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Solo Ad Strategies for Affiliates Who Want to Promote Diet, Skin and Muscle Offers

Hey everyone this post on solo ads is inspired by a few publishers who are asking us for email traffic strategies on the network in order to promote our high paying trial offers for diet, skin and muscle. There is an opportunity to find some untapped traffic and cheap clicks using email traffic.

Many “powerhouse” affiliates are aware that under the broad umbrella of health and beauty, the most profitable sub niches are diet, skin care and muscle. Whether you are a newbie affiliate marketer or a seasoned professional, promoting one or more offers in the diet, skin and/or muscle niches will prove to be extremely profitable!

Popularity of Diet, Skin, and Muscle Offers


Garcinia CambogiaAs a human race, we always want to look good. We are therefore willing to try any remedy, technique or trick in the book to fulfill our aspirations of looking good. Across the globe stress and unhealthy eating habits are on the rise and the average body weight is rising too. According to the Food Research and Action Centre (FRAC), in the US alone, 68.5% of people are overweight and obese and close to 35% are medically obese.

There is  a huge part of the global population looking for weight loss solutions. Some of the best converting countries include Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and the United States!

The ‘diet’ niche is part of the weight loss category. While most people don’t have the time (or the inclination) to exercise they want to lose excess weight with a diet. Or people want to supplement their exercise with the right diet to get their weight loss results faster. The publicity around the wide range of popular diet supplements like Garcinia, Green Coffee, Forskolin etc. are making people eager to try these products out for themselves and the first place they go to find them is online. In order to monetize this craze you need a solid offer that performs. Check out Vault Affiliates Network for some of the best high profile diet, skin and muscle CPA offers available.


Weighs 170The muscle building niche largely caters to a male audience.

These are people who want to go the extra mile beyond weight loss; they want six pack abs, a ripped look, strong arms, bulging chests and so on.

Also included in this group are amateur fighters, people actively involved in sports and even those recovering from injury.

Exercise programs, muscle building supplements, and specific focused diets are some of the best offers in this niche.


SkinThis niche focuses on beauty and skin related products. The most lucrative sub categories in this niche are wrinkle reduction, or anti aging treatment. Beauty/cosmetic products and anti-aging products are on the rise and its no surprise in North America since everyone here is getting old! This niche offers tremendous opportunities such as organic skin care, natural skin care etc. These are areas that elicit maximum interest levels from the average customer today.

So how can you begin crushing these niches? 

There are several traffic sources that work well including social media, ppc, banner buys and the rest. This post will talk about a traffic source that many people don’t usually think about trying because they think they need to own a list.

Why Solo Advertising is Effective to Promote Diet, Skin and Muscle Offers

First of all here is my attempt at a solo ad definition:

Solo AdsA “Solo Ad” is an ad which is sent out to a list of email subscribers and contains a single ad or what some call a “swipe”.  Many advertisers believe that Solo Ads, are more effective than ads embedded within normal websites because solo ads have the readers’ undivided attention. Not all list owners will sell advertising through solo ads, but those that do, often charge more for them than the ads which are “embedded” within their websites. 

While there are several online advertising methods like videos, native ads and more, solo ads have been found to be very effective specifically for these 3 niches. The reason is simple.

The nature of the offer in these niches is such that it addresses a very personal requirement of the individual. Your target customer is probably embarrassed that she is overweight. That young man is perhaps frustrated by his non-lean physique. Yet someone else is upset that she is starting to see wrinkles in the mirror.

Solo ads that convert offer an opportunity to personally reach out to these individuals. By creating a high quality compelling solo ad, you can easily address all the specific concerns of your target audience with respect to their problem and tell them in detail how your product (the offer you are promoting) will help them. The solo ad lets you have an individual conversation with your prospective customer. Banner and other display ads target customers in bulk and not individually.

Here are 5 sure fire solo ad strategies for success in the diet, muscle and skin niche.

1. Select the Right List

These are high competition niches, so you need to be as targeted as you can. While selecting your solo ad provider, study their list profile, and ensure that the target audience profile matches that of your ideal customer. Find out if subscribers have been consistently receiving valuable content; this increases the credibility of your offer, as subscribers will trust the content they receive. You can even secretly join the list to see if the owner sends out good messages or if it is just spam.

2. Create a Compelling Headline for Your Ad

The headline/subject line of the ad should serve as a hook that will compel the readers to open the email and read further. Effective headlines are those that squarely address the pain point of your customer. For example- “This Diet Helped Me Lose XXX Pounds With No Exercise” or “I went from Skinny Nerd to Lean and Mean – Here’s How”, “57 Year Old Mom Looks 28! Here is Her Secret”.

3. Tell a Story- Personal Stories Work

Solo ads offer the opportunity to tell a story and hook your customers. You can tell the story in the email or link them from the email to your own custom landing page with graphics and design which can be much more effective. For a personal story, talk about how you struggled with being overweight, but now thanks to ‘ABC Diet’ (your affiliate offer) you have lost excessive weight and regained your confidence. Using before and after pictures work well. You can set the tone with the headline and continue your story in the body of your ad. The power of a personal story is that readers identify with it. They see you as having been in a position where they are now. And when they read about your transformation due to the product, their motivation to purchase increases.

4. Include Expert Opinions, Studies and Testimonials

Including an expert opinion in your solo ad fosters greater confidence in your product. For instance, a qualified dietitian or doctor talking about the significance of certain components of a successful diet plan would greatly enhance conversions of the diet plan (which contains all these components) you are promoting.

You could also include scientific studies, clinical trials and other data as applicable about ingredients in your muscle building supplements and/or the beauty products you are promoting. Testimonials which tell the story of success of your products also boost conversions.

Where can you get these testimonials? Usually you can get them directly from the offer’s page itself including the clinical trial information and studies.

5. Direct to a Squeeze Page and Offer Value

As mentioned above if you direct traffic to your landing page it is more effective. You can also try sending to a squeeze page so as to build your own list. To motivate people to subscribe to your list, offer them something unique and of value, so that they share their email ids. For instance, in the muscle niche, it could be a free e-book titled –“15 Foods that are Secret Muscle Building Supplements”.

Where Can You Find Good Lists To Advertise To? 

Join Powerhouse Affiliate PREMIUM and check out our “money making guide” called “Top Places to Find Solo Ads to Buy in the Diet, Skin and Muscle Niches”.

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Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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