9 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

You have designed a great affiliate website or a personal blog, and now you need to do to figure out how to get some traffic. You might have read tons of articles already on the same topic, as the internet is bombarded with such content. But hardly they update their old articles to make them relevant, the reason most of the articles mentioning traffic generation methods are pretty old.

In this article, we will be discussing the traffic methods that are working in 2021. You will be learning the free traffic methods that you can use for your sites & blogs to increase your conversions and readership outreach.

1- SE0 – find high-volume, low-competition keywords

Search Engine Optimization is still a great method of attracting an audience who is looking for a solution. It works great because, every day, billions of people still rely on search engines to get answers to their queries. Rather, internet users have increased, and now more people are making a search than ever.

All you need to do is, do not just start writing blindly. It is better for you to get some ideas about the trending topics within your niche and know their search volumes. This keyword research practice makes a lot of things easier for you, otherwise, you would spend your precious time on writing articles just to know that no one is visiting your blog.

The potential in SEO to bring free traffic to your blog is huge. Just use any online tool such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc to begin with keyword research and choose topics that are easier to rank, and let the Search Engines do their part.


2- YouTube Content and Comments

This is a pretty interesting method, and no one was talking about it until a few years ago. More people have started consuming videos more than consuming textual content. It is pretty easy for Gen Z to learn by watching videos than by reading, and interestingly this method is already bringing a lot of traffic to those who know about this method.

Be it an affiliate site or an e-commerce store, if you are winning an audience on YouTube, you get more chances to win at your site too. You can sell more stuff, get more subscribers and earn more profit, you name it.

All you need to do here is, start your channel or post comments at relevant YouTube videos that are getting good attention from video viewers. Share your links in the description and talk about them in order to redirect people to your own site.


3- Guest Posting

Believe it or not, guest posting still works. I know some of you might think it is a thing of the 2000s, but the fact is while other traffic generation methods of the 2000s have become obsolete, a few of them still work like a charm, and guest posting is one of them.

You can use a Google Search operator “write for us” or “Become a contributor” with your niche keyword in order to find tons of blogs where you can get an opportunity to publish your blog and get some backlinks.

This method won’t just give you free traffic, but will also help your site in terms of search engine optimization, which ultimately will bring more traffic to your site in the long run.


4- Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have become one of the prominent channels from where you can get tons of relevant traffic to your blog. However, as we know Facebook is pretty strict about spam and link sharing, you need to be a little careful while sharing links in Facebook groups. It is suggested to share only 2-3 links per day in relevant groups.

A few more things to be good at while sharing links in Facebook groups include, sharing interactive visuals in your link thumbnails. Do not just share links having no thumbnails, you would be just losing the opportunity to engage people.

This method has huge potential, we all know billions of people use Facebook every month. Also, there are tons of groups almost on every topic. All you need to do is, join Facebook groups that are relevant to your site, and start sharing your blog links in the groups. Make sure your links offer some value and are not just meant to bring traffic to your site alone.

5- Traffic from Reddit Community

This is a platform that has been working great for ages, and you can still use it to attract meaningful traffic to your site. There are hundreds of communities on almost every topic/interest. You should join those communities and start participating in existing threads. Do not just start sharing your blog links right after joining the platform.

Rather you should be participating in existing threads, commenting on ongoing discussions so that your profile could build a good reputation and their moderators find you trustworthy.  In short, win the trust of the community first, and then in return, you would be allowed to share relevant links in relevant communities that will get you tons of free traffic to your site.

6- Answer questions on Quora

Quora is one of the popular Question-Answer platforms where random people ask random questions and anyone can post their answers. Answers with the most upvotes are then considered the closest answers.

I would suggest trying this platform if you have some product or service to sell. Quora has tons of traffic, their pages get ranked pretty quickly in search engines, and you can use their this reputation to your advantage by sharing your blog links in relevant questions and community threads.

7- Bio Links – TikTok/Instagram

Link in Bio – you might have heard or read this line tons of times on social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok. It is a little easier to form a community when you are outgoing and great at sharing visual content on these platforms. Now, to get the best out of it, it is a great idea to redirect your followers to a link.

This works well if you have a good number of followers, on the other hand, it is relatively easier to create followership on TikTok and Instagram than on Twitter or on Facebook, maybe due to the nature of these platforms. This technique is contemporary, and you are highly suggested using it.

8- Image submission on Pinterest

When it comes to getting Image Search traffic, no other site competes with Pinterest. As Pinterest receives tons of SEO traffic daily, it is recommended to have a Pinterest content marketing strategy in place. Because, at times, Pinterest can bring you more traffic than SEO.

Just create an account with them, and start sharing your favourite blogs with high-quality images on your pinboards. Share some 8-10 images on your pinboards and do it for a month at least in order to see significant traffic from Pinterest.


9- Blogs on Medium

Just as Pinterest ranks well for image-related queries, Medium.com is ranked well for blog articles on various topics. The reason behind this is Medium’s business model i.e. they give free access to limited articles only, and then they prompt for a paid membership, and this somehow improves the content quality on the platform.

Anyhow, since content posted on Medium gets ranked quickly, this can bring you a good number of free visitors to your site as well. You can take full advantage of it if you are good at Keyword Research as well like I mentioned in our first point in the start.


Try these methods for your blog and see the magic. If you have more ideas or comments, feel free to share them in the comment section of this post.

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