Revcontent Insider Responds to “Native Ads Are Dead”: A Deep Dive into the Future of Native Advertising

In an eye-opening session on the PowerHouse Affiliate Show, Shaun Hall, Director of Advertiser Demand Partnerships at Revcontent, “confronts” Joey Babineau (the host) over his controversial claims about the future of native advertising. The discussion, rich with insider knowledge, sets out to debunk myths and lays down the blueprint for success in native ads.

The host opened the discussion by expressing skepticism about native advertising, referencing a previous video that cast doubt on its effectiveness. including high costs per click for non-targeted traffic, higher CPA’s, and higher risks of ad fraud to name a few.

Shaun Hall, with a decade-plus experience in digital marketing, countered this perspective, asserting the vitality and relevance of native advertising in today’s digital ecosystem.

The Controversy Around Native Ads

The session kicks off with a candid confrontation about a recent video posted by the host, suggesting that native ads were a dying breed. Hall, an 11-year veteran in the industry, challenges this notion head-on, asserting, “Native advertising is not dead. It is alive, well, and thriving.”

In the previous video, the host described many “native ads pain points” affiliates face including high costs per click for non-targetted traffic, a concern for fraudulent clicks, a need for higher testing budgets, and higher CPA’s than on platforms like Facebook and Google.

You can see the other video here:

Demystifying Native Advertising

Hall takes a moment to demystify native advertising for the audience, explaining that these ads, designed to blend seamlessly with website content, are far from obsolete. He criticizes the approach of many affiliates, emphasizing the need for ads to not “look like an ad at all,” thereby pinpointing where many marketers falter.

Key Strategies for Native Ad Success

The conversation delves deeper into strategies for succeeding with native ads. Hall highlights the importance of ad relevance, the art of blending ads with content, and the critical mistake of not maintaining congruence between the ad and the landing page. “Your ad is going to be right next to other people’s ads. You not only compete with getting the person to click but have to think about the other advertisers that are in that panel,” Hall explains.

Reflecting on Native Advertising: A Balanced Perspective

As the enlightening conversation on the PowerHouse Affiliate Show drew to a close, both Shaun Hall and the host contributed to a nuanced discussion that shed light on the complexities of native advertising. This dialogue not only dispelled myths but also acknowledged genuine challenges, offering a more balanced view of native advertising’s place in the digital marketing landscape.

Navigating Challenges with Expert Insights

Throughout the discussion, Hall provided valuable insights into making native advertising work more effectively. He addressed the host’s concerns about the lack of granular targeting compared to platforms like Facebook and Google, noting that while native ads might not offer the same level of specificity, their strength lies in their ability to seamlessly integrate with content, thereby enhancing user engagement.

Acknowledging Pain Points in Native Advertising

The conversation did not shy away from addressing the real pain points associated with native advertising. The host pointed out issues such as the need for significant testing budgets, the challenge of ad fraud, and the difficulty of achieving a high click-through rate (CTR) without highly targeted options. These concerns highlight the barriers that affiliates and marketers may face when venturing into native advertising.

A Call for Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Both participants agreed on the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the fast-evolving digital marketing world. For affiliates and marketers willing to navigate its challenges, native advertising offers opportunities for innovation and engagement. Success in this arena requires a willingness to experiment, analyze, and refine strategies based on performance data and industry trends.

Closing Thoughts: Embracing Complexity for Greater Success

The discussion between Shaun Hall and the host of the PowerHouse Affiliate Show illustrates that while native advertising holds great potential, success requires an understanding of its complexities and challenges. By acknowledging these difficulties and leveraging the insights shared during their conversation, marketers can better navigate the native advertising landscape, finding ways to integrate it effectively into their broader digital marketing strategies.

This balanced approach does not declare a definitive “winner” in the conversation but rather highlights the value of open dialogue and shared expertise. As the digital marketing field continues to evolve, such discussions are crucial for uncovering the strategies that will lead to lasting success.

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