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5 Steps to Super Success in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money while promoting someone else’s products. You don’t have to worry about setting up a store, stocking it with products, and selling them as the affiliate marketer does this for you. All you have to do is sign up with an affiliate marketing campaign and the money will roll in, right? Wrong…


It’s Not As Simple As That

Affiliate marketing does ensure a source of income but there are website and blog owners who will tell you that their marketing campaigns don’t get them any sort of income. Why does this happen? The reasoning for this is simple. You have to choose the right campaign for your website.

Revenue by affiliate marketing

For example, if you have a medical or health-related website, your affiliate marketing campaign should focus on health-related products, books, procedures etc. By linking products to your content, readers are more likely to click on products or even purchase these products and this will result in a steady income stream for you.

Similarly, there are several other strategies that you can use to generate a comfortable income in affiliate commissions every month. You don’t have to use these strategies but they will help you choose the right affiliate and grow your affiliate income over time.

Know the Product

Always take the time to read up on the products and services being offered through the affiliate marketing campaign. Remember, by offering these products you are linking them to your content and your website. Indirectly, these products are also using your credibility to promote themselves to customers. If you’ve read up on the products, you can talk about them, write about them, and recommend them to your readers. If your readers trust you, they are more than likely to click on products and generate an income for you.

Some great ways to make yourself knowledgeable about any subject quickly is to find a handful of forums on the subject and start reading about what others are saying and asking. Head over to YouTube and start digging around for videos which seem to know what they’re talking about on the chosen topic and finally look up a bunch of blogs which have some well-descript articles you can learn from. I know it seems like a lot of work but if you really buckle down you can do this over the course of just one week and practically consider yourself an “almost expert” on most subjects which will give you a sense of authority over most others seeking info on that same subject matter.

Don’t Stick To One Program

Most people make this mistake. They sign up with just one affiliate program and stick to it. Think about it; readers like variety.  If you have more than one merchant promoting their products on your website, readers are likely to click on at least one product and make a purchase. This also works out for you in terms of commission and payments.

Different merchants have different payment schemes and payment dates. By signing up with more than one merchant, you are more likely to get a regular income every month. A word of caution though; some merchants have exclusivity contracts that don’t allow you to sign up with others. Protect yourself by reading your contract carefully before you sign.

Click Bank

Additionally, in the case you might be running a blog or website which uses the comparison model, pitting one option up against another, or many options all ranked in some  sort of system from top to bottom then it serves you very well to find different options and present them to your audience. This not only helps them to become better informed but it develops a sense of authority about you in their mind and gives them that extra incentive to buy something from your own recommendations.

Trends Change

The Internet is a growing market. Trends, products, payment rates, etc. all change regularly. What is working now, may not work a year later and your income may decrease over time. Stay on top of trends by watching the affiliate market carefully. You can also take extra classes and register with a program like

Programs like these will keep you abreast of market changes and ensure that you make a comfortable income irrespective of market changes. By being proactive, you can learn the latest trends and embrace the changes in affiliate marketing as soon as they become applicable.

If you would like to learn more about trends and how to use them then  check out this handy article which we just released not to far back as of the writing of this article. Marketing tricks using trends.

Where To Go From Here

This is the easy part, luckily. It’s no secret that we write these helpful posts to not only give you a place you can learn from for free because education is important, but we also do it to demonstrate that we know what the heck we’re talking about!

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