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How To Publish Simple Ebooks For Profit & Traffic

Traffic and more traffic, everybody wants… no, everybody needs more traffic to their websites! Question is, how do you get it?

Amazon and more specifically Kindle publishing is something we’ve discussed in the past here on the blog and that’s for good reason, it’s a powerful tool when used in the right way. If your goal is to earn an income strictly off of publishing then you probably want to stick with Amazon and only with them. However, if your goal is to use your books to generate traffic while earning a nice little income (maybe) on the side, then you want to expand outward from Kindle and hit every platform you can reach in an effort to get better results.

As with anything, what you’re about to read is heavily niche-dependent and should be considered friendly advice. Some markets are much harder to get noticed in than others, and some specific niches follow the same path. Your keyword selection is going to play a big part in this so be sure to go for that reasonable “low hanging fruit” where necessary.


You want traffic back to a blog or webpage of some sort, you’re in the market for free traffic while we’re at it! Ok, cool… how is publishing a book (preferably a few books over time) going to do that for you?

The idea is to get all the keywords you want to use, Amazon has a limit of 7 keyword-phrases you can use with each book that’s published. This however does not include the keywords you can squeeze into the title of  your books. It’s not the greatest idea to stuff your titles with keywords but it is a great idea to use 2 or 3 in there where possible. At the very least you want one keyword and this should be the one you’re banking on people to search for in order to find your book.

The general idea is to write something that will be just helpful enough you don’t get a whole bunch of poor reviews. You also want to try keeping the book short enough (maybe 15 to 20 pages) so it won’t take too much time creating it. Don’t produce junk but don’t spend an entire year writing ebooks for money.


Always put the link to whatever page you want people to visit when they check your book out right at the front of your book. A lot of people will browse a preview of your book but not buy it. You want to give even those people the opportunity to follow through to your webpage in hopes they’ll like what they see there. You should have a link back to your “money page” or whatever page you wish at least a few more times throughout the book where it makes sense to place it. Your description within Amazon doesn’t seem to hold too much weight as far as keywords are concerned but it probably still counts toward general search engine searches so you might wish to toss your keywords into your book’s product page.

Below is an image of a great example of how to sell ebooks online. You don’t want to directly sell anything within the pages of your books, it’s against Amazon’s rules and you could risk your account being closed if they catch you. Instead, you want to basically mention your blog, podcast or even other ebooks which are related to the one being looked at.

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A quick note on the free promotion days Amazon offers it’s Kindle publishers. There is a program called KDP (kindle direct publishing) which you can enroll your books into when you publish them. Unless your wish is to keep these books of yours exclusive to Amazon, do not enroll in this program when given the option. They will be locked in and that will only wind up defeating the purpose of trying to publish across multiple platforms.


I’m going to make this super simple for you.

There is always the option of tracking down all the major publishing platforms yourself and submitting your books manually, 1 by 1 to them. This is of course the more difficult rout and tends to take a long time, and of course you have to manage multiple accounts and in all honesty it can sometimes turn into a big nightmare if you wind up with many books under your belt.

Instead, I’d very highly recommend using a service like or to have your books spread out across multiple marketplaces at one time. You will only have to deal with one other account beside your Amazon account, and in many cases these services actually let you offer your books for free! This is very powerful because the number of free downloads of a book vs. let’s say people buying it at just 99-cents is huge margin. Generally speaking, way more people will be happy to just get a book for free to check it out instead of paying for it, even if the price is something very low like under a dollar.

This whole idea revolves around the concept of using  your books to generate traffic, not earning an income from publishing. However, if your books are “good enough” to do both then you might want to test the idea of charging some reasonable price for your books. It is a great way of making money by selling ebooks.


If you do any digging around the internet to find out more about smashwords one common complaint is their strange formatting requirements. In order to make your life a whole lot easier I’d suggest just purchasing a ‘gig’ on for smashwords formatting, there are quite a few and provided you do just a bit of looking into which sellers may do the best job by looking at their rating and feedback, you’re going to have a far easier time getting your books formatted the right way so that smashwords will accept them. If you do not follow their guidelines they will simply reject your book outright, so consider this a fair warning. does offer a number of different services which all range in price from free to way more than free! They seem to evolve over time so the best bet would be to pay their website a visit, have a look around and see which option suits your needs and budget. If you have any questions you can ask their support desk and they’ll get back to you within a few days to perhaps up to a week or two. I’ve once sent them a simple inquiry about their pricing structure and it took them about a week to get back to me, not bad but not the quickest. Maybe they’ve improved responsiveness since then however, it’s worth checking out either way.


Traffic is the bloodline of any business. Be it foot-traffic out in the brick and mortar world, or eyeballs right here in cyberspace, you need people to see what you have on offer. There are a lot of ways to get that much needed traffic and no matter which way you go you’ll soon discover that obtaining traffic is only half the battle. Not only that, but actually getting the right type of traffic from targeted prospects. The expression “junk traffic” most certainly does exist for a very good reason!

Something that we understand really well at Powerhouse Affiliate is what’s required to turn traffic into profit. There is a simple truth which seems to stand the test of time and that is no matter what you decide to do with your business, ROI is king if you want to stay in business. Your marketing needs to perform, you have to be in business in order to stay in business and that’s just precisely what we teach.

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