2022 Ultimate Guide to Native Ads Arbitrage: Boost Your Earnings

Introduction to Native Ads Arbitrage (updated March 2022)

Are you sick of those annoying, trashy, viral news sites that spread their content across 10 pages? You might notice they are becoming more common on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. You will also find these types of websites linking from major news networks since the owners of these websites buy ads from native ad platforms like Taboola, Outbrain and MGID.

As annoying as these native ads arbitrage websites may be, people read them and share them like crazy, and the people behind those sites are cashing in with native ads arbitrage!

Instead of scrolling past these apparent ‘Click-Bait’ articles, it might be a good idea to take a closer look. These types of sites can generate a very decent amount of revenue on a long-term basis.

Native Ads Arbitrage Do People Even Read Native Ads Arbitrage Websites?

Well, the answer is YES. Not only do people enjoy reading these pages, they DEMAND this type of content.  This is why Viral News websites are so abundant. Currently, there is a massive demand for content in this market. Just look at all the native ads platforms popping up. The competition is fierce and these native platforms earn most of their revenue from advertisers who place their ads on publishers who are monetizing viral content. Some people are making ridiculous amounts of money by strategically publishing content and filling this demand.  This is starting to become well known in the industry, and many are calling it > Native Ads Arbitrage.

What is Arbitrage?

In theory, Arbitrage is defined as:

‘Buying in one market and simultaneously selling in another while profiting from the difference’

Here’s a very simple example of a native ads arbitrage opportunity:

You notice you can buy clicks from Revcontent.com for $0.08 ($80 CPM).

You have a website that earns roughly $90 CPM from Google Adsense and affiliate products. 

This means if you spend $80 on Revcontent to get traffic to your site, you will earn $10 profit. ($90 back from your website)

So basically native ads arbitrage seems quite simple in theory. You are buying traffic for cheap and selling it for more than what you paid. Taking advantage of the arbitrage opportunities we find/create along the way.

How to Make Money With Native Ads Arbitrage Explained

When diong native Ads arbitrage we are not selling a product, we are simply facilitating an interaction between a reader, and an advertiser. We provide valuable or viral content to people online. We get get paid every time someone clicks on an advertisement placed on our website. The idea is to BUY traffic from an ad network super cheap. There are many places to get this traffic and we explain it all in our native ads training at Powerhouse Affiliate.  When the traffic arrives on our content we need them to click an ad to another ad network for a profit.  In some cases you can even buy and sell traffic to the same network. In fact, some networks encourage this. In a sense you are buying and selling traffic. The idea is to get as many ageviews as possible and thats why “pagination” is used in conjunction with a listicle style piece of content.

You can see the potential of just one simple website below which is using “adsense” on its pages to sell traffic to google.

adsense stats

Native Ads Arbitrage is not a short term project. It requires alot of testing, patience, and content generation. You must always be trying new angles.

In our N-Bomb course we describe native arbitrage and you can access this as a free bonus when you join Powerhouse Affiliate. Native Ads Arbitrage is forever growing and changing with the market. There are some solid templates and configurations out there that are proven to profit but you still need to be dynamic.

If you want to see examples of Native Ads Arbitrage simple go to Adplexity and use their spy tool. Pretty much 85% of the ads you see on native ads are for arbitrage.

What You Will Learn in Our Native Ads Arbitrage Training

  • How to Set Up Your Website for Maximum profit. 
  • How to set up your on site monetization so you increase revenue.
  • Where to buy the cheapest traffic. 
  • How to monitor, test and track your native ads arbitrage campaigns. 
  • How to deploy your budget with the most efficiency. 
  • How to find winning native ads arbitrage articles. 
  • Everything you need to know to set this up quickly. 

We have already created a successful Native Arbitrage business and will be summarizing the the entire blueprint so you can create your very own.

We launched the course called “The N-Bomb – Complete Guide to Native Arbitrage” and are constantly updating it with the latest information. Inside you will learn a complete step by step blueprint on how to set up native ads arbitrage from scratch and do what the big players are doing every day to generate daily revenue even while you sleep!

As a summary there are a few things you need to keep in mind when doing native ads arbitrage:

1. You need to find low-cost traffic sources.

2. You need to find high-priced ad networks.

3. You need to make sure that the traffic you’re buying is quality traffic.

4. You need to make sure that the ads you’re selling are high quality.

If you can find a traffic source that is both cheap and high quality, then you can make a profit by arbitraging the difference in prices.

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