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4 Proven Ways to Get More Ad Clicks



Catching the attention of target users can be tricky. Most internet users are now aware that graphics on sidebars, no matter how discreet they may seem, are often ads.

This behavior reduces your chance of getting a possible lead for your campaign. How you talk to your users is key to making them click on your ad – put yourself in the shoes of the person you are targeting, understand what they need and how they would feel if they see your ad.

Yes they may find your ad on the side bar and not click on it BUT, if the messaging catches their attention, there is a high probability they will.

Writing a good copy will go a long way for your offers – this will determine the success of your campaign. Below are ways on improving your ad copies.


A user will never click on an ad which they are not interested in or if it is not catered to their demographic. The challenge is on how to write a headline that will catch their curiosity without being too persuasive.

Examples below:

INSURANCE – If you have a site about pregnancy or family or just catered to mothers, which banner for insurance do you think will work best?  



Banner A is clearly much more catered to the demographic of the website, therefore would be the logical choice.


Humans are powered by their emotions and this plays a big role in their purchasing habits and even on their desire to click ads. The use of words which connect your ads directly to your audience’s emotions has a big impact.


Quit Smoking – Looking to promote the latest “quit smoking” product from clickbank? Try using an emotional type of angle…




Secondary to emotion, consumers highly prioritize how they can benefit from your product or offer. Highlighting exactly what their problem is, and what you can offer to fix it is a good strategy in creating ads. The key is highlighting the benefits of what your selling, and showing consumer’s how the products can improve their daily life or activities.


DEBT OFFERS – Continue living your life. Contact us for a stress & worry free debt management solution.

help1 help2


Feedback matters. Products that have been reviewed or recommended by famous people or other customers have a better chance of being purchased online. Testimonial type ads or ads with credible influencers can be very effective.


DIET – This is used a lot in diet. Many affiliates and advertisers use testimonials with famous people to push their products. This strategy is extremely effective if done right. In recent years there was a lot of “heat” because people were using these testimonials without permission.

For example, many people were using Dr. Oz and Oprah images while promoting diet products. Many of these people were doing it without permission. Dr. Oz even even confronted some companies which he claimed were using his name falsely to promote products. (See here: ) Also in 2009 Oprah’s name hit the media in relation to affiliate marketing >>


The key is to make sure you have permissions. Also the FTC is also watching when it comes to testimonials so it’s a good idea to read up on their policies before using celebrities or customer testimonials in your ads.

Here are additional key points to remember to in making your headline and ads.

  1. Use positive keywords in your headlines. Avoid name dropping and using negative words.
  2. Avoid mention of competitors. This will arouse curiosity of your audience to research.
  3. Study what works and what does not. Do an A/B testing of your headline, optimize those that generate more leads and drop what doesn’t.
  4. Read around. With the point mentioned above, look up and save headlines that catch your attention and save them. They might be of good use later on.

We hope this article helps you in increasing your ad clicks. If you have any other tips, feel free to drop  some comments below.

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