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Taking Action & The Reality Feedback Loop

Let’s have a quick chat about fear, taking action & how it all applies to affiliate marketing as a whole.

Getting started is one of the hardest steps to take when a beginner in almost anything. There are so many doubts, so many “what if” questions probably filling your mind, so many ways it could all go wrong and it just overwhelms the senses at times.

On the other hand, in many cases there could be so many different ways to reach the same goal that your head spins at the thought of picking just one to start with. “What if it’s not the right way?” you probably say to yourself. “What if I can do it better, what if I make a mistake?” you probably also say to yourself over and over again ad nauseum.

Well stop it!

All of that going round & round in your own head won’t get you any tangible results. All it does is waste time, which is time you could spend on trying something and failing so that you’ll at least know that one method or technique didn’t work so you can now simply cross it off your list and move on to the next.

I’m sorry to break the news to you but you are more than likely going to fail when you start out as a newbie at anything. It’s because of this reason there’s a necessity for proper training and guidance to help you turn those “failures” into lessons so you keep improving and do better over time. It’s easy to become addicted to the idea of “quick & easy” or “step by step” and although it is possible to do things quick and easy following a step by step plan, you can’t rely on doing things this way forever, you’ll eventually run out of steps and then where do you go from there?

Why are we even talking about this?


If you don’t learn what you need to know, take action based on what you’ve learned so you gain experience which can only be obtained through doing and not learning, and always keep advancing in your skill-set then you’re never going to get anywhere and that is just a fact.

Powerhouse Affiliate offers up-to-date training which will take any newbie and guide them through the steps necessary to launch a successful CPA affiliate marketing. We specialize in both CPA marketing & product / merchandise sales through performance marketing. It all sounds fancy but in reality this stuff is not difficult to do once you actually know how.

Want to learn how?

Let us teach you!

We offer a great list of various training courses which have just been revised and updated as of the writing of this article. We now offer the whole shebang for a single low-price. No more up-sells, no more separation of subjects which each previously came at individual price points… Now everything we offer, all the training courses can be at your fingertips for one single low price!

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