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So You Want To Be An Internet Marketing Baller?

How does $100 a day sound? What about $200 a day? What about $1000 each day?

I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain the skills necessary to make $1000 a day on multiple campaigns throughout my CPA Marketing Career.

Here is a little secret….

IT IS NOT EASY! If it were easy everyone would be successful.

But…. It’s not that hard.

Here are 3 Rules to Affiliate Marketing Success:



Stop focusing on Guru’s. These guys make CPA Marketing see so easy and leave out so many IMPORTANT factors that are KEY to success. When these guys show off their mansions and luxury cars, they are dangling a carrot and taking your money. The truth is most of these guys “RENT” these mansions and cars just to make a promo video and sell you their SECRET COURSES. AVOID GURUS

These Mastermind programs that cost you $1000’s of dollars always leave you with more questions than answers.


Making money online isn’t EASY. If it were easy why are there so many people who are struggling? 99% of those trying to make money with CPA Marketing fail.

99% of people QUIT! Yes, they quit…. A few reasons are:

Lack of Knowledge (Lacking the Information needed to see the big picture)

CPA Marketing is an INDUSTRY with many moving parts. How does it work? Where can I learn the fundamentals?

Lack of Work Ethic (You understand but fail to execute because it’s not “Easy”)

This isn’t some hobby like arts and crafts or Knitting. This is serious business. You are in a position to generate hundreds(Possibly thousands) of sales each week from your home.. There are local businesses all around you that would KILL to be in this position. Think about the amount of hard work and overhead required to run a local business. It’s going to take that type of hard work and dedication if you want to be successful with CPA Marketing.

Lack of Perseverance (You are unable to deal with short term failures that are required to be successful with CPA Marketing)

If you are scared of failure, you may as well quit now. Failure is a vital part of success in all aspects of LIFE. Sometimes campaigns don’t work. Sometimes you struggle with tracking links.. Sometimes you don’t know what to do next. What’s your next move? Are you going to quit like a cry baby? Or are you going to man up and do what ever it takes to overcome whatever issue is in front of you? Failure often gives you insight and knowledge that pushes you the in right direction. You never fail.. You either win or you LEARN. The only people who never make money online are those who QUIT

The only GUARANTEE I can make you is this..
If you quit quitting… YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

How bad do you want it?


Plug into a REAL training community. Surround yourself with other CPA Marketers. When I started CPA Marketing 10 years ago, there was NO real training community. There was only a fraction of CPA Marketers that there is today. Training and information was kept secret and most of us learned the HARD way. Luckily for you, there are MANY legit training communities that exist today. Many people out there will sell you a specific method that could potentially make you money in the short term but you never learn long term skills. Learning how to media buy and understanding data is KEY. When you understand the significance of DATA.. You can sell ANYTHING. You will be the one testing and finding methods instead of buying scraps from a Mastermind course.

What is Powerhouse Affiliate? It is a training community built by affiliates for affiliates. There are over 100 proven lessons available that will give you the foundation you need for success. These courses are designed for beginners and even veteran CPA Marketers.

Powerhouse is much more than a just a training community:

-Proven Landing Page Templates
-Proven Campaign Samples
-Live Webinars
-Live Case Studies testing REAL offers and exposing real methods
-Private Forum
-In house Affiliate Program

Content is updated weekly… So when I test new campaigns, you can follow along and see the results.


If you are lacking in any of the aspects outlined above for earning money online, you need to rethink your strategy. Cutting corners never leads anywhere good in this industry. This is a marathon, a long term life changing income. This isn’t something that happens over night but you can START TODAY

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