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Creative Content Marketing And Blog Post Topic Ideas of 2019

Coming up with freshly relevant topics on a regular basis is a hard task for any content creator out there. Don’t believe me… try it for yourself for just one month and you’ll probably think to yourself “hey, this ain’t so bad” then keep up the good work for two, three, four months and then keep going for a year or longer! You’ll discover just how difficult it can be to keep things fresh in your content. As the expression goes, “it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!” Luckily for folks like you and I, that someone is us!

The reason why this is good is because it lets you stay on your toes, keep on the bleeding edge of your respective industry and always be in the ‘know’ of what’s happening just on the horizon in your chosen niche and these are all very powerful things. The problem is burning out and running out of ideas when you least expect it. That’s the problem we’re going to solve here today with this handy little read, so keep going, you’re not going to want to miss out on these valuable resources.


First on the list is this content giant, and for very good reasons too. This is where darn near everybody pours out all their content in an effort to attract new viewers to whatever other place they wish to direct traffic. This is typically a blog or something and that’s even better because it only gives you even more places to dig up inspiration.

If done right, YouTube can be a one-stop-shop for all your creative content marketing ideas! It works like this:

  • Set up a new account which will be expressly for subscribing to content creators who are in your chosen niche, this will also start showing most relevant content in the suggested videos column on the side of the webpage for every video watched. The more content you watch from creators in your niche, the more content will be recommended and after you’ve begun subscribing to a number of relevant channels and watched a bunch of relevant videos you’ll literally have stuff tossed into your lap!
  • Create different “favorites lists” under subcategories of your niche so you can save different videos under all these various sub-niches to easily come back to them at any time when you wish to dig up something you saw which you feel would make for a great topic to explore.
  • When you watch a video and then click on the subscribe button from that video page, YouTube now shows you various related channels you can then also subscribe to! Go ahead and check those out, see which ones may be a fit for you and then subscribe to them as well… don’t subscribe to them right away, open each of the channels in a new tab then watch a few videos to determine if you like their content or not first.
  • From the YouTube search bar, go ahead and perform a search on a keyword you’d like to dig a bit deeper into, filter your results by things like popularity, ratings and even upload date in order to discover content best suitable for your current needs. This is an excellent way to find videos which have just been uploaded minutes before you started searching!

That’s really all you need from YouTube, doing these things will get you so much content to help inspire you that you won’t really need to look any further. The reason it’s recommended that you make a new channel for this is because it will help to focus your entire suggested videos feed to only topics related to your  niche, thus clearing out any potential clutter you may find from also watching entertainment videos and such on your own personal time.


This one is super simple (great news for us, right!). All you need to do in order to use this resource is have your broad niche in mind, use the navigation at the top of the site to select it and then scroll through the list of various high-impact headlines provided to you. AllTop is a website which keeps track of some of the more popular and well-performing blog posts on the internet today. It’s updated regularly and is a great source to find blog post topic ideas or popular content you can use for research and inspiration.


This website has very quickly climbed the ranks over the years as a favorite spot for syphoning ideas. The reason is because it’s so simple to use and it’s popularity just keeps growing. Not only is it possible to find ideas for content on your own websites, but in many cases you can also find answers to questions you might already be trying to answer directly from this one spot. Just plug in the keywords you want to look for and scroll through all the glorious goodies provided to you directly from this single valuable resource.

Upon visiting the website you will be prompted to log in or sign up. You can use your Google or Facebook credentials if you wish, I personally choose to just link my Google account as this is super quick and easy, but how you decide to login is completely up to you. Once you have logged in you’ll then be asked to choose some interests as a starting point for your account, just go ahead and pick what you feel best fits your needs, this step isn’t too important but it certainly can’t hurt to go with things that suit your niche best.The cool thing about this step is once you make your very first selection, a number of additional related interests will begin to populate for you. Simply keep picking relevant interests until you fulfill the quota which I believe is 10 interests for this step.

You will then be asked if you’d like to add any of your Facebook friends to your account in order to keep tabs on any of their responses and such which may have ended up on Quora, you can skip this step if you’d like to, I did as it doesn’t really serve any purpose in my particular case.

Once all of the initial steps are done you’ll just need to hold on for a few moments as the website creates your personalized account. After that is finished you’ll see your brand new Quora feed! This is kind of similar to how Facebook works, it’s just a long feed you can keep scrolling down to discover more topics and posts. On the right-hand side of the page you will discover your various selected interests and each of them will open up a brand new feed for you to scroll through which will be centered around only that specific interest, pretty simple right? Of course if you don’t want to aimlessly scroll through a bunch of stuff then you can always use the search function located at the upper-right corner of the website. Just plug in your keyword there and search to discover a whole wealth of information at your fingertips.

Content Is Marketing

No matter how you spin it, you need killer content in order to effectively market anything. The reason so much emphasis is put on developing a steady flow of fresh new content is because we now live in a world where the attention span of your average viewer is so short you have literally seconds to capture their attention or you lose them, potentially forever!

In the age of social media and “content marketing” we have to be vigilant in our marketing efforts. It’s no longer good enough to just throw an ad up somewhere and wait for results, we now have to spin an entire story behind it in many instances just to get the attention of our prospects so they’ll decide to give us a few precious moments of their valuable time so we can sell them something. This is something we emphasize heavily in our lessons over at Powerhouse Affiliate. Too often you will find that our competitors lack in this field, not all… some of them are fantastic in fact, but in many cases you can’t help but leaving their member’s areas with a feeling of incompleteness. Well, we won’t leave you hanging, no way. We offer top-notch training, an exclusive forum to get help not only from other members but also staff as well as access to our exclusives which happen to include a private CPA network which is open only to members of Powerhouse Affiliate.

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