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How I Quit My TWO Jobs to Become a Full Time Affiliate Marketer – And Became a Plan B Type of Person!



I don’t write many posts but felt inspired today…

I was thinking about why I chose to quit TWO jobs and start my own online affiliate marketing business.

I consider myself a Plan B type of person. What does this mean exactly you ask? Well I guess the best way to explain it is to describe what I think Plan A people are.  

I used to be a Plan A person. The type of person who had to wake up in the morning everyday and go work for someone else so that I could pay my bills , buy food and put a roof over my head.

I had a belief that this was the best way to make money and live my life because this is what was taught to me all of my life. I soon started to see the problem with this Plan A mentality. I fell into the rat race.

I was only being paid enough to stick around and do my job nothing more. I looked further into my life and future and I realize that if I stayed on this path eventually I would not have enough money to live once I retired. I risked the chance of perhaps losing my job someday, and losing everything I had saved up for. (including the retirement package which was kind of like a carrot being dragged in front of me)

I knew something had to change. That’s when I implemented Plan B.  Plan B to me was my way out of the rat race. Ever since the day I made the decision to switch over to a plan B type of person, things have changed drastically. I can now choose when I work, and I love going to work at my own business everyday.

I wanted to share some motivation and tips for success. This is my own story on how I have managed to break the 9-5, and how my life has changed since taking the leap into full time online marketing as an entrepreneur.

Become a full time affiliate marketerI began marketing online about 15 years ago as a complete newbie. I was sooo strapped for cash back then that I would barely have enough money from one paycheck to last me till the next paycheck. I was truly living the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle. In fact I had to work two jobs, and still could barely support my lifestyle. I remember being forced to make $20 last me for a week. It’s amazing how many 99 cent bags of hash browns and packs of hot dogs I ate back then.

I knew that path of life was not for me, and I hated the idea of eating hashbrowns for the rest of my life. It was time for a change. I wanted to start living like the people that employed me! I knew it would be impossible to do that if I continued only working for them since they only paid me enough to stick around.

I didn’t have the equity or cash or credit to start a brick and mortar business – so I needed ideas!

One fine day I was sitting at a poker table (because that was the only other way I knew how to make money at the time) and a friend of mine was talking about how he makes money online.

I was intrigued by his story and I started doing my own research while working my other office job. I spent a year surfing places like Warrior Forum, and even went as far as looking into Blackhat World…I was desperate…(But i’m not a blackhatter)

Over the course of two years I immersed myself into the industry information. I bought REAL training, and learned the business. What kept me going was the fact I was seeing other people succeed, and I was seeing first hand that people could make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day in this business. This really inspired me to NEVER quit!

After months of failure and botched methods I pretty much begged my buddy to share one working method with me. He gave me some GREAT advice on PPC marketing and showed me how to build sample campaigns, and even offered some advice on some offers that may do well. While I always wanted him to give me the “goods” (an actual campaign and landing page and ads that were actually working ) he never did, and for this I thank him.

Why do I thank him?

Because it made me a better marketer, a stronger and more creative marketer, and someone who can think for himself. His general, yet highly experienced advice in buying paid traffic has helped me more than he knows. I have been able to create a business online that in one month this year generated more take home cash than I made in a year working 60 hours a week at two jobs.

Now think about this for a minute, this person was a friend of mine for years, and he NEVER shared with me the goods on exactly how to make money online.

So why the heck does ANYONE think that someone is going to share an actual working method in some $7 PDF ebook!?

Don’t spend another dime on $7 ebooks! The point here is you need to build GOOD relationships and get experienced advice from people who REALLY know the business. Then you need to think for yourself.

I Am More Selective Now Than I Ever Was…

When I first begin in this business, I tried and failed. I feel good about it. But I may have lost my cool and started trying every single method out there in hopes one would work.

I learned now to be very selective in what I want to spend time reading. In fact I still use forums like to learn from others. The industry is constantly changing so it’s nice to hear from other perspectives.

I Never Really Know What Works Unless I Do it Myself.

Believe it or not, not everyone in a marketing forum or Facebook group wants to help you. How I Quit My TWO Jobs to Become a Full Time Affiliate Marketer - And Became a Plan B Type of Person! 1

There are lots of trolls and scrapers who just come into discussions and look for methods, and they provide no active assistance to others. In fact some people will actively work against me to try and distract me from methods that actually work really well.

