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The N-Bomb – Complete Guide to Native Arbitrage



Introduction to Native Arbitrage

Are you sick of those annoying, trashy, viral news sites that spread their content across 10 pages? You might notice they are becoming more common on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. As annoying as they may be, people read them and share them like crazy, and the people behind those sites are cashing in!

Instead of scrolling past these apparent ‘Click-Bait’ articles, it might be a good idea to take a closer look, especially if you knew the amount of money these websites generate on a regular, long-term basis.

Native Arbitrage Do People Even Read These Pages?

Well, the answer is YES. Not only do people enjoy reading these pages, they DEMAND this type of content.  This is why Viral News websites are so lucrative.  Currently, there is a massive demand for content in this market. Some people are making ridiculous amounts of money by strategically publishing content and filling this demand.  This is starting to become well known in the industry, and many are calling it > Native Arbitrage.

What is Arbitrage?

In theory, Arbitrage is defined as:

‘Buying in one market and simultaneously selling in another while profiting from the difference’

Here’s a very simple example of an arbitrage opportunity:

You notice a popular Blu-ray movie is selling for $12.00 at your local Walmart. On E-bay, a user has sold 20 copies of the same Blu-ray movie for $22.00 each. You could buy Blu-rays from Walmart, then sell them on E-bay for a $10 profit per copy.

You bought 100 copies of the popular Blu-ray @ $12.00 each costing you $1200.
You sold 100 copies on E-bay @ $22.00 each creating $2200 in revenue and $1000 profit.

If we think about it logically, this example is very short term and here’s why:

  • Walmart could run out of stock.
  • The Blu-ray won’t be popular forever.
  • Market usually corrects itself
  • E-bay sellers lower their prices due to the increase in supply.
  • Walmart increases their prices due to high demand.

But let’s take this to the next level. If you decide to take your $1000 profit and reinvest:

  • You search everywhere for Blu-ray deals and compare the prices to current E-bay listings, searching for arbitrage opportunities.
  • You find several areas where you can make a profit and stock up.
  • You sell your stock on E-bay, repeating the process.
  • You do research on upcoming new movie releases to help you find future stock.

We are not going to be selling Blu-rays in this follow along/Case study.  We will be buying traffic for cheap and selling it for more than we paid, taking advantage of the arbitrage opportunities we find/create along the way.

The biggest difference between the Blu-ray example and Native Arbitrage is that unlike the Blu-rays, we are not selling a product, we are simply facilitating an interaction between a reader, and an advertiser. We are simply going to be providing valuable or viral content to people online, and we will be getting paid every time someone clicks on an advertisement placed on our website. The idea is to BUY traffic from an ad network super cheap, then when the traffic arrives they will click an ad to another ad network for a profit.  In some cases you can even buy and sell traffic to the same network. In fact, some networks encourage this. In a sense you are buying and selling traffic. The idea is to buy super cheap or even get “free” traffic, and resell it for more. You can see the potential of just one simple website below which is using “adsense” on its pages to sell traffic to google.

adsense stats

If you’re looking short term, this is not for you. But for those who understand the potential of Native Arbitrage and have patience, this can generate income while you sleep.

This is a MASSIVE method that is forever growing and changing with the market. There are some solid templates and configurations out there that are proven to profit but you still want to be dynamic. Finding your own tips and tricks are what make the most profitable sites.

What you will need to research before you get started:

  • Basic Knowledge of HTML
  • Basic Knowledge of WordPress
  • Basic Knowledge of FTP and MySQL (
  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop or Gimp (free)
  • Initial Investment between $35 and $500 – Depending on what resources you already own.
  • Research what are Native Ads?
  • Research what is Adsense?

I have already created a successful Native Arbitrage business and will be summarizing the the entire blueprint so you can create your very own.

We will be launching the full blown course called “The N-Bomb – Complete Guide to Native Arbitrage” in the coming days. It is going to give you a complete step by step blueprint on how to set up native arbitrage from scratch and do what the big players are doing every day to generate daily revenue even while you sleep!

So in the meantime, it is important you brush up on your knowledge of the above 7 points. GET PREPARED! We are going to show you step by step how to start building a long term sustainable business that even the most basic newbie can understand.

Prepare yourself now and start researching where we are going.

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