much always mobile. Here, they are not bound to open their desktop just to take a look at trending products, research about its benefits and read on reviews.

In the US, conversion rates otherwise known as purchase behaviors have been declining for desktop. In the tables shown below, comparison of both Q1 2014 & 2015 shows that purchases made thru tablets increased, a minor (0.08%) decline for smartphones and almost 0.20% decline for desktop.

Effective Way To Advertise

Myth 2: Mobile inventory is limited – FALSE

With the increase of smartphone users, online advertising companies have to adapt to acquisition of inventory. In 2014, there are over 260 million impressions available in the Ajillion inventory for smartphone and tablet owners in the US alone and this is rapidly growing.

Rubicon Project also announced a 20% increase on mobile ads on programmatic spend which means that if there is limited inventory available, advertisers would not purchase as the amount of traffic is not sufficient for their campaign needs.

Myth 3: Mobile cannot track third party cookies – FALSE

While users on mobile have the option to block cookies, only a certain percentage of users know this. Android and Blackberry devices automatically collect third party cookies. Apple on the other hand, gives users the option to track 3rd party cookies.

How effective mobile cookie

How do you combat cookie tracking? Pick the right targeting for your campaign. Above is a guide which you can use in your mobile targeting. The best option would be to run ads on Android mobile web.

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