So the only true way to know if something is going to work is to do it yourself – take action and reap the rewards!!

I have spent the majority of the last 5 years testing methods, and many of them still fail even with years of experience. That is the nature of this business. However, when I find the one campaign that works, it can pay me massive amounts of money on auto pilot and the RUSH is insane!

Ok ok….Enough of the motivational lecture, let me tell you what I have been doing recently to “make money” online.

As many of the people reading this may know I sell online training through Powerhouse Affiliate Premium. It’s no secret that the objective behind most of the content on the blog and ads is to help train people about the industry. We want to help others just as my friend did for me several years ago.

Most people may not know this but we have over 40,000 members now free and paid, who enjoy our training courses and membership. But this is TRULY not how I earn the majority of revenue I make online. Why am I telling you this? Well because I want to make sure that if you are considering become an affiliate marketer to earn money, you understand that it is completely live and well – and it works, and we are always actively engaged in Affiliate Marketing and affiliate programs for bloggers!

The “real deal” stuff that I have been focusing my time on is CPA affiliate marketing.

If you can understand how to be successful with CPA affiliate marketing this will open the doors into building your own eCommerce stores, or even your own email list building campaigns or lead generation business. The skills applied in building profitable CPA campaigns are the same skills you will require to build any other business online in my opinion. But many CPA affiliates, just remain as an affiliate to avoid the hassle of dealing with actual customers, and that’s fine and dandy! That is what I have been doing ALL along!

I have been running CPA campaigns ever since my wise friend told me about it over a decade ago. I have done courses on all the traffic sources I have used in CPA affiliate marketing including Bing Ads, Native Ads, Airpush, Facebook, Google, 50 on Red, Sitescout, Solo ads, and I am sure there and at least 20 more. All of these courses are up to date inside Powerhouse Affiliate Premium.

Recently a lot of my own effort is in Facebook traffic. I pretty much only focus on paid traffic. I work with a small team of people. We all have our own nice little offices in our homes and we each have a role to play. It’s a small team with one goal in mind – “To scale the CRAP out of our profitable campaigns!”

To scale into massive numbers you need people and you need a budget. You can’t do it ALL alone, and you can do it by learning free methods online. You need REAL TRAINING!!!

This is why I believe an affiliate community like Powerhouse Affiliate Premium is great for finding others with the same common goals. By working with others you can achieve numbers you never thought were possible. Of course you won’t need a team right away. The first thing you need to do is find a campaign that works for you.Here are a few steps to getting started…

1 – Choose a Niche – YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING TO FACEBOOK USERS (follow the rules or your going to get banned)

2 – Find out what other successful people do – When you browse the internet and see an ad that clearly looks like an affiliate ad – follow it and see if it’s something you want to reverse engineer. One of my first campaigns that made “life-changing money” was found by a mistake. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) was on Facebook and I noticed an ad targeted to her on her screen. I asked her to click it. I thought it was fantastic, so I reverse engineered it. That campaign made me $40,000 USD profit in my first year running it. I changed a few things on it and made it much better and that campaign is something I still run today. There are also spy tools if that’s something that you want to explore.

3 – Set up your campaign and test it. Make sure you test it enough before quitting. One of the biggest mistakes new affiliates make is they don’t test nearly enough. Also don’t make the mistake of not testing your tracking first. Many networks out there have old offers on them that don’t even work anymore. You MUST make sure all the clicks and tracking works before spending money on traffic. Even ask your manager to test a conversion for you. This way you will know it’s not the tracking that’s failed you should the campaign not be profitable.

I usually spend at least $200 on a campaign before making a decision. If there are absolutely no conversions then the offer sucks, or the way I set it up sucks, and that’s usually enough for me to move on. If I get at least 1 conversion I check to see if there is any value in trying another test based on how I got that conversion. Was it a specific target that converted? Was it a specific ad? Was it a specific landing page?

There are tons of factors to consider before re-testing. So if I have more than 1 conversion this is much better for me to gauge where I can make improvements.

I could go on and on…but time is running out. So please if you want to discuss further post some comments or talk more in the forum!

Here is one “motivational” pic… The screenshot of the spend on just one Facebook account today…(I have a few)

I would not be spending this if it wasn’t profitable…trust me…and this is all spent promoting one CPA offer. The possibilities TRULY are endless. How I Quit My TWO Jobs to Become a Full Time Affiliate Marketer - And Became a Plan B Type of Person! 2.

CPA offers



